Hajvery University Admission 2024 Last Date Download Application Form

Hajvery University is chartered by the Govt. of Punjab an autonomous Degree Awarding institution. Hu was recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan with “category W”. Hajvery University has a main campus located in the Industrial Area of III, Lahore as well as an additional campus that is referred to as”the Euro Campus near Gulberg III and a fourth campus currently under building in Multan.

Therefore, Hajvery University has been recognized by HEC and all professors are Ph.D. eligible. Along with this, accommodation and transportation facilities are available to students of all ages. Numerous programs are available at a time that is comparable to other programs.

They have introduced the latest innovation of E-Library to facilitate students. When they see these benefits, then they will recommend this institution for higher education. Thus, Hajvery University HU Admission 2024 Last Date Application Form contains an announcement for the guidance of students.

Hajvery University Admission 2024 Last Date Download Application Form Below

Hajvery University HU Admission 2024

Hajvery University Admission 2024 Last Date Form is not available at this time. There are a variety of departments that are currently operating at Hajvery University like HU Business School, Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Media Studies, School of Mathematics, School of Fashion Design, Commerce & Banking, School of Pharmacy as well as the School of Computer Science. These departments provide students with high-quality education with other amenities like Highly educated and experienced faculty, the most up-to-date teaching aids, libraries Computer facilities, links with industry and internships.

The most notable advantage of this school is the fact that it is situated in the middle of the City of Lahore while every other University is located outside of the city. The university does not limit its operations to Lahore however the University is building a new stunning construction in the third largest cities of Pakistan which is Multan to submit an application online, you will need to click the above link to apply for Hajvery University HU Admission 2024 Last Date Application Form.

Hajvery University HU Admission 2024 Advertisement

Hajvery University HU Admission 2024

Hajvery University HU Admission 2024 How to apply

Step 1

Visit the campus or our official website www.hup.edu.pk, to find detailed information regarding our various programs and our admission portal https://hajvery.edu.pk/ to apply for online admission in Hajvery University.

Step 2

After deciding on the program, interested students can apply by completing the online application at our admission portal https://hajvery.edu.pk

Step 3

Admission Application forms can be filled out online via Hajvery University Online Admission Portal. Complete your application on www.hup.edu.pk/apply after providing the necessary information. Follow the steps in the next section.

  1. Download & Print the Admission Form
  2. Download and print the Challan Form. Then pay the Application Fee of Rs.1100 at the branch at Askari or UBL bank in close proximity to your home.
  3. We need to receive the Admission Form together with payment of the Challan Form along with copies of the required documents via courier to the address below:

Hajvery University43-52 Industrial Area,
Gulberg III, Lahore

Step 4

The University will review your admission application, and confirm your eligibility. They will notify you via SMS, phone call and through the admission portal of your eligibility to be admitted into the degree program you want to pursue.

Step 5

Candidates who are successful will be required to make payment by the deadline in order to obtain the registration number and the first-semester details for the courses. Students are expected to participate in an orientation They are also encouraged to get their timetables from Our information desk.

If you have any queries concerning applying for admission to Hajvery University, feel free to get in touch with our Admissions Office at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Hajvery University Lahore Fee Structure 2024

Check Fee Structure

Hajvery University Prospectus 2024

Hajvery University has announced admissions for the session 2024. Online applications are being accepted for postgraduate, undergraduate, BBA, LLB, MBA, LLM, MPhil and PhD programs. Online registration is available today. You must have a university login to register online. Deadline in order to submit an application for admittance (Online or in person) listed in the advertisement. Quality teaching by committed Ph. D Faculty. HU offers a great education environment for students and help them get into top universities around the world.

Hajvery University Programs Courses

Hajvery University Undergraduate Admissions BBA, LLB

BBA BBA Marketing
BCom Hons LLB Hons
BSc Hons Film TV and Media Studies Doctor of Physiotherapy
BS Hons Aviation Management Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pharm D LLB
BE Electrical Engineering BCom IT
BS Hons Electrical Engineering BSc Hons Home Economics
BA English BS Hons Advertising
BS Tech Hons BS Hons Electronics
BA Hons Fashion Designing BS Aviation Technology
BA BS Electrical Technology
BA Hons Textile Design BS Hons
BS Hons Tech Electrical Technology BBA (Hons)
BS Hons Tech Mechanical Technology BS Tech Electrical
BS Hons Tech Civil Technology BS Tech Civil
BS Hons Computer Science BBA Human Resource Management
BA Economics BBA Banking and Finance
BS Hons TECH Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology

Hajvery University MBA, LLM Admissions

MBA MBA Supply Chain Management
MCom MBA Human Resource Management
MSc Islamic Banking and Finance MBA Marketing
MSc Accounting and Finance MBA Entrepreneurship
MSc Media Studies MS
MS Computer Science ME Electrical Engineering
MS Fashion Designing MSc Electrical Engineering
MSc Economics MSc Software Engineering
MA English MSc Information Technology
MA Textile Design MS Commerce
MBA Executive MSc Electronic and Telecommunication
MCom Banking LLM
MCom Finance MS Public Health
MCom Accounting MBA Aviation Management
MBA Banking and Finance MA Hons Fashion Design
MSc Computer Science

Hajvery University MPhil Admissions

MPhil Management Sciences MPhil Computer Science
MPhil Pharmacy MPhil BioStatistics
MPhil Banking and Finance MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Marketing MPhil Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
MPhil Statistics MPhil Pharmacy (Pharmacology)
MPhil Mathematics MPhil Business
MPhil Commerce

Hajvery University PhD Admissions

PhD Management Sciences PhD Mathematics
PhD Statistics PhD BioStatistics
PhD Commerce PhD Computer Science
PhD Banking and Finance PhD Islamic Studies
PhD Marketing PhD Pharmaceutics
PhD Pharmacy PhD Pharmacology

Hajvery University Login

You will need a login at Hajvery University to register online.

Admission Form

  • Pharm. D Doctorate of Pharmacy five years old (approved by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan Accredited).
  • Five years of DPT Doctor Of Physical Therapy (Approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Accredited).
  • M.Phil Pharmacy.

Last Date to Apply

Hajvery University issued the last date for applications to be submitted along with 26 October 2024 will be the last date to apply. Candidates who intend to apply today should submit their application by the deadline. After the deadline, no application will be considered by the university administration.

  • The deadline for application submission is the 26th of October, 2024.

Hajvery University Ranking

HU is ranked among the top-ranked Universities by HEC. Its degrees are fully accredited by HEC. Higher Education Commission.

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Contact Info

Phone Number 042-111-777-007
Fax +92 42 3 575 5564
Email [email protected]
Website www.hup.edu.pk
Affiliation HEC Recognized
Address 43-52 Industrial Area, Gulberg III, Lahore

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