ETEA Test guidelines 2024 In Pakistan Medical and Engineering Test

ETEA Test guidelines 2024 In Pakistan are given here.ETEA stands for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency, ETEA can be defined as an educational institution established in the year 1998 under the state government of KPK. If you’re a student looking to gain admission to the medical schools of the public sector within KPK then you need to pass the KPK ETEA admission test. The majority of students pass the test each year.

ETEA Test guidelines 2024 In Pakistan

KPK Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency(ETEA) conducts entry tests for admission to different medical and engineering colleges/universities. They offer the MCAT and ECAT comprise 200 marks. ETEA entrance tests are objective tests and you’ll be asked multiple-choice questions. Negative marking is also in place on these entrance tests. We provide here complete information about the ETEA test below.

ETEA Test guidelines 2024 In Pakistan Medical and Engineering Test Below

All the Updates On the ETEA Test 2024 in Pakistan

Students from KPK Province aren’t just given information about ETEA and how they are able to prepare for the test or perform well on the test. Students are also offered all changes of ETEA. For instance, students receive the entire ETEA process for applying to make a secure application. Students will also be able to find an entire ETEA eligibility requirement for 2024.


Contrary to NTS, ETEA is a legal body. The Chief Minister of KPK is the head of this organization. The fee for the entry test last year was 1500 rupees. This was non-refundable. Candidates are able to pay the registration fee at the branch nearest to them at UBL.

All applicants must fill out the online form following paying the required entry fee. In order to complete the registration, you must input the transaction bank code number as well as the name of the branch where you’ll deposit your fee to take the test on the registration form on the internet. If you do not enter the required information the registration will not be considered.

Once you have completed the online registration form, you will receive your admit card, which includes your roll number and the test center information. This test is built on subjects that comprise FSc as well as A level. It comprises topics of physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English. To be eligible for UET Peshawar ETEA is a mandatory prerequisite. The one thing you should remember is that ETEA is a highly demanding and competitive test. It is essential to work hard to succeed.

ETEA Entry Test Date 2024

Each year ETEA offers entry exams in the months of August and September. Students who have completed their FSC medical exam with a minimum of 60% marks are only able to be permitted to take the test. If, for instance, the student has already been accepted into MBBS with provincial seats they can take the test. Those who are still waiting to receive their FSC results may reserve their seats and then withdraw their application for admission at the next session.

Number of Students Appear In ETEA Test

Every year, over 40000 students take this test, yet only a few have good scores. The reason for this is that ETEA medical tests are extremely competitive. Only those candidates can pass with the knowledge and skills robust.

Age Limit For ETEA Entry Test

There isn’t a specific age limit to admission to BDS or MBBs. BDS. Therefore, anyone of any age is eligible to go to take the ETEA medical test at any time during the year. If two candidates get the same score on this test, then ETEA will choose the candidate who is older.

In the event of equivalence, only the candidate with the best scores at secondary school can be the admission to MBBS.


  • A minimum of 60% marks is require to take the ETEA test.
  • If you reside in KPK, Azad Kashmir, and Northern Area then you can apply for ETEA


The test consists of 200 MCQs that are based on an FSc syllabus. The mark-negative method option is also available for their exam. Each time you answer correctly, you will receive four marks. If your answer is incorrect, 1 mark will be taken off.


  1. Physics -60 MCQs
  2. Chemistry – 60 MCQs
  3. Biology – 60 MCQs
  4. English – 20 MCQs


  1. Physics- 60
  2. Chemistry- 60
  3. Computer Science- 60
  4. English: 20


  1. Physics- 60
  2. Chemistry- 60
  3. Mathematics- 60
  4. English- 20


  • ETEA medical test is a negative mark.
  • Each right answer will earn you four marks
  • Each wrong answer will lead to a deducted 1 mark
  • If, for instance, you answer the correct answer to 90 questions, but 50 incorrect answers, and do not leave any blanks ( there is no answer) then the person will get the following:
  • 90 x 4 + 50 x (-1) + 60 x (0) = 360 – 50 + 0= 310.
  • Total ETEA Test: 800 Marks


If you’ve scored excellent scores with ETEA and you have passed the test, then to calculate your score to determine the probability of getting admission

ETEA aggregate is percent, calculated based on three factors:

  • Matric marks
  • F.Sc marks
  • ETEA marks

For Medical Students

As per KMU ( Khyber medical university ), the merit is determine by the following method:

  • 50% ETEA
  • 40% FSc
  • 10% SSC

For instance, if a Student is holding 920/1100 in SSC ,

  • 900/1100 in F.Sc

800/500 to ETEA and then calculate the aggregate using the formula for aggregates:


a=(920/1100)x10 = 8.18

b=(900/1100)x40 = 32.72

c=(500/800) x50 = 31.25

Aggregate = A+ B+ C = 72.15

The same formula is applicable to Engineering students too. For more information on the calculation, please go to ETEA the aggregate calculator.

How To Prepare for ETEA 2024

Students are advised that the test is based on the syllabus they’ve studied up to the intermediate stage of education. We have recommended that you study effectively in exams like the FSC or intermediate FSC tests as this will assist you to prepare for the material for your ETEA exam. In addition, students are provided with the following steps to be successful in the ETEA test 2024:

  1. To begin, establish confidence in your character.
  2. Create a schedule of regular research.
  3. Remember the most important aspects of your science-related subjects frequently.
  4. Make sure you are proficient in your English language.
  5. Begin preparations shortly after completing the intermediate exam.
  6. Recheck your syllabus over and over repeatedly.
  7. Ensure you are taking care of your sleep or eating patterns to stay well.

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