750 Prize Bond Result 2024 Draw No 95 17 July Rawalpindi

Check 750 Prize Bond Result 2024 17 July Rawalpindi Online. The result is announced you can check it through the link which is given below. You can easily access the online results for Draw #95 of the 750 Rs. Prize Bond List. The lucky draw took place in Rawalpindi City on July 17, 2024. Rawalpindi (Monday 17th July 2024) The Directorate of National Savings is conducting the Rs. 750 Cash Prize Bond draw of Rawalpindi on 17 July 2024. The State Bank conducts the balloting for the Rs. 750 Prize Bonds. The prize distribution for the Rs. 750 Prize Bond is as follows. The 1st prize of the Rs. 750 Prize Bond, amounting to Rs. 1,500,000 PKR, is awarded to 1 lucky winner. The 2nd prize of the Rs. 750 Prize Bond, totaling Rs. 500,000 PKR, will be awarded to 3 lucky winners. The 3rd prize of the Rs. 750 Prize Bond will be given to 1696 winners, with each winner receiving an amount of Rs. 9,300/-.The draw is designated by the number 95. This is the 95th draw common to be that has been held to date. People can quickly review the outcomes from the Rs. 750 prize Bond draw held in Rawalpindi on the 17th of July 2024 online at todayjobs.pk. These results are announced on this page at 5:55 pm. You can also view the list of 750 prize bond results as of 17 July 2024, as per the schedule released through the National Bank of Pakistan. State bank conducts the voting for the 775 Rs. Prize bonds check on Todayjobs. pk.

Draw no. 95 of the prize bond draw result list is out and the list of draw results is available on the internet. The prize bond 750 for 17 June 2024 draw has begun being processed through the Rawalpindi National savings office this moment. All 750 prize Bond list Rawalpindi Draw 95 results for the 17th July of 2024 is now available. This election for the prize bond list 750 for 2024, July in draw no.95 was conducted in Rawalpindi on 17th July 2024. I usually refer to this bond as “prize bond”750 waa” with my friends since certain people typically use the phrase “750 the prize bond list 2024.

750 Prize Bond Result 2024 17 July Rawalpindi

Prize bond enthusiasts eagerly await the moment when the results are announced. For such individuals, the online check feature for the “prize bond list 750” serves as a valuable tool. With just a single click, they can determine the status of their Rs. 750 prize bond. In the year 2024, the “750 prize bond list” becomes a significant date for prize bond investors worldwide. The potential for success creates an atmosphere charged with excitement, keeping everyone on edge. To ensure a seamless process for all participants, the “750 prize bond list 2024 online check” option has been introduced..200 prize bond result check is here.

lucky draw result that is the amount of Rs. 715 (Seven Hundred Fifteen rupees) Draw full list is available online and available for download here. You can download for free on 17 July 2024 bond list. We know that masses and people seek out a myriad of correct and appropriate methods and methods of accumulating and collecting funds and saving to enhance their child.

750 Prize Bond Result Today

Online access is offered for the 750-rs Prize Bond List Draw # 95’s outcome. Rawalpindi city was the location for a vote on Lucky Draw No. 95 of a 750-rupiah reward bond on the 17th of July 2024. You can check out the complete listing of the Rs. 750 prize bond denominations starting from the first draw until last year’s draw, on their official site or at this link. It is also possible to check on the latest 775 Prize Bond List Results for the 17th of July 2024, in accordance to the timetable of the National Bank of Pakistan. It is the State Bank ballots the 750 Rs. Prize bond. The initial prize, a 750 Rs. prize bond, which is worth 1,500,000 PRK will be awarded only to one winner while the second prize worth 500,000 r. will be awarded to three more lucky winners. Winners of 1696 will get each Rs 9,300 as the third and last reward from the prize bond of 750.

The 750 Prize Bond Result 2024 Draw No 95 was held on 17 July 2024 in Rawalpindi. The results are as follows:

1st Prize: 1500000 PKR

2nd Prize: 500000 PKR (3 Prizes)

3rd Prize: 9300 PKR (1696 Prizes)

000001 to 999999
  • The complete list of winners can be found on the National Savings website.
  • The next 750 Prize Bond draw will be held on 15 August 2024 in Peshawar.

750 Prize Bond Result 2024 Draw No 95 17 July Rawalpindi

750 Prize Bond Result 2024 17 April Peshawar

750 Prize Bond Draw Winner List July 17, 2024

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
750 Rawalpindi 17 July 2024 1,500,000 PKR 500,000 PKR 9,300 PKR

750 prize bond list 2024 online check

I’ll share the most recent draw live streaming uploads, where you can download and read the prize bond worth 750 rupees. The results of every winner will be posted on this page as soon as possible. Click here to view the link below, everyone can go on the internet and follow the draw for prize bonds now. The prize bond is a Government Scheme the people give money to the government. and the government issues prizes to people. In this manner, the government draws lucky number bonds and then distributes cash, awards, or compensation and remuneration to people. In addition, the Government Prize bond is this distinct series, and the reward is outlined in this.

Check Result

List of All Prize Bond Draws #95 of Rs. 750

List No of Prizes Winning Amount(Rs) Prizes
Prize Bond Rs. 750 01 1,500,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond Rs. 750 03 500,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond Rs. 750 1696 9,300 3rd Prize

Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw Result List 2024

The prize for this bond is fifteen lac Pakistani rupees for one winner. The principal reason behind buying this bond for the majority of people is the prize since, with this low investment it is possible to win an extremely high-value cash prize. The ability to receive such a large amount is the major reason behind purchasing this bond. The third and final winners will receive five lac rupees (Rs.5,00,000) at every draw. The five lac amount is not an insignificant amount for an average or poor person. The bond’s winnings are the second main reason for this investment. The third prize winner from this 7 hundred fifty dollar bond would win Rs.9500 in value.

Draw List of 750 Prize Bond 2024 Rawalpindi

The third prize is not less nor so impressive for the investors. This is a good way to pay for the short-term expenses we’ve incurred in purchasing these bonds from banks and dealers. Because SBP as well as other banks offer only offer 750 denominations of prize bonds before the end of three months from the draw. Therefore, most people don’t make a purchase and instead buy from dealers. Here, you will be able to look up the Rs. 750 Prize bond List of Draw results across all cities. The seven hundred fifty rupee prize bond for all draw results, both past and current, are regularly updated through this web page. The 750 prize bond result and 750 prize bond timetable list are also updated at the beginning of the page.

How can I verify the results of the 750 Prize bond 2024?

  • To see the result of the 750 Prize bond Just follow these guidelines;
  • Visit the official website or click the link provided on the website that is official.
  • You will be taken to the official website for the prize bond.
  • You can now see the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize lists.
  • You can check your results using the Lucky draw number

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