75 National Top Talent Scholarships 2024 Apply Online

On the occasion of National Celebrations of the 75th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan announces 40 Ph.D. and 35 MS scholarships for Pakistani and Azad Kashmiri citizens to study in the world’s top 25 institutions (QOS as well as Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings only). The scholarships will be granted with the help of proof of acceptance to the university of choice and specific subjects only.

After earning degrees in cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge disciplines the scholars will prove to be assets for the nation and assist the nation to move into a new age. The period of scholarship is for two year for MS and four years to complete a Ph.D. The last date for submitting an application for the National Top Talent Scholarship is March 21, 2024.

75 National Top Talent Scholarships 2024 Apply Online Below

75 National Top Talent Scholarships 2024 Advertisement

75 National Top Talent Scholarships 2024 Advertisement

Eligibility Criteria for National Top Talent Scholarship

  • Applicant should be a Pakistani/Azad Kashmiri citizen.
  • Confirmed/unconditional admission/enrollment in any of the World’s 25 top-ranked universities (QS or THE) in the selected subjects
  • Candidates must possess the following minimum qualifications:
  • For MS Scholarships Minimum requirements are BS/BE/Master’s or equivalent 16 years of schooling in the relevant areas of education
  • For PhD Scholarships The minimum requirement is MS/MPhil/ME or equivalent education of 18 years in the relevant field of study.
  • There is a maximum of one 2nd Division throughout the academic year before the end of the grade 3.0 CGPA out of 4.0 and 3.75 out of five for the system of semesters or 1st division (in the year-long system) in the final degree.
  • Maximum Age at the close date
  • 40 years of full-time permanent faculty members of public sector colleges, universities, and degree awarding institutions as well as employees of public sector organizations
  • 35 years for everyone else

How to Apply for National Top Talent Scholarship

  • Candidates are required to complete the application online through the HEC E-portal i.e. https://eportal.hec.gov.pk
  • Candidates must be admitted to the top 25 universities.
  • Candidates are required to return to Pakistan within a short time after the conclusion of their studies.
  • Successful candidates must enter into an agreement with HEC to remain with HEC for a period of three year for MS as well as 5 years for Ph.D. In Pakistan following the completion the course.

National Top Talent Scholarship Application Process

  • Online applications must be submitted on the HEC e-portal, https://eportal.hec.gov.pk.
  • The candidate is required to be admitted at one of the most prestigious 25 universities in the world.
  • When they finish their studies, they are required to go back to Pakistan.
  • When they finish their studies, the successful candidates have to agree with HEC to remain in Pakistan for 3 years in the case of MSs and five years to complete PhDs.

Selected Subjects

Priority Research Area
Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Information Technology
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
Cyber Security – Information Technology
Data Sciences – Information Technology
Hydrology and Water resources management – Civil Engineering
International Law – Social Sciences
Nonproliferation and Peace Studies – Social Sciences
Renewable Energy – Electrical Engineering
Satellite & Aerospace – Aerospace Engineering
Urban Planning & Development
Development Economics – Social Sciences
Disaster & Risk Management
Engineering and Emerging Sciences
International Relations
Public Administration & Management
Business Administration & Management


Scholarship Duration

  • 2 years of MS Program
  • 4 years to complete PhD program

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for the 75 National Top Scholarship program is 21 March 2024.

Top 25 QS Ranked Universities 2024

University of Oxford United Kingdom 1
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States 2
Harvard University United States 2
Stanford University United States 4
University of Cambridge United Kingdom 5
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States 5
Princeton University United States 7
University of California, Berkeley United States 8
Yale University United States 9
The University of Chicago United States 10
Columbia University United States 11
Imperial College London United Kingdom 12
Johns Hopkins University United States 13
University of Pennsylvania United States 13
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zurich Switzerland 15
Peking University China 16
Tsinghua University China 16
University of Toronto Canada 18
University College London (UCL) United Kingdom 18
University of California, Los Angeles United States 20
National University of Singapore Singapore 21
Cornell University United States 22
Duke University United States 23
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor United States 24
Northwestern University United States 24

Top 25 QS Ranked Universities in 2024

University Name Address QS Ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States 1
University of Cambridge United Kingdom 2
Stanford University United States 3
University of Oxford United Kingdom 4
Harvard University United States 5
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States 6
Imperial College London United Kingdom 7
University College London United Kingdom 8
ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zurich Switzerland 9
The University of Chicago United States 10
National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore 11
Peking University China 12
University of Pennsylvania United States 13
Tsinghua University China 14
The University of Edinburgh United Kingdom 15
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Switzerland 16
Princeton University United States 16
Yale University United States 18
Nanyang Technological University Singapore 19
Cornell University United States 20
The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 21
Columbia University United States 22
The University of Tokyo Japan 23
Johns Hopkins University United States 24
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor United States 25

Important Information To Remember

  1. The awarding of scholarships will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Candidates are required to meet the requirements of their host institution to be admitted, that could include international GRE TOEFL, TOEFL, and so on. Candidates are advised to take part for these tests.
  3. The conditional admission/enrolment of students is not taken into consideration.
  4. If any data is found to be to be incorrect or false at any point in your application will halted.
  5. The awardee must sign an agreement with HEC to be in place for three months (for MS scholarship) and five years (for PhD scholarship) immediately following the completion of their studies.

The applicants are advised to read all information regarding this scholarship before filling in and submitting the online application forms. The request for an amendment will not be considered following the submission of online application.


Questions: What documents must be submitted to apply in order to apply for MS and Ph.D. Scholarships in Top Talent 75? 

Answer: The following information and supporting documents (should also be uploaded directly to the portal (https://eportal.hec.gov.pk/idps75

Documents Required

  •  Confirmed Admission Letter
  • All Academic documents must be Matric for MS or MPhil to be eligible to be eligible for PhD Scholarship
  • All academic documents must be Matric to Masters required for MS (16 and) to be considered for MS Scholarship
  • CNIC
  •  Domicile
  • Deposit slip
  • Equivalence (where is required)

Question: What is the fee for 75 Top Talent 75 National Top Talent Scholarship Program to Pakistani Students from World’s Top 25 Ranked Universities

Following the submission and examination procedure, the Original Online deposit slip or ATM Transfer Slip for Rs. 700 or more (non-refundable) as a processing fee to the Director General Finance, HEC must be uploaded to the HEC portal.

Fees can be paid into account number 1742-79001334-01, Habib bank limited (HBL), Shalimar recording company branch, Islamabad, Pakistan, by any bank

Question: Can the fee be refunded?

Yes, the fee is not refundable in any way under any circumstance.

Question: Which universities can a student be considered for admission in?

Candidates need to get admission into the top 25 most-ranked universities. Scholars are eligible to apply for a university that is one of the top 25 universities on The QS World Ranking and Times Higher Education (THE).

Question: Do I have the ability to be eligible for scholarships without being admitted to a school?

No, you have to possess a valid and confirmed admission letter when you submit an application. Without an admission letter, you are not allowed to submit an application.

Question: How can I switch universities in the course of my studies?

You can’t change your school during your studies.

Question: Can Applicant change their subject/discipline/study program?

No, once the applicant is nominated by HEC or finally selected by Host University, any request for change of university/subject/discipline/study program made by applicant shall not be entertained in any case (HEC will not issue any NOC for change of discipline).

Question: If I fill out the online application, do I have the option to change my subject or university?

No after the applicant has submitted an application with HEC. Any request for change of university/subject/discipline/study program made by applicant shall not be entertained in any case. (HEC will not take into consideration any request for changes in the form of application submitted).

The question is: what’s the longest length of the award?

The term for the scholarship program is the maximum of Two years to complete MS and four years for Ph.D.

Question:  is the scholarship announced in the name of HEC is fully and fully funded.

Yes this scholarship scheme is supported by the Higher Education Commission, Govt of Pakistan

Question: Can I apply for two scholarships at the same time?

No, you are able to only apply for one scholarship at a given time.

Question Is it a matter of time if my studies stretch beyond the time frame I have specified do you think HEC provide me with a allowance?

No, HEC won’t pay any amount if your study is extended beyond the duration of the program.

Question: Can I defer my scholarship?

You cannot transfer your scholarship. Admission is the only option to defer. Scholarship amount to be reimbursed according to the agreement if the it is granted.

Questions: What’s the Stipend amount for different nations?

It differs between universities and from country to.

Question: What’s the age needed to receive a scholarship?

The maximum age on the day of the advertisement:

a. 40 years for full-time regular Faculty Members of Public Sector Universities/Colleges or employees of the Public Sector organization.

b. 35 years for the rest of us.

Question: What is the longest bond duration?

Successful candidates need to sign a Bond/Agreement with HEC to remain with HEC for a period of three year for MS as well as 5 years for PhD in Pakistan following the completion of their studies.

Question: Can students in the 3rd division academic career be eligible the scholarship?

No of applicant must be a first division student (in the annual test systems) (CGPA) 3.0 from 4.0 (or 3.75 out of five (First Division in the Annual Systems) at the time of the awarding grade to be eligible for MS Scholarships as well as PhD Scholarships.

Question: If a candidate is waiting for their results, could they apply for the award?

Yes, only those may apply if they completed their BS/BE/MS/ME/Master 16 prior to the submission and application deadline.

Do IELTS/TOEFL/GRE requirements apply to be able to apply for the 75 National Top Talent Scholarship Program to Pakistani students from the world’s top 25 University Rankings?

It is not a requirement for a scholarship. But, the candidate must be able to meet the admission criteria of the universities.

Question: To how many universities can I submit an application to be considered for this scholarship?

Answer: Scholars may apply to a school that is one of the 25 top universities of the QS World Ranking 2024) or Times Higher Education

Question What if I don’t have documents like a passport, medical and police certificates, am I able to apply for one?

Yes, you have to submit a passport, medical certificate and police certification after the selection process. In the event that admissions are granted for a longer some time i.e. longer than 6 months, the applicant must provide a current medical, police certificate and the passport must be valid.

Question: Does this scholarship provide tuition reimbursement?

The answer is yes, subject to certain limitations, which differ between universities and countries to nations.

Question What is the month-long Stipend for Master’s and PhD Scholarship?

It is different between Master’s and Ph.D. programs, from university to university and from country to country.

Question What is the cost of living of the applicant be fully covered?

Lumpsum bases, It differs from university to university and from Master’s to Ph.D. degree programs and countries to countries.

Question: Is it possible for a scholarship applicant to remove himself/herself from the scholarship once they have received the completion of the award?

No, suppose the applicant withdraws from the scholarship after the final award. In that case, he/she shall be liable to disciplinary action including ban of a certain period from applying to any foreign funded/HEC/Government of Pakistan scholarship program and HAS TO REFUND twice of the expenditure incurred with twice penalty.

Question: Do applicants need to supply a hard copy the necessary documents at the beginning phase?

Yes, no, hard copies of applications as well as others documents will not be necessary at the initial stage. But, the applicant has to keep track of all documents submitted together with a printed copy of the application form.

Is a NOC requirement for this Advanced Skills development International Scheme?

If you are a employees of the public sector, you are required to file a NOC as well as study leave.

Question: What is the format of NOC? What is the procedure for obtaining NOC?

There is no specific format, as it is dependent on the what type of NOC i.e. Scholarship, Govt. Employee , therefore, the applicant should contact the department concerned.

Do you have any important information related to the scholarship?

Answer: All scholarships will be awarded on the first to first

1.) Applications will be considered in accordance with online information and data supplied by applicants. If any of the information provided can be found to have been falseand/or incorrect or misrepresented at any point, applicants will have their application deemed invalid and the award procedure is terminated at any step.

2.) The awardees of the project are required be returned to Pakistan immediately after the completion of their studies in accordance with the bonds signed by HEC

3.) A waiver request not made for the purpose of a service bond will be considered in any circumstance.

4.) The process of obtaining a visa for the pertinent country will be the your responsibility.


5.) The admission requirement must be fulfilled by the applicant

6.) The offer of a scholarship is void if the candidate is unable to

Meet the requirements for scholarships within the specified time period of the each year.

Questions: In the event there is a problem, who should the applicant call?

For any issue applicant may visit https://onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk/ and lock complaint ticket .Here applicant can attach supporting document/snap shot


Call HEC Call Centre: 051-111-119-432

​​​Project Director(Overseas Scholarships)
​Higher Education Commission
​Sector H-9, Islamabad
​Email: [email protected]
​UAN: (051-111-119-432, 0334-111-94-32)

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