Winter Holidays for Medical and Nursing Colleges Extended in Punjab

Punjab Government announced an extension during Winter Holidays for Medical and Nursing Colleges  in the province because of the sudden decrease in temperatures. The last week was the first time the Punjab School Education Department also extended the winter break from 2 January until 8 January 2023. At December’s mid-point the winter holiday was declared in all public and private schools as well as colleges and universities until 1 January. Due to the increasing temperature across the province, Punjab Higher Education Commission and the School Education Department announced extending the winter holiday to 8 January 2023.

Winter Holidays for Medical and Nursing Colleges Extended in Punjab

Winter Holidays for Medical and Nursing Colleges

Winter Holidays for Medical and Nursing Colleges

According to the most recent statement published in the latest statement issued by the Punjab Specialized Health Department, all nursing and medical facilities in Punjab will be closed from 8 January. But, medical students who are on rotation continue to perform their duties at hospitals, as per the announcement. 

Following the announcement by Punjab’s Government of Punjab, all educational institutions are offering extensions during the winter vacations. That it is the case that the Government is being notified to extend the holidays for those in the Medical and Nursing Colleges of Punjab. The reason for this is a sudden decrease in temperatures across Punjab.

 It was the Punjab Government who decided to close the public and private schools which include colleges, schools, and universities, from January, because of the winter holidays. However, the unfavorable conditions for the weather, like snow and cold, continue to increase throughout the province, and so holidays were extended.

According to the most recent announcement made in the recent statement issued by The Punjab Specialized Health Department, the Punjab Specialized Health Department has announced that all Medical & Nursing institutions of Punjab will be closed until the 8th of January in 2023. It is also important to note that medical students on rotation will continue carrying out their duties and responsibilities in the hospitals as per the timetable.

                                                      Govt Extends Winter Vacations in All Schools and colleges

All institutions are advised to follow the rules strictly. If they don’t the Chief Executives will investigate the institution that is accused of breaking the rules. At the district level, when teams that play in the season are deemed to issue cause notices and fines are assessed. Therefore, be responsible. In the past, the holidays were scheduled to be over on the 2nd of January. The announcement also stated that the students who are doing rotations will continue performing their duties within the hospitals.

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