Virtual University Admission 2024 Last Date & Fee Structure

Virtual University Admission 2024 has been announced. The last date to apply for this admission is 7 April 2024. In this article, you will be informed about the VU Admission 2024 Final Date and the Fee Structure. An advertisement for admission in 2024 has been released and is at VU University’s official site. The experience studying at a virtual college is an exciting experience, due to its lower commitment to time and flexibility. This university offers students the chance to better manage their busy schedules while receiving a top-quality education without having to leave home. This is one of the major advantages of attending the virtual campus since it provides greater convenience for parents and students alike. The ability of the institution to function using a minimal amount of resources permits simplified administration that provides greater accessibility to those located in remote areas where opportunities for education may be very limited. The institution also offers tools that allow for self-paced learning, such as online tutoring which allows students from all walks of life to achieve their goals in education.

We are aware that this Virtual University is a non-profit institution that was founded in 2002. The university is a major proponent of the concept of distance education in Pakistan. The university makes use of modern, advanced technology for communication so that the notion of distance learning and distance learning can be propagated and made available to the population of Pakistan. A wide range of programs that are connected to fields of economics, management of the business as computer science, and information technology are provided via Virtual University VU.

VU Virtual University Admissions 2024

Acceptance into VU Virtual University 2024 is now open to applicants for a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as postgraduate. Virtual University is now accepting applications for admission. Virtual University now invites applicants to submit the application form prior to the deadline for online applications. Eligible and qualified candidates may apply for bachelor’s Master, Master, Master, and Ph.D. For morning and evening courses. The deadline to apply for admission into this Virtual University is November 10. The complete information on this prospectus, including the University of Victoria Admission Schedule and Entrance Test Application Deadline Fees for List and the prospectus for 2024 are right here.

VU BS Program Admissions 2024

As per my research, Virtual University is the only university in Pakistan with an low cost structure for fees for all programs . It also has many sub-campuses. Students can choose any of the nearby campuses that are the closest and most affordable for students. The cost system for the BS programs is determined each credit hour. So, the fee for BS is the rate of 750 credits per hour. The equivalent with VU fees for Bachelor programs , which includes BS, BA / BSC, B.Ed 750 per credit hour. The MSc fee is 1150/credit hour and the MS and Ph.D. fees will be 2100 for each credit hour. If you’d like to look at the structure of the fees for virtual universities in greater detail, visit this link. This will allow you to determine the cost from here by using this VU fees calculator.

Virtual University of Pakistan offers admission twice throughout the academic calendar, spring, in the month of January/February, and fall in the months of August/September every year. Virtual University has become the only Pakistani university based on cutting-edge technology in communication and information with internationally renowned and highly skilled faculty members. Therefore, the campus of the university is an enormous network of connections that have nearly 100 cities across Pakistan.Vu was created through the Government of Pakistan in 2002 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of providing world class education to students right on your doorstep.

Virtual University Admission 2024 

The admissions process begins right now. For students who are talented and meritorious, VU has scholarships. These scholarships are on a merit basis and are only available to regularly enrolling students. If you gain good marks or a position in the annual examination then you will be granted such scholarships.

Candidates may get admission in BA, BBA, BEd, BS, BSCS, MA, MSc, MCS, MBA, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D.Check VU admission last date, fee structure, form download, merit list, eligibility, and scholarships. VU fee structure admissions and registration fees and semester fees, as well as the total fee for all degrees.

Virtual University Admission 2024

The Virtual University of Pakistan has admitted students for the fall 2024 session for Diploma, undergraduate courses (2-year Associate degree, four years BS) or graduate programs (MS only) in Computer Science only) Specialization Certificate and shorter certificate courses starting on 22 August 2024 on Monday.

The Result Awaiting candidates may apply for admission on the basis of a Hope Certificate. The last date to apply for Admission is 07 April 2024 visit

Virtual University Admission 2024 

Revised – Admission Schedule – Fall 2024

                                          Description Day Date
Admission Open – Fall 2024 Monday August 22, 2024
Last Date to apply for Merit Based Programs’ Admission for MSCS, BS Bioinformatics, BS Biotechnology, BS Zoology, Diploma in Molecular Biology, and Bioinformatics Programs. Friday 7 April, 2024
Last Date to apply for Course Exemption for Merit Based Programs Friday 7 April, 2024
Last Date to apply for Admission to all Programs [Except merit-based Program] Tuesday 7 April, 2024
Last Date to apply for Course Exemption [Other than merit-based programs] Tuesday 7 April, 2024
Last Date to deposit Admission Processing Fees other than merit-based programs Wednesday 7 April 2024
Biological Programs [ Display of Merit Lists & Fee Payment]
Display of 1st Merit List for Biological Sciences Programs Friday 17 April 2024
Interview for the 1st Merit List candidates of the Biological Sciences Programs Monday 17 April 2024
Last date for Fee submission for 1st Merit List Biological Sciences Programs Wednesday 17 April 2024
Display of 2nd Merit List for Biological Sciences Programs (subject to the availability of seats) Friday 17 April 2024
Fee submission deadline for 2nd Merit List Biological Sciences Programs Friday 17 April 2024
MSCS [Entry Test, Entry Result, Display of Merit Lists & Fee Payment]
VU Entry Test for MSCS Tuesday 17 April 2024
Declaration of MSCS VU Entry Test Result Thursday 17 April 2024
Display of 1st Merit List for MSCS Program Wednesday 17 April 2024
Interview of the 1st Merit List candidates of the MSCS Program Friday 17 April 2024
Fee submission deadline for successful applicants for MSCS of 1st Merit List Tuesday 17 April 2024
Display of 2nd Merit List for MSCS Program (subject to the availability of seats) Thursday 17 April 2024
Interview for the MSCS selected candidates – 2nd Merit List Friday 17 April 2024
Last Date for Fee submission in all circumstances Monday 17 April 2024
Commencement of Class – Fall 2024 Tuesday 17 May 2024


The Virtual University of Pakistan has revised the Admission Schedule for the Fall 2024 semester in view of the delay in the declaration of Intermediate results by the Boards/Universities and the recent situation in the country due to the flood. Therefore, the last date to apply for Admissions – Fall 2024 session other than merit-based programs has been extended.

2.       The schedule of the merit-based program will remain unchanged.

3.       The last date to apply for admissions other than the merit-based program is now, Tuesday, October 25, 2024.

4.        Classes for the Fall 2024 semester will commence with effect from Tuesday, November 1, 2024


  • Admission Fee paid after due date(s) by the applicant(s) shall not be considered for admission.
  • The University reserves the right to make any change(s) in the Admission Schedule, as required.

Virtual University Programs

Virtual University BA, BSc Admissions

BA BS Software Engineering
BCom BS Business Administration
BSc Computer Science BS Public Administration
BSc Mathematics BSc Statistics
BS Accounting and Finance BSc Economics
BS Banking and Finance Associate Degree in Computer Networking
BS Computer Science Associate Degree in Database Management System
BS Commerce Associate Degree in Web Designing & Development
BS Marketing Bachelor in Business Information Technology (BBIT)
BS Information Technology BS Mass Communication
BS Management BS Psychology
BA Mass Communication BEd
BA Business Administration BEd Elementary
BA Psychology BS Bioinformatics
Associate Degree in Operations Management BEd Technical Education
Associate Degree in Sales and Marketing Associate Degree in Education
Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance
BS Biotechnology Associate Degree in Islamic Banking
BS Economics Associate Degree in Human Resource Management
BS Sociology BS Mathematics

Virtual University MA, MSc, PGD, MBA Admissions

MS Computer Sciences Post Graduate Diploma in Finance
Master of Commerce Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
Master of Accounting & Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
Master of Business Administration Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
MS Bioinformatics MEd
Master of Human Resource Management Master of Statistics
Master of Operations & Supply Chain Management Master of Mathematics
MBA Executive Master of Zoology
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
MS Zoology PGD in Accounting
MS Accounting and Finance PGD in Account & Finance
MS Banking and Finance PGD Applied Psychology
MS Business Economic PGD Banking & Finance
MCS Computer Science PGD in Business Administration
MIT Information Technology PGD in Computer Science
MS Commerce PGD in Education
MS Finance PGD in Intrapreneurship & SME Management
Master of Computer Science PGD in Finance
Master of Information Technology PGD in Human Resources & Management
Master of Business Studies PGD in Information Technology
Master of Public Administration PGD in Marketing management
Master of Business Economics PGD in Public Administration
MCom PGD in Television Production
Master of Accounting Post Graduate Diploma in Education
Master in Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Master in Banking & Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance
MSc Applied Psychology Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance
MSc Organizational Psychology Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
MS Business Administration Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management

Virtual University MPhil Admissions

MS Biotechnology MS Molecular Biology
MS Genetics MS Computer Science
MS Zoology MS Business Administration
MPhil Education MS Bioinformatics

Virtual University Ph.D. Admissions

Ph.D. Computer Science

Virtual University Admission 2024 Last Date

Virtual University Admission 2024 Virtual Application for Admission to University 2024 Deadline day to submit an online application is April 11th, 2024. More details are available in the table below.

The morning and evening programs that offer BS, MS, MPhil and PhD degrees accept applications from applicants who meet the requirements and are competent. Admissions Calendar, the admissions test as well as the application deadline and the fee structure merit list, and VU prospectus in 2024 can be found accessible on this page.

Admission Certificates For FPSC Internal Recruitment 2024 Download online

VU Fee Structure 2024

My personal opinion is that Virtual University is the only university in Pakistan with a reasonable fees for all of its programs. Additionally, it has numerous sub-campuses. Students can choose any campus that is close and affordable to students. The cost arrangement for each of the BS programs is determined each credit hour. Thus, BS fees are 750 per credit hour.

Study Program Fee Amount to be paid
MBA top-up 39500 PKR
B.Ed 50800 PKR
Bachelors 56000 PKR
BS 110400 PKR
Masters 98200 PKR
MS 110,000 PKR
PhD 101000 PKR

The equivalent of VU fees for all bachelor degrees, including BS, BA / BSC, B.Ed 750 per credit hour. The MSc fee is 1150 per credit hour , and MS or Ph.D. The cost would be 2100 dollars per hour of credit. If you’d like to know the structure of fees for virtual universities in greater detail, just click this link. To calculate the amount using the VU Fee Calculator.

Virtual University admission 2024 – Online Application Many newcomers or students aren’t aware of the process for admission into the university. They would like to know how to complete an admission application and how to apply for admission to the university. That’s why we have laid out the entire process for all in this article.

Virtual University Admission 2024 Last Date & Fee Structure

Virtual University Admission 2024 Last Date & Fee Structure

Eligibility Criteria for Academic Programs Fall 2024

Name of Program Minimum Program Duration Eligibility Criteria
MS Computer Science 2-Year/4-Semester
  • 16-year of education, i.e., BS in Computer Science/ BS in Information Technology/ Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.)/ Master of Computer Science/ Master of Information Technology/ M.Sc. (Computer Science) from a recognized institution.
  • However, candidates having Computer Engineering / Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering / Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology / Bachelor of Engineering (Computer & Information System) / B.Sc. Computer System Engineering (16-year education) from a recognized institution are also eligible but have to qualify deficiency course(s).
  • Candidate must have at least CGPA 2.00 out of 4 or first division wherein GPA system is not implemented.
  • Each candidate is required to pass the University’s Entry Test (with minimum 50% marks).
  • Limited seats on merit basis.
  • Mass Communication
  • BS Economics
  • BS English (Applied Linguistics)
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Sociology
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Commerce
  • BBIT
4-Year/8-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) or equivalent qualification with at least 45% marks.
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
4-Year/8-Semester Admission Eligibility Criteria for Students having 12-Years Education
  1.  At least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) or equivalent qualification certified by IBCC.
  2.  Must have passed Mathematics in combination with following subject(s): Physics, Computer Science/Information Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, Statistics, General Mathematics

Deficiency: Students who have not passed Mathematics at intermediate or at an equivalent level, as required in point b above, are also eligible to apply. However, they must take two extra courses of Mathematics of 6 credit hours in the first two semesters.

Admission Eligibility Criteria (Entry Route) for Students having 14-Years Education

  1.  45% marks in 14 years education obtained from HEC recognized university/institute.
  2.  Must have studied any of the following subject(s) as major: Mathematics, Physics, Computing, Commerce, Statistics, Economics, Engineering
Bachelor of Education (4-Year)
  • B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary
  • B.Ed. (Hons) Early Childhood Care and Education
4-Year/8-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) or equivalent qualification with at least 45% marks.
Bachelor of Education (2.5-Year)
  • B. Ed Elementary
2.5-Year/5-Semester Minimum BA/ B.Sc. (equivalent to 14 years of education) with at least 45% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4 from a recognized university/institution.
Bachelor of Education (1.5-Year)
  • B. Ed Secondary
1.5-Year/3-Semester Minimum MA/M.Sc. (Equivalent to 16 years of education) with at least 45% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.
BS Bioinformatics 4-Year/8-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) qualification with Pre-engineering/Pre-medical/Computer Sciences with at least 45% marks.
BS Biotechnology
BS Zoology
4-Year/8-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) qualification with Pre-medical with at least 45% marks.
BS Mathematics 4-Year/8-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) qualification with Mathematics with at least 45% marks.
Associate Degree in:
  • Mass Communication
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Commerce
  • Human Resource Management
  • Islamic Banking
  • Operations Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
2-Year/4-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) or equivalent qualification with at least 45% marks.
Associate Degree in:
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Networking
  • Database Management system
  • Web Design and Development
2-Year/4-Semester Applicants for admission to Associate Degree Program must have passed with at least 50% marks, Intermediate (Part I and II, or equivalent examination), or I. Com or ICS or DAE or ‘A’ level examinations. The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) ‘O’ levels and School Certificate (SC) examinations are considered equivalent to Matriculation, and the GCE ‘A’ levels is considered equivalent to the Intermediate examination. For the GCSE (‘O’) and SC examinations, grades in 6 subjects are considered. ‘A’ level candidates must have passed 3 subjects and are required to provide equivalence certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad.
Associate Degree in Education (in-service students) 1-Year/2-Semester Minimum Intermediate (12 years) or equivalent qualification with at least 45% marks along profession qualification: CT or Diploma in Education and Minimum 3 Years teaching experience in recognized school are eligible for admission.
Diploma in:
  • Applied Psychology
  • Television Production
  • English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • Linguistics
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Banking & Finance
  • Finance
  • Public Administration
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurship & SME Management
  • Human Resource Management
1-Year/2-Semester Minimum Bachelor’s/Associate degree from a recognized university/institute in any discipline with at-least 45% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0 are eligible for admission.
Diploma in Molecular Biology 1-Year/2-Semester Bachelor’s degree (14 years) from a recognized University/ Institute in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Forensic Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Genetics, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Wildlife, Fisheries, Zoology or equivalent degree in Biological Sciences with at least 45% marks or CGPA 2.00 out of 4.
Diploma in Bioinformatics 1-Year/2-Semester Minimum bachelor’s degree (14 years) from a recognized university/ institute in relevant fields of Biological/ Life Sciences with at least 45% marks or CGPA 2.00 out of 4. No additional prerequisite will be required.
Additional Specialization Certificates
Area of Specialization:
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
6-Month/1-Semester Minimum 16-Year of Education in any discipline a recognized university/institute in any discipline with at-least 45% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0 are eligible for admission.
  1. How to Apply
  1. Applicant shall use his/her own CNIC/B-Form number and email address for registration of application in Login/Sign-up/admission portal.
  2. The applicants may apply for Admission through Online Application System from the Virtual University website; applicants are encouraged to view the admission video before applying for Admission
  3. The applicants have to scan and upload the complete necessary documents in a readable format to the an Online Application for Admission. The uploaded photograph of the applicant must be according to template.
  4. Applicant is accountable to the following aspects:
  1. To fill out online admission forms and upload the required documents in an accurate and visible form.
  2. Candidates who apply on the basis hope certificates must also submit Hope Certificate together with Intermediate Part-1/ 1st Year Examination Roll Number, Result. Slip.
  3. To fill out a hard copy Admission Form and the requisite documents mentioned on the admission form at the selected campus in different cities. But, students who are overseas or home based must pick up or deliver their admission form to the nearest VU campus and/or VU Director Office, Lahore.
  4. Write Admission Form No. on each document.
  5. Fee is deposited at the bank/easy pay and kept the payment receipt as a documentation. Cash or fee should not be handed to anyone else should there be any legal consequences, the person who made the payment is responsible.

General Instructions

Who can Apply For Admission

  • The applicant who meets the requirements for admission to diploma or degree program must have these document
  • Valid CNIC/B Form number.
  • valid email address (Preferably the applicant’s personal email address)
  • Cell phone number (Preferably the applicant’s own)
  • Photographs of the applicant (Passport Size, Blue Background)
  • Documents that have been scanned and clear to read.
  • Equivalence Certificates from IBCC and HEC for applicants has A or O Level or foreign degrees as relevant.
  • HOPE CERTIFICATE or UNDERTAKING as per SPECIMEN available at the VU website link https:// along with Intermediate Part I (Passed with at-least 45% OR 50 % as per admission eligibility) & Roll No. Slip of Intermediate Part-II. (Only for Intermediate results awaiting students).
  • course content, NoC from Previous Institute, and Incomplete Result Card(Only for applicants who seek admission through credit transfer or course exemption under the general Route that is based on the incomplete Bachelor Results Card).
  • Overseas Pakistani students living abroad can apply online for admission via the admission link or portal. If the form is submitted successfully, the student will send a hard copy admission forms via postal/course service to Admission Office, the Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore to be processed further and confirm of admission.
  • Admission to Foreign as well as Dual National students will be granted after the completion of formalities codal or confirmation from the appropriate offices (HEC, agency for vetting). Such applicants may visit VU website link for detailed information and necessary documentations to be provided to the University.
  • Virtual University Result awaiting students enrolling within Zero Semester, Associate Degree Program or Diploma BS program, and Master Program can apply for a subsequent admission into the program. However admission to the program will be confirmed after the declaration of results and the signature of the expulsion.

Information For Merit Based Degree Programs

  • Candidates who are seeking admission to Biological Programs i.e. BS Bioinformatics, BS Biotechnology and BS Zoology Programs will submit the admission forms along together with Lab preference based on merit. be determined by LAB based.
  • The merit lists of the successful candidates for MSCS as well as Biological Programs will be published on the site.
  • Admission tests will take place on-campus , followed with an interview.
  • The successful candidate must deposit the fee by the due date as stated within the Schedule of Admission for Fall 2024.

General Information

  1. Candidates who have completed 14-years of education e.g. BA/B.Sc./B.Com or Associate Degree are eligible to apply for admission using the BS Admission Route. However, they must be able to meet the basic requirements for admission to the BS Program.
  2. The Equivalence Committee of University will examine the cases of course exemptions with regard to the previous 14 years of qualifications.
  3. Credit Hours Transfer / Course Exemption details are available in the following link visit
  4. The circumstances of transfer of credit or course exclusion will be presented to the Equivalence Committee of the University to be decided by the Equivalence Committee of the University. The conclusion of the Equivalence Committee will be communicated to the applicants by email.
  5. The responsibility lies with applicants to print a copy of the admission application and to attach three sets of the required documents to the campus of their choice.
  6. The University will consider admissions for those who submit Admission Forms and the necessary documents in Hard Copy(03 sets ) at the campus of the University until the specified date of the admission schedule.
  7. The applicants who plan applying for admission based on the Course Exemption / Entry Method or Scholarships based on Need forms must fill in the appropriate form(s)which is the component of the admission forms. If the admission form is not filled out, the form(s) will be considered as normal and will not be considered as a valid the Course Exemption or Need-Based scholarship forms.
  8. If a candidate is registered at VU and the admission status is in good standing the candidate must first remove the previous admission prior to applying for a new admission.

Important Note for Virtual University Admission 2024

  • To avoid any inconvenience, candidates must submit all necessary documents to the Online Admission Portal/Form by the deadline.
  • Admission forms received after the their due date are not accepted.
  • Incomplete admission forms are rejected, so be sure to upload and mail readable sets of documents in order to avoid problems.
  • MSCS, BS Psychology BS Bioinformatics and Biotechnology. Zoology, Diploma in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics The programs are not offered for international applicants.
  • Admissions will open in accordance with the dates provided above.
  • CNIC not matching could result in the rejection of admission forms.
  • Zero Semester is not applicable to any of the following programmes:
  1. MS Computer Science
  2. BS English (Applied Linguistics), Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Zoology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering.
  3. ADP Computer Networking, Database Management System, Web Design and Development, Computer Science, Education, Early Childhood Care and Education English (Applied Linguistics), Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Zoology & Mathematics
  4. Diploma in Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Linguistics & English Language Teaching (ELT) Virtual University of Pakistan

Virtual University Contact Number

Phone Number +92 (42) 111 880 880
Fax +92 (42) 99200604, 9
Email [email protected]
Affiliation HEC Recognized
Address M.A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan

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