Top Military Cadet Colleges In Pakistan 2024 Latest Ranking

Have you ever imagined becoming an official member of an organization like the Army, Navy, or Air Force?In order to do this, you must be admitted into a credible military college in Pakistan. Since the beginning of time, several military-owned cadet schools and academic institutions have been established. This causes confusion for parents and students in deciding the best military school for them and their children. To make it easier for you we’ve researched and created our list of the top military schools in Pakistan.

This is a comprehensive list of the top Cadet Colleges in Pakistan that are listed on this site for students seeking them. This list includes schools in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, AJK, Balochistan, and the North Waziristan and South Waziristan agencies of FATA. A list of the Best Military/ Cadet Colleges in Pakistan including their most recent rankings is provided below. The colleges teach young people to acquire a solid understanding of the subject along with discipline and conduct, manners and patriotism, as well as confidence in themselves and leadership.

It is true that the networks of cadet colleges across the United States are quite strong and well-known. The main reason that students select these colleges is that they aren’t only top-quality schools, but also place enormous importance on physical and discipline too. In 1954 the first cadet college was set up located in Pakistan’s Punjab province in Pakistan by introducing the concept of these colleges in Pakistan.

Top 10 Military Cadet Colleges In Pakistan 2024

Cadet College Hasan Abdal

Cadet College Hasan Abdal is one of the best colleges for cadets in Pakistan. This Cadet College, Hasan Abdal is located in the Punjab province and is considered to be one of the most sought-after schools in the nation. Attock Military School Attock Military School is basically an intermediate residential school that is designed to help develop students into military officers by giving them the highest quality of instruction.

Cadet College Hasan Abdal

It is situated within the Punjab Province and it is among the most highly regarded and respected institutions. It is essentially a secondary school that is located in Attock and was established to educate students in a way that they can become competent military officers.

Military College Murree

The Military College Murree is one of the three military colleges located in Pakistan. It was established in 2004 and has established itself despite its age. To keep them physically and mentally healthy the cadets take part in a variety of sports, in addition to their basic education.

Military College Murree (Upper Topa)

Students will be taught and cultivated mentally, morally physically, and morally in the hope of developing their leadership skills.

Military College Sui

In the province of Balochistan located in the Balochistan province, situated in the Balochistan province, Military College Sui is an extremely well-known institution that is under the guidance under the supervision of the Pakistan Army.

Within a short period of time, the school has become one of the best military schools. It is a military college located in the Balochistan province of Pakistan situated near the town of Sui. Sui, the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul is fed by this dam that is managed and owned by the Pakistan Army.

Military College Sui

The college has grown quite a bit in the period of just four years. It has also earned an enviable reputation that rivals other colleges of the military. Faculty members who are qualified and are part of The Army Education Corps are striving to give the best training to the students. Military College Sui is entrusted with providing high-quality education and training for young people.

Military College Jhelum

The college is situated within Gujrat District however, Jhelum is believed to be the home of the college. Over time numerous top officers from the Pakistan Armed Forces have graduated from the college since it was established around 1922. The oldest and most prestigious military college in Pakistan The Military College Jhelum is among the oldest military schools in the world.

Military College Jhelum

It can be described as an English medium school, offering classes for students from 8th to 12th grade. Here is the information regarding Cadet College Jhelum admission 2024 and how to apply online, as well as how to prepare for the entrance examination. It is located next to Jhelum, the capital of Sarai Alamgir along the Grand Trunk Road (GT).

Around 1770 acres on the site are in cultivation. Prince Edward VIII, Prince of Wales established it in Sarai Alamgir. It is the Royal Pakistan Military College in Jhelum given a new name following the founding of Pakistan.

Cadet College Jhelum is a military-preparatory school located in Jhelum just 4 kilometers away in distance from Dina. The purpose of Cadet College Jhelum is to offer education and training for cadets in preparation for a commission within the Armed Forces.
Stated Objectives:

  • Training in leadership and physical fitness to prepare cadets for an appointment in the Armed Forces.
  • to prepare cadets for professional colleges in order to become physicians engineers, scientists, engineers, and civil servants.
  • Incubate religion.

Cadet College Petaro

It is situated inside the Jamshoro District of Sindh Province. Cadet College Petaro, the second-oldest Cadet College in the country has always worked towards the nation’s development by producing brilliant professionals, scholars and engineers, businessmen, politicians doctors, and others. A high-quality education, a strong personality, and physical growth are the main focus of Cadet College Petaro. The college recently introduced its own Cambridge school system.

Cadet College Petaro

Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Garrison Cadet College Kohat is a boarding school located in Kohat city. It is among the most prestigious cadet schools in Pakistan. It was founded as Kohat Garrison College. Then, it was changed to Garrison Cadet College Kohat. With the approval of the Chief of the Army Staff General Pervaiz Musharaf, the land was given to the Pakistan Army.

Garrison Cadet College Kohat

It is situated inside Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the college provides 8th-12th classes of instruction for students of both genders. The college was first established in 1965, and over the passage of time, it has been able to upgrade its facilities and techniques to meet modern demands.

We believe that education covers all aspects of education, from the classroom all the way to the playground and from the play area to the pen and finally, all the way to the top of the hill so that we can produce great citizens and leaders. The institute has tried to create an environment that encourages growth and development and allows the cadets to grow into their potential and be leaders in the national future.

Cadet College Fateh Jang

Cadet College has a vision of providing a high-quality education that has a contemporary and scientific basis to the Cadets. Our goal is to create a creed that is a reflection of the teachings of Islam as we equip students to be leaders of the future by providing them with the latest and scientific understanding to meet the challenges of contemporary life.

Cadet College Fateh Jang

PAF College Sargodha

3, The PAF College Sargodha has produced a number of notable alumni over the years, including many Air Chief Marshals, as well as other notable individuals who serve in Pakistan as members of the army or as civilians.

The PAF College Sargodha is managed and owned by the Pakistan Air Force. It is located in Queen Chowk near PAF Base Mushaf, Sargodha.

PAF College Sargodha

To be admitted here, you must be competent to pass the stages of the admission as follows:

  • Written Test
  • Intelligence Test
  • Medical Exam
  • Interview

Every year, just 400 students get admission. There are well-equipped laboratories for computers, language, and science. The numerous clubs and societies established comprise WoodWork Club, Arts, and Music Club as well as others. that allow students to explore their artistic side.

The health of students is looked over by regular vaccinations, medical examinations, and fitness exercises scheduled to ensure optimal overall health for the pupils.

The location: PAF College Queen Chowk close to PAF Base Mushaf Sargodha.


Military College of Engineering

The Pakistan Military operates the Military College of Engineering (MCE). It is associated to NUST and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

It is situated in Risalpur located within Risalpur, in the Nowshera District, MCE was established in 1948. MCE provides combat training as well as a bachelor’s degree on civil engineering.

Army Burn Hall College

Many of the graduates from this prestigious school are in the Pakistan military or are employed as high-ranking officials.

Location: Risalpur, Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Army Burn Hall College

The college is operated through The Pakistan Army Education Corps since 1977, Army Burn Hall College located in Abbottabad has a distinct section that caters to girls (in Mandian) Mall) and for boys (in Mandian).

Beginning in 5th grade, prep classes are offered together with classes that go up to intermediate and matrix. The classes of O Level, as well as A’ Levels, are offered at Army Burn Hall College. One of the entry requirements for admission is candidates must be fit and healthy in order to be eligible for admission to the college.

Army Burn Hall College

The activities of various clubs in the fields of drama, arts, and Debating are organized and different personality development programs are usually scheduled. Training in conjunction with exercise helps the students keep in shape physically and mentally.

Many graduates of Army Burn Hall College usually become a part of the armed forces to serve in Pakistan.

Location: Mandian, Mansehra Bypass Rd, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


List of Government Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

The following is a list of other cadet colleges in Pakistan.

Cadet colleges

  • Cadet College Lahore
  • LCIC Cadet College Kasur
  • Cadet College Chakwal for Boys
  • Cadet College Chakwal for Girls
  • Cadet College Esa Khel, Mianwali
  • Cadet College Jhang
  • Cadet College Khanpur
  • Cadet College Khushab
  • Cadet College Okara
  • Cadet College Pasrur
  • Cadet College Rawalpindi
  • Cadet College Chilas
  • Cadet College Swat
  • Cadet College Karnal Sher Khan, Swabi
  • Manjanbazam Cadet Colleges System
  • Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi
  • Cadet College Mardan (Girls)
  • Cadet College Gadap Karachi
  • Cadet College Ghotki
  • Cadet College Larkana
  • Cadet College Pano Aqil
  • Cadet College Sanghar
  • Cadet College Spinkai
  • Cadet College Wana
  • Cadet College Jaffarabad
  • Cadet College Killa Saifullah
  • Cadet College Mastung
  • Frontier Scouts Cadet College Warsak
  • Cadet College Faisalabad
  • Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Sawabi
  • Cadet College Skardu
  • Rangers Cadet College Chakri
  • Cadet College Fort Munro
  • Cadet College Choa Saiden Shah
  • Cadet College Ormara
  • Cadet College Palandri
  • Cadet College Razmak
  • Cadet College Warsak
  • Cadet College Kallar Kahar
  • Manjaanbazam Cadet Colleges System Directorate
  • WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela

The scope of Military Colleges In Pakistan

Cadet college positions within the Pakistan Army are offered twice each year. Students with a degree are accepted into the Pakistan Army as officers through the PMA long course. Direct short-service commissions in Pakistan Army can get after the completion of a BA or BSc degree.

A soldier is taught so that is able to face the enemy in any circumstance. Thus, both soldiers and officers are expected to deal with various scenarios. There are also many advantages to becoming a member of an organization like the Pakistan Army. Many facilities are provided. A clearly defined path that has an unpredictably future.

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