Allama Iqbal Scholarships for Afghan Students 2024 From Pakistan

The administration of Pakistan has made public the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarships Phase-III for 4,500 Afghan students to improve bilateral relations with Pakistan as well as Afghanistan.

The federal government by way of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) offers scholarships for students pursuing undergraduate as well as graduate (MS/MPhil) as well as doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in areas like engineering, medicine, and management, agriculture as well as computer science, and others.

Allama Iqbal Scholarships for Afghan Students

This is everything you should know about the Allama Mohammed Iqbal Scholarships Phase III for Afghan students. We provide here all details regarding the scholarship.

Thousands of Scholarships for Afghan Students 2024 From Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Scholarships for Afghan Students

The proportion of scholarships awarded to female students should be at minimum one-third. Pakistan could have provided the sum of Rs. 12.686 billion to the scholarship scheme. Three thousand students from across Afghanistan are expected to compete for 1500 scholarships per year. The top institutions and universities of professional training in Pakistan will be accepting the selected candidates.

For the third installment in the program for scholarships which will be announced in the next few weeks, the SOPs are being created. Each year, this program is announced, but this year was the first year that it didn’t and this year it will be offering 1500 more scholarships in the third phase. The deadline for submitting applications will be announced soon.

Eligibility Criteria

For Bachelors

Candidate must:

  • Completed 12 years of equivalent education.
  • You must be between 17-23 before the deadline.
  • You must have at minimum 75 percent of Shahdatnama and 60 percent IBCC equivalent.
  • Meet the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) admission requirements that are 65 percent or 60%, respectively, if she/he is either a medical or engineering student.

For MS/MPhil

Candidate must:

  • Age 35 or less if you are an individual who is not a faculty member. Faculty members’ limit is 40 years old.
  • Completed 16 years of schooling.
  • You must have a minimum 2.5 CGPA out of 4.

for PhD

Candidate must:

  • Must be 35 years old or younger if non-faculty. The faculty members’ maximum is 40 years.
  • Have completed the required 18 years of schooling.
  • Minimum three CGPA out of four.

How to Apply For Allama Iqbal Scholarships

Candidates can apply via HEC’s scholarships website. It’s important to note this portal’s not available at present. Candidates are expected to be able to apply after HEC announces the deadline to register.


The HEC has not yet announced the deadline for electronic submission.

Other Information

  • HEC does not accept applications that are in hard-copy form.
  • HEC does not accept requests for any modifications to the application that is submitted.
  • Candidates who are already enrolled in another award will be turned down.


For any queries or complaints, candidates can visit HEC’s website, email [email protected] or [email protected].

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