Third Phase Of Coursera Free Training DLSEI 2024 By HEC Details

Third Phase Of Coursera Free Training DLSEI by HEC is announced. To fulfill its commitment to provide Pakistani youngsters with the high-demand skills required to be employed in the near future The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is launching the 3rd phase of its collaboration together with Coursera by establishing the Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI).

HEC started DLSEI in the year 2018 in collaboration with Coursera The previous two stages of the program have seen an average of 0.25 million hours of on-demand education for 12,000 students. A few of the most sought-after classes offered by the industry are in the subjects of management of projects as well as programming, data analytics social media marketing, and soft skills such as negotiation and communication, public speaking, and presentation.

Third Phase Of Coursera Free Training DLSEI 2024

The third stage of DLSEI, which will begin in 2024 HEC offers opportunities for skill-building for Pakistan’s young people through free access to online courses for 5,300 and 3,400 projects that are guided on Coursera across 11 domains with an aim of quickly offering the highest-quality digital and human skills training in a large scale across the nation.

Third Phase Of Coursera Free Training DLSEI

In his remarks on the partnership between the HEC and Coursera, the HEC Chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed stated that the goal of the partnership is to maximize the use of the chance to offer Pakistani youth online certificates as well as courses to improve their abilities.

He vowed that HEC and Coursera would strengthen their partnership by following a building-blocks-mechanism to gradually build upon their achievements. “Let’s collaborate for the common purpose of helping mankind by equipping young people with the right knowledge,” he emphasized.

The Chairman stated that HEC believes in using diplomacy as education to solve the problems that transcend borders all over the world. He encouraged local universities to take on Coursera as their Coursera courses and reward the students who select the courses by awarding them specific credits.

the Director for International Governments at Coursera, Mr. Matt Klein, said,

The young people of today are entering an entirely new market for employment that requires new skills, transformed by automation and epidemic. Coursera is proud to work with HEC to provide the young talent of Pakistan with the knowledge and credentials required to unlock the full potential of earning money in the new digital economy.

He said it’s satisfying to know that HEC responds to urgent trends by enhancing access to relevant education and enhancing skills to provide more positive outcomes for the nation’s young people.

He stated that HEC’s vision and leadership can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students who are navigating the world of digital. It is Coursera’s honor to be the partner of choice in making this vision become a reality.

What Is Coursera?

Coursera is an online platform for learning with an aim to offer everyone access to world-class education, with a total of 110 million registered users at the end of September 2024.

Coursera collaborates with more than 275 top universities and business partners that include Yale University, Stanford University, Google, IBM, and Microsoft for an extensive catalog of information and credentials, such as guided projects and courses, specializations, degrees, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Over 7,000 organizations have utilized Coursera to improve and reskill their staff, citizens, as well as students, including in highly-demanding fields like technology, data science, and business.

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