SKANS School Of ACCA Foundation Diploma Admission 2024

ACCA Foundation Diploma is a preparatory diploma that is linked with the ACCA. It is offered to students studying Matriculation, so they can be familiar with ACCA basic concepts. Through this AFD course, you’ll teach business mathematics in complete detail as well as the fundamentals of economics and Statistics.

Once you’ve completed this degree students will be able to claim an equivalent degree to the Intermediate. You will be eligible to join the ranks of ACCA and will be able to get a bachelor’s diploma from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s degree at The University of London and can be awarded an equivalent degree to an M.COM at HEC Pakistan.

SKANS School Of ACCA Foundation Diploma Admission 2024

SKANS School Of ACCA Foundation Diploma Admission

SKANS School Of ACCA Foundation Diploma Admission 2024

The SKANS School in the field of Accountancy ACCA Foundation diploma admission 2024 is set to announce, and candidates who are waiting for the announcement can apply. Additionally, they provide different kinds of diplomas. They can be found below. Additional information on eligibility criteria along with the date of last entry and additional information are listed found here.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Matric students with 60% or more marks are eligible to apply to be considered for admission
  • Students who have awaited their results are also able to submit applications for admission
  • The ACCA Foundation Diploma will be equivalent to i.Com

What is ACCA Foundation Diploma?

Over the past several years, there has been an evolution in the careers of students. Instead of solely focusing on the fields of engineering or medicine, they are prepared to tackle the challenges with a new method. One of the new areas of focus is accounting.

It is regarded as a path to be taken to reach the highest levels of an business. It comes with both challenges and benefits for professionals. Also, the reward comes through financial rewards. Accountancy professionals are regarded as respected and recognized by the business. The professionals who work within the area of accounting are considered to be honorable and respected in the eyes of society.

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Admission in CA Eligibility:

  • A Levels
  • Intermediate
  • Graduates

Admission to ACCA Diploma Foundation Eligibility:

  • Matric / O Level
  • Intermediate
  • Admission in ACCA Eligibility:
  • A Levels
  • Graduate

Fee Structure:

 The fee below is applicable to candidates who reside within Pakistan as well as those who signed up to go with the Institute-supported learning option through the SKANS.

Module Payable to UOL Payable to SKANS Exam fee
Strategic Financial Management PS1,295 PKR.110,000 As per British Council terms
Strategic Performance Management PS1,295 PKR.110,000 As per British Council terms
Strategic Financial Project PS1,295 PKR.125,000 Non-applicable
Global Issues for the Finance Professional PS1,295 PKR.125,000 Non-applicable

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