Sindh Cabinet Teacher License Policy 2024 Details

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The Sindh government Sindh adopted the Teachers license guidelines to Teachers within the Province. The policy was formulated in the School Education and Literacy Department of the Government of Sindh. At the cabinet session the Provincial Minister of education Sardar Ali Shah said that the intention behind the policy on teaching licenses is to impart professional knowledge to teachers.

“The countries that have introduced the teaching license system have advanced in education,” Minister said, noting that Pakistan is ranked 63 out of 64 nations in the global scientific and mathematical trends.

Types Of Teaching Licenses

Three kinds of teaching licenses will be available to primary, elementary and secondary level teachers. This license is granted to newly hired teachers when they pass the test for licensure. The license is valid for 5 years and can renew every five years. The exam policy will apply to the 700 vacant positions and teachers will be hired in the BS-16 grade.

Sindh Cabinet Teacher License Policy 2024 Details

Sindh Cabinet Teacher License Policy 2024 Details

The teaching license establishes the minimum standards for new students that will increase the profile of the profession of teaching in the eyes of the public. This has been observed in a variety of other professions, both in Pakistan as well as globally. In the short term, improved public perception can be a justification for increasing the salaries of teachers. In the long run, it can help draw talented students to the profession. Also check Punjab Issue Latest E-Transfer Policy.

This important reform will bring the same level of rigor and respect for the teaching profession that is enjoyed by other professions that require skills such as accounting, medicine and law. It also includes engineering. Students who are new to the teaching profession will be required and encouraged to complete professional education before pursuing positions.

In his remarks, the provincial minister of Sindh in charge of Education, Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Syed Sardar Ali Shah stated, “Conceptualising and bringing the teaching license policy into practice was not easy. But, I am thankful Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA), Durbeen and all the other partners who have been working tirelessly to ensure that this policy is feasible. The achievement for the next generation of students and teachers ultimately depends on its successful implementation.”

The Sindh Government has already taken the first step towards the implementation of its new policies. 700 vacancies have been made available in the field of elementary school teachers (eligible in teaching classes 1-8) all across Sindh from BPS-16. Prior to this junior elementary school teachers (JEST) were appointed at BPS-14. The teachers were required to complete their education in any area. These 700 new vacancies are only available to students who have completed the B.Ed. degree program who have passed the licensing exam.

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