Punjab Issue Latest E-Transfer Policy Teaching Staff 2023-2023

Punjab School Education Department is the largest department based on the number of employees. Teachers working in PSED work far from their homes. This is why the Punjab Govt has made some transfer rules to ensure teachers can be employed in the nearest station from their homes. Punjab Issue Latest E-Transfer Policy Teaching Staff 2023-2023 has been announced.

School Education Department has announced the launch of a new E-Transfer round in December 2023 for teachers who must adhere to certain regulations and guidelines. This is because we are pleased to announce that the relevant authority has approved the launch of the e-Transfer Round to adjust promotions of teachers from different categories, waiting for teachers to be posted under hardship i.e. Wedlock, divorce, Widow, and Disability. medical and mutual transfer.

Punjab Issue Latest E-Transfer Policy Teaching Staff

Punjab Issue Latest E-Transfer Policy Teaching Staff 2023-2023 Important Points Discuss

The School Education Department Punjab discusses the following issues in the new transfer policy. Check it out

  • Methodology for online transfer application
  • Recruitment of new teachers
  • Posting in in-service Commission
  • Ranking Criteria for Selection
  • Criteria for transfer of teachers based on the ratio of students to teachers
  • Manual and Administrative Transfer
  • Adjustment in QAED Academy for Education Development
  • Opening of Transfer
  • Manual Orders

e-Transfer Policy 2023-23 Step-By-Step Procedure

 In supersession of the Transfer Policy, 2013 issued vide Notification dated 17.04.2013, the Competent Authority / Chief Minister has been pleased to approve the e-Transfer Policy 2023 of the School Education Department, with immediate effect. The e-Transfer Policy 2023 provides as under:

Teachers can be posted at any time against their post in their cadre. The teacher cannot claim that they are posting against a particular job or location as a matter of right. There will be specific post-merit-based criteria for filling every vacant position through e-Transfer to the School Information System (SIS).

Procedure for Online Transfer Applications

All Transfers of teaching staff shall only be made through Schools Information System (SIS). Moreover, transfer/posting against in-service promotion, hardship grounds (i.e. categories of widowed, divorced, disabled, wedlock, medical grounds), mutual, open merit, and newly recruited Teachers shall also be made through the school Information System (SIS).

  1. Teachers and Educators may apply online for their transfer or posting using usernames and passwords on the School Information System (SIS) and must attach the pertinent documents, as specified in School Information System (SIS).
  2. Teachers/Educators should submit the original documents along with their application form to the relevant District Education Authority (DEA) to be verified.
  3. The tentative merit list, the objections, and the final merit list will be available on the School Information System (SIS) Portal. The applicant can review his merits, and also the merits of other applicants who have submitted an application to transfer via the School Information System (SIS) Portal.
  4. Teachers and Educators might also raise concerns about their own merits or against the merits of other teachers / Educators via the School Information System (SIS).
  5. Teachers and Educators must send their responses through the School Information System (SIS) against any objections made by District Education Authority (DEA). District Education Authority (DEA) and must also include relevant documents.
  6. School Information System (SIS) will create Transfer orders that are QR coded for selected students.

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