Sang-e-Mah Latest Episode [Sang e Mah Drama 2024]

Sang e Mah is the latest Hum tv drama in Pakistan. In 2024 Hum tv has released many dramas. But Sang e mah is the best ever drama in Pakistan. Now you can download Sang-e-Mah Latest Episode here.

sang e mah latest episode

Sang-e-Mah Latest Episode [Sang e Mah Drama 2024]

Sang-e-Mah Latest Episode 1

Air Date: 09-Jan-2022

The film opens with Mastaan Singh, a priest that is repenting of an act of sin that was committed around twenty years back. Haji Marjaan Khan has two sons, Hilmand and Hikmat where the latter is fond of their close friend Gul Meena. Hikmat is out in the fields, while Gul Meena is hunting with her mother, Zarghuna, and sees Hikmat’s shoes’ prints.

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 Hikmat’s mother Zarsanga notices a long, applied henna hair on his shirt. She discovers the fact that Gul Meena and Hikmat have been keeping a secret relationship with each other. Hikmat is trying to convince his mom to ask to Gul Meena about her wedding however she is not convinced.

Sang e Mah Cast

Marjaan Khan interrupts his dancing Hilmand as well as his rogued buddies and ridicules his friend’s grandparents and parents. Helmand isn’t keen to go back to his house and is refusing to leave to his dad’s house.

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Gul Meena tries to pacify her mother who remains unhappy about her encounter with Hikmat and strongly discourages her from having a conversation with Hikmat again. Mastaan Singh is unable to take off the ring of an engagement that was 20 years old and then leaves. Gul Meena tries to convince Hikmat that they aren’t together. Hikmat promises that he will “Ghaq” – a claim that a girl will only become his wife.

Sang-e-Mah Latest Episode 2

Air Date: 16-Jan-2022

Sabz Ali asks Hilmand to plead for forgiveness, but Hilmand refuses to accept it. The Jirga meets to decide the verdict to Sabz Ali , who had made the announcement about Samandar Khan’s daughter’s marriage to Ghaq. Jirga members believe Sabz Ali is lying about his drunken state on the night, and want to go on to punish him. Hilmand says he has a number of issues with the decision. He asks the Quran states that prayer cannot be acceptable in a drunken condition than how can people be able to accept the Sabz Ali’s Ghaq when they are drunk.

Sang e Mah Latest Episode

The Jirga accepts Sabz Ali but he receives 120 lashes of punishment for confessing about his drunkenness. Gul Meena clears that she will not allow Hikmat create Ghaq because it would be humiliating and unprofessional for her. Hikmat talks to his aunt Zarghona who is willing to give her approval when both of his parents request Gul Meena’s wedding. Hikmat’s mother Zarsanga accepts to speak to her sister about Hikmat as well as Gul Meena. Mastaan Singh is back in the village.

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