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Parizad All Episodes Download here on this page. Parizad drama is still breaking all the records in 2024. Parizad All Episodes Download 2024 is a blog where you can find all episodes of Hum tv Drama Parizad. Here I have uploaded the latest episode Parizad 27.

The great story of Parizaad is going towards an end. Next Tuesday the last episode of the drama Parizaad will be presented in the cinema. Parizaad episode 28 will be the last episode of the drama.

With every passing day; the HUM tv drama Parizad is getting more and more fame in the world. People are liking the mesmerizing story of Parizad. A middle-class boy who became a billionaire accidentally. But this is not true that it was an accident.

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Actually the boy Parizad was born with a unique personality and his mother gave him a unique name “Parizad”. Throughout his life, he showed a strong positive character. In the whole drama from Parizaad episode 1 to Parizad episode 21, there was not a single incident in his life where Parizad responded negatively.

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On our blog, you can download Parizaad all episodes easily. This is a character-building drama after a long time in Pakistan, where every production house is producing dramas about outdated issues. Thanks to HUM tv for Parizad production.

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Parizad All Episodes Download 2024 here on this page. Parizad episode 20 has been released yesterday. Parizad is going to move forward towards a new journey to become a positive business tycoon.

Parizad 21th episode will be released today on our youtube channel. You can watch parizad all episodes online here on this page. You can also download all parizad episodes.

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Parizad All Episodes Download 2024 is a blog post for all Parizad lovers. Parizad is a production of HUM TV. This is one of the most viewed TV serials in Pakistan nowadays. You can watch every latest episode of Parizad online. You can also find the link to download Parizad Urdu novel for free.

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Parizad All Episodes Download here from this page. Parizad all episodes are collected for you by our team in HD quality and are available on this page for your entertainment.

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Parizad is based on a novel written by Hashim Nadeem and is an investigation into the character who is unable to locate his place in the world in which exploitation and illicit behavior are preferred over honesty and compassion. The series explores the lower-middle-class social issues of Pakistan and the way a wallflower such as Parizad isn’t recognized by society.  Today watch Parizad 25 at 8 pm.

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Download Parizad episode 22 here. You can also watch parizad all episodes just by clicking the link above. Parizad All Episodes Download 2024 are here for you. Parizad all episode download blog post is a place where you can easily watch parizad online or download.


The show’s director Shehzad Kashmiri has a highly known cinematographer, who later began directing TV shows. Also, he directed the feature-length documentary called Bin Roye in the year 2015 that resulted in him being nominated for Best Film Director at the 15th Lux Style Awards.

Main Cast Of Parizad Episode 1 to Episode 19


Noman Ejaz

Ahmed Ali Akbar

Syed Muhammad Ahmed

Urwa Hussain

Ushna Shah

Yumna Zaidi

Saboor Ali

Mashal Khan

Tipu Shah

Kiran Tabeer

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Born into a world that is racked with hurt and neglect, Parizad is a gentle soul who is different from all. He is thoughtful, kind and an amiable soul that, because of his character and appearance, doesn’t conform to the norms in Pakistani culture. Do the devious modern world take over Parizaad in its darkness, or will he continue to be an example of hope and all the good things in Life?

Parizad Novel Urdu Free Download

Conclusion Of Parizad All Episodes

Episode 16 is basically the “Inspector Badar Munir” show. The entire episode revolved around Chess, a game played between her and her arch-rival, Behroze Karim. Her portrayal of an officer of a female in a male-dominated area of work is amazing. The Inspector is calm, but brutal in her approach to reaching her goals. No matter what the illegal level of torture or gazing directly into the face of the criminals she is looking at, Badar Munir’s uncompromising aggression is among the main reasons why her character is made so intriguing on screen.


Behroze Karim’s track ended at midnight. It was supposed to be the only sidetrack that ran for the full weeks and also saw much more time on screen than the other. This was the one that was most unpredictable that had plenty of surprises and some that were quite shocking!

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It will be fascinating for us to know how this event changes the course of Parizad’s story. Noman Ijaz was a master in the role, and frankly speaking, it was a bit harrowing to watch his death in the final. Although, Parizad always is able to shock me, as each episode features some aspect or other that I would not have imagined even if I had thought out into the box. However, the show consistently succeeds in entertaining me. I ensure that I remain open to new ideas when I watch this drama and am enjoying the journey since it’s clear that the story of Parizad could take any unexpected twist to any degree.


While I don’t think the same feeling concerning Parizad (the persona) as I did in the past because he’s been so adventurous, I’m still intrigued by his story. There are plenty of instances in which I feel like Parizaad doesn’t care about his own interests, which I stated in my last review which is a source of frustration for the viewer in the middle of his story. However, it also illustrates the kind of bond I feel with the main character that indicates the genuine popularity of the show.

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Parizaad is certainly more loyal to every person who has ever assisted him in any way than the man he is. Tonight, he accepted the responsibility for the murder to help his Maalik. It was a bit expected as the promo of the episode implied that he would perform something quite extraordinary for the sake of saving Behroze. Over the past few weeks, viewers have been looking at Behroze Karim’s downer state mind. However, it was also surprising us a few times! It was another character played by the incredibly talented Noman Ijaz that kept viewers on their toes! Behroze was clearly planning to take his last breath and that’s why the will he wrote specified who would be the beneficiary of his fortune. Parizad demonstrated his loyalty in a manner that Behroze surely left him something valuable. Is that a sign that Parizaad’s getting wealthy? I can’t imagine that Parizaad would be content with his wealth, but we’ve seen a lot that was out of our reach!


Behroze Karim’s characters were written down with a whimsy. He was charming due to the way in which his dialogues were written. Obviously, the credit for that is due to Noman Ijaz as well. Behroze decided to get the last laugh and Badar didn’t get exactly what she was looking for. I was awestruck by Nadia Afgan’s performance during this episode. When Behroze is praised for his wife’s handwriting, the expressions were amazing! The writer nailed this particular track to the story and highlighted the obstacles women face when they enter jobs that are dominated by men. It reminded me of the challenges Noor of Aakhir Kab Tak faced when she took over the business of her father. The major difference was that Badar managed to get through it by herself, completely! It was a joy to watch the coworker who mocked her acknowledge and praise her. Her confidence and her overall character made us believe that we’ll be seeing more female characters in the coming dramas too.

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Although this particular episode received a lot of screen time and I wanted the story of Parizaad to progress into the next chapter I’m going to regret the well-written and beautifully performed characters. In the same way, I’m eager to see what’s coming next for Parizad. It appears that Parizaad is not going to give himself a second thought. Do you think he will meet someone who loves him as he has always hoped for love?

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Parizaad remains an amazingly written-down drama featuring many outstanding characters and performances. Each character is interspersed; even Behroze’s character has an envious side! It was also produced and edited superbly. The funeral scene from tonight’s episode was one of the most memorable that was stunningly captured. Even although Parizaad’s made numerous shady choices, he won the trust and respect of those around him because of it. “Loyalty” was the central topic of this particular track because it was not just that Pari demonstrate his loyalty, he gained some loyal fans. Behroze Karim’s last words were bound to be the most memorable part of the episode. This scene was recorded and performed with such power. The actors in support roles also were able to make their presence felt for the first time during this show. I’d particularly want to highlight Saad Azhar as he has been awe-inspiring as Feroze. I’m looking forward to getting to know new characters as the story of Pari continues. I cannot thank this writer more for providing us with a story that isn’t.

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Others go, others get a life sentence while Behroz gets a death sentence. The day before his execution all his closest employees visit him, and, when everyone has gone to return:
Behroz Calls Pari and says’Tum muujh se, nahi milo Parizaad’. Mujh (Parizaad) se raha nahi gaya aur main tamaam adab o adaab balaae taaq rakh kar rotay huey usk galay lag gaya aur phir mujhe sanbhaltay hey Behroz bhi ro para. Uss aahni aur folaadi wujood asaab k aadmi ko main ne pehli dafa nam aankhain liye sar jhukaye kharay dekha. Main ne us k haath pakar liye. ‘Kyun kiya aap ne esa? Kyun khud ko maut k moonh main jhonk diya?


Aap k wuqala aur mashedeer itnay ehel thay k kam az kam aapki that umar qaid main tabdeel the kara itnay. Main jaanta hoon k ye saza aap ne apnay liye khud tajweez ki hai. Qazi Ne in bass to apnay dastakhat hain aap faisaly par.’Behroz Ney sar Uthaya. ‘Shayad main Laila l saath hi mar gaya tha. Main khud ko bohat mahboot parizaad samajhta. Lekin ye mohabbat baray baray tanaawar darakhton ko deemak ki taraah khaa kar dhaa sakti hai. Ye ehsaaas mje bohat der main hua. Main ne apnay liye ye saza iss liye tajweez nahi ki kyunk main ne usay maar daala. Main ne khud ko ye saza iss liye di hai k wo mujh se mohabbat nahi karti thi. Jab k main ussi ki mohabbat main itna aagay barh gya tha k mje ehsaas hi nahi hua k ab meri waapsi namumkin hai. Ye raaz ab khula jab wo duniya se jaa chuki thi. Tab main ne jaana k main bhi ab us k bina jee nahi paun ga.


Parizad Drama A Real Story

Agar Mazeed Zinda rehta from You munafaqat Thi aur Behroz Ne Aaj Ta Har gunaah Kiya hai siwaye munaafqat Kay .’
Uss ne mujhe aakhri martaba bheench k galay lagaya ‘ Aur apna kahyal rakhna. Bohat qeemti ho tum magar na janay kyun khud ko itna arzaan kar rakha hai’. MAin aik baar phir ro para. Behroz se rukhsat hona duniya ka mushkil tareen kaam tha magar sipahi meray sar par aa kahara hua.

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I really wanted to be able to see Behroz and Pari embrace and cry and talk about all this, and I’m sure Ahmed and Nauman would have done a great job with the scenes if they had performed it this way. I would have liked to see this scene because it provides the viewer a sense of Laila and Behroz as well. I still have hope that they will reveal it in an email that Behroz has sent to Pari but I believe that it’s too amazing to be true. This is it 🙂

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The piano teacher of Laila’s arrived to hand over the letter Badar I was thinking that it was all orchestrated by Behroze since we didn’t notice Laila seeing her in any way. I was thinking that they’d reveal that Behroze himself arranged for the teacher to deliver her letter Badar (as Behroze also asked why she went directly to her and not anyone else). It could be my opinion, though. However, Behroze appeared ready to go to his death. He clearly was shaken following the death of Laila.

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