Relieving Of Supervisor/Enumerator For Census 2024 Notification

The 7th Pakistani census of population and housing that will take place digitally will begin on the 1st of March 2024 and will run for a month and will end on the 1st of April 2024, as per an announcement issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) that is part of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Government of Pakistan

Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Provincial Office has asked the departments concerned i.e Education, Secondary & Primary / Health Department, and the KMC and DMC Administration to relieve concerned supervisors and enumerators according to the confirmed block lists of your census district. Also, for them to be present within the region i.e. Blocks at the time of enumeration on 1 March 2024.

Supervisors will begin to identify block boundaries and recensors prior to the census enumeration starting from the 24th of February 2024 until the 28th of February 2024.

The tables were already issued by Supervisors, Enumerators, and Supervisors. They will now be placed in their respective blocks for field Enumeration Under the direction of Supervisors.

Relieving Of Supervisor/Enumerator For Census 2024

Relieving Of Supervisor/Enumerator For Census Notification

Relieving Of Supervisor/Enumerator For Census Notification

پاکستان کی ساتویں آبادی اور مکانات کی مردم شماری، جو کہ ڈیجیٹل طور پر کی جائے گی، یکم مارچ 2024 سے شروع ہوگی اور ایک ماہ تک جاری رہے گی۔پاکستان بیورو آف سٹیٹسٹکس  کے جاری کردہ نوٹیفکیشن کے یہ ڈیجیٹل مردی شماری یکم اپریل 2024 کو ختم ہوگی

 پاکستان بیورو آف شماریات کے صوبائی دفتر نے متعلقہ محکموں یعنی تعلیم، ثانوی اور پرائمری/ محکمہ صحت/ کے ایم سی/ ڈی ایم سی انتظامیہ سے درخواست کی ہے کہ وہ آپ کے مردم شماری کے ضلع کی تفویض کردہ تصدیق شدہ بلاکس فہرست کے مطابق متعلقہ شمار کنندگان اور سپروائزرز کو فارغ کریں۔ اور متعلقہ علاقے میں ان کی موجودگی کو  یکم مارچ 2024 سے یقینی بنائیں

جن ٹیچرز حضرات کی مردم شماری پہ بطور شمارکنندہ ہا سپروائزر ڈیوٹی لگی ہے وہ اپنے ہیڈز سے فراغت حاصل کر کے 24 فروری سے اپنے متعلقہ بلاک کی نشان دہی کے لیے ڈیوٹی سر انجام دیں گے

سپروائزر 24 فروری 2024 سے 28 فروری 2024 تک مردم شماری سے قبل متعلقہ شمار کنندگان کے ساتھ بلاک کی حدود کی نشاندہی کرنا شروع کر دیں گے۔

ٹیبلٹ پہلے ہی سپروائزرز اور شمار کنندگان کو جاری کیے جا چکے ہیں۔ اب انہیں سپروائزرز کی نگرانی میں فیلڈ کی گنتی کے لیے ان کے متعلقہ بلاکس میں تعینات کیا جائے گا۔

Criteria For Appointment of Field Staff

It is stated that the Government of Pakistan has decided to conduct the first “Digital” 7th Population and Housing Census within the country by 2022. In keeping with this context, it is suggested that the following criteria should be observed in the Appoint of the Field staff.

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Appointment of Charge Superintendents

The selection of Charge Superintendents is taken from officers from Local Administration, preferably from the departments with the responsibility of touring e.g.

Assistant Education Officers, Naib Tehsildars / Assistant Mukhtiarkars /Qanungos / Girdawars Supervisory Tapedars in Rural Areas, while Headmasters/ Senior Teachers, and Education Officers working in the Metropolitans/Municipal Corporation Municipal Committees/ Town Committees in Urban Areas are to be preferred and they must have good skills/commands on IT and can operate digital devices easily.

Appointment of Circle Supervisors

The Circle Supervisors will be appointed from Patwaris, Head Masters of Primary Middle Schools, Senior Teachers, Secretaries of Local Councils, and Officials of Pay Scale from 10 to 16 from the Metropolitans/Municipal Corporation/Municipal Committees/ Town Committees, etc., preferably from the Local Area.

The Supervisors will oversee the activities of Enumerators 5-7 within Rural as well as Urban Areas. If the Circle contains more than 8 Blocks, additional Circle Supervisors can be appointed by distributing seven blocks for each supervisor individually. They should have excellent skills and command regarding IT Teachers. E. Patwaris are able to use digital devices with ease.

Appointment of Enumerators

The selection of Enumerators should be done by areas of Rural Areas preferably, from Primary to High and Middle School teachers, Local Government employees, Field Assistants in Agriculture, and employees of the Health Department who are posted and working within the same region.

In the Urban Areas, School Teachers. Secretaries Local Councils and Senior Clarks working in the Metropolitans/Municipal Corporation Municipal Committees/ town Committees etc. will be taken as Enumerators, having Pay Scale from 7 to 14.

They should be aware and have a solid understanding of operating Tablets and also have good commands for filling in Census data using the designated software. Further, according to the guidelines from the Census Advisory Committee, female start could also be appointed as an enumerator to ensure the highest accuracy of data collection.

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