Punjab Insaaf Academy Admission Online registration in Learning Program Website/app

In a first of its kind and a first for the province, Punjab school education minister Murad Raas has announced the launch of The Insaaf Academy, an online portal for students in intermediate and matric. Punjab Insaaf Academy Admission Online registration in the Learning Program Website/app is provided below.

The new platform for e-learning can help students prepare for the test of matric and intermediate by taking more than 7700 online lectures along with mock test questions. In the beginning, students in ninth to 12th grade are expected to benefit from the Academy.

The platform will be made available to others in stages. Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has been working very long to establish the Academy.

Punjab Insaaf Academy Admission Online registration

Insaaf Academy portal has great educational content for children and thanks to this online portal , children across Pakistan can study for their exams .Children will be able to learn and test under supervision by their parents.

The creation of this portal will sabotage the idea of a tuition-based academy in a major way.The provincial Ministry of Education has stated that because of the recent flooding, more than 1,000 schools of the government had been affected within Punjab Of which, about 500 schools have been rebuilt up to now. Through the establishment of Insaaf Academy, flood-affected children will also be able to sit at their homes.

Punjab Insaaf Academy Admission Online Registration Below

About Insaaf Academy

Insaaf Academy is an online learning platform created in The Government of Punjab. Its principal goal is to remove the costly tuition fees from the educational system. In general, it is noticed that after the school or at college, pupils usually require tuition and to take advantage of private tuition schools charge more and other fees.

Insaaf Academy is a revolutionary move by the Punjab Government to save students from the hassle of tuition and offer students with access to free education materials to prepare for exams. Simple and easy videos, exams and exercises, etc. Created by the most skilled instructors of different subjects from across Punjab can be downloaded at no cost.

Punjab Insaaf Academy Admission Online registration in Learning Program Website/app

  • Go directly to the website for the the Insaaf academy https://Insaafacademy.pctb.pk/.
  • You can download the Insaaf academy mobile app. It is very easy to use.
  • Therefore, we would suggest you to use the Insaaf academy’s mobile app.
  • On the next screen you’ll be asked to fill in your name, your father’s name, and email address.
  • After you have filled in all the information, follow the next step.
  •  On the next page, input your province, your city, your school’s name and your CNIC. Next, click the next.
  •  You must choose your course.
  • You will be able to choose between Urdu medium or English medium.
  • After completing the registration, you will be directed to the dashboard of Insaaf academy.

Classes in Insaaf Academy

  1. 9th class Urdu medium
  2. 9th class English medium
  3. 10th class Urdu medium
  4. 10th class English medium
  5. 11th Class
  6. 12th Class

Punjab Insaaf Academy

Insaaf Academy is free of cost

There is no fee for registration or cost for tests or videos of lectures. The entire content of this app is available for free to students.
In addition to parents, students and teachers also get benefit from Insaaf academy. When you create an account, it is possible to sign-up as a student or as a parent, or teacher.

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This is basically the program of the Punjab government. It covers all subjects covered in Punjab texts. However, students from other provinces are also able to benefits from the Insaaf academy. Due to the fact that science subject matter are nearly identical across Pakistan therefore this app can be beneficial for all students in the Pakistan.

What is  on the insaaf academy dashboard?

Video Lectures

In the insaaf academy, you will get access to more than 7000 videos that cover all the subjects of your chosen class subjects in a very simple language. After you’ve completed these courses, you won’t need to attend a private academy for assistance in your study.

Mock Tests

To help students prepare better for students, mock tests are available on this site. Tests are offered to assess the level of preparation of students. After passing the test, students can review their score and the correct answers for greater understanding.

Live Lectures

Live lectures is also available for students. Students will be informed of the live lecture prior to the scheduled time, which means that the maximum number of students can be in attendance. Students can live ask questions to the instructors.

System for tracking the preparation

In the insaaf academy app, there is a complete system that combines all your information to give you knowledge about the preparations you need for the exam.

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