PMDC Exempt NLE for Pakistani Graduates 2024 Details

PMDC Exempt NLE for Pakistani Graduates 2024 details are here for you.Pakistan Medical & Dental Council began formal work on on the day that the Bill was signed by President Pakistan. The council is responsible for all pertinent issues and matters PMDC has begun its registration Portal in the first instance after making all the necessary arrangements to facilitate to transitioning between PMC and PMDC. PMDC.

PMDC Exempt NLE for Pakistani Graduates 2024 Details

PMDC NLE exemption

PMDC Exempt NLE for Pakistani Graduates

As per the promise made by the Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel, PM&DC has begun the process of granting permanent Registration Certificates starting 8 February 2024 for doctors who have graduated in Pakistani medical and Dental colleges, without the requirement of passing the National Licensing Examination (NLE). In the past, under the law of PMC graduates from local universities, they were required to take and be able to pass the NLE test before they could obtain an official registration.

In the past, according to PMC Law, NLE was taken by doctors who completed their studies at Pakistan’s recognized dental and medical colleges, that were heavily criticized by the doctors’ associations across the country. In this regard, numerous protests and demonstrations were staged by various doctors’ forums and associations at various levels, and PTI Govt was appealed repeatedly to repeal the black law. In this context there is an online PM&DC online portal was launched to assist doctors across the nation. The first day of the launch 1500 registration certificates were issued. check also PIMS Islamabad BS Degree Admissions 2024 Last Date And Fee Structure

PM&DC has also begun issuing excellent-standing renewal certificates as well as good standing ones. PM&DC is pleased to welcome and inform all local graduates of which more than 10,000 who are still waiting to be registered permanently, to submit an online application to register. The graduates waited an extended period of time to be registered but they failed because of the stringent regulations imposed by PMC.

NLE exam exemption

The Registrar PM&DC Dr. Suleman Ahmed said that one of the goals for PM&DC is to create a registration portal that is user-friendly and easy to navigate and user-friendly. He also said that PM&DC immediately following its promulgation assured that the registration portal must be reliable and capable of protecting the confidential data of doctors. The aim is to create an application system that offers an encrypted payment system for fees to applicants as well as an automated system for tracking as well as managing application.

According to this new Law of PM&DC Act 2022 the exam for foreign graduate i.e. National Registration Examination (NRE) was introduced to Pakistani graduates with bachelor degree of Foreign Institutions. Successfully passing the NRE is a requirement for the obtaining of an official registration.

The NRE is primarily dependent on objective computer-based multiple-choice tests and practical components. The official further stated that we are open to suggestions of the medical profession across the country, and we will extend our the fullest assistance to address and address the complaints of each medical professional and help them to the best of our ability.

NRE (National Registration Examination)

PMDC official also spoke about the Pakistani candidates who completed their degree from foreign institutions. Therefore, foreign graduates will be taking an NRE (National Exam for Registration) and it will be required to pass the test in order to be eligible for registration. NRE is an objective MCQS computer-based test with a practical part.

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