PMC MDCAT 2024 Latest Details About MDCAT Delay

PMC MDCAT 2024 Latest Details About MDCAT Delay are that MDCAT is being postponed until 13 November. MDCAT Test is to be used for admissions to MBBS and BDS New date has been set for 13 November 2024. A fake letter has gone viral on social media regarding the cancellation of the MDCAT test. In the fake letter, it is stated that because of the current political turmoil, the MDCAT is delayed and the new date will be released after the political climate improves across Pakistan.

All MDCAT candidates and candidates must be at their respective centers by November 13th, 2024 to take the Test as the news that circulates on social media regarding the MDCAT being delayed is false.

“PMC dispels all rumors and fake announcements as untrue which are being circulated only to confuse students and students about the exam. PMC has been working hard to hold MDCAT 2024.

PMC MDCAT 2024 PMC MDCAT 2024 Latest Details About MDCAT Delay

“Any information about MDCAT will be released by PMC. Candidates and students are advised to stay clear of all false and fake information and only trust PMC official accounts and news sources,” a statement issued by PMC which was cited.

The commission claimed it has been working hard to enhance healthcare education through the development of top-quality health and dental training in Pakistan.

“The Healthcare regulator sets standards to be in line with global best practices to provide high-quality health care for all citizens of our nation. PMC has established high standards and is working to implement them in each medical and dental school across Pakistan for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The PMC is committed to enhancing the medical/healthcare delivery standards so that dentists/doctors are able to serve patients efficiently and professionally way. “PMC will continue to work toward the goals we have set to improve the quality of health and training in dentistry and the licensing process in Pakistan as well as continuing to take action against individuals and organizations that do not achieve the standards of excellence as set by PMC,”

it stated

“From quickly resolving daily complaints or queries of students/doctors and other issues, PMC is also making sure that there will be no delays in any formal or other subject asked by the public.”

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