PMC Changes MBBS And BDS Eligibility Criteria 2023 Check Online

PMC Changes MBBS And BDS Eligibility Criteria

PMC Changes MBBS And BDS Eligibility Criteria 2023 Check Online. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has decided to reduce the pass rate of the Medical & Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) from 65 percent to 55 percent for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programs offered at all dental schools.

According to the decision taken at a meeting of the Medical and Dental Council that was presided over by PMC President Dr. Arshad Taqi, candidates who have scored 55 percent in the MDCAT exam can now apply for admissions to both government and private dental schools.

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) modified the eligibility criteria to be eligible for MBBS as well as BDS admittance to Medical and Dental Colleges in the country. As per the new rules students must have need to have a minimum of 60% marks on FSc Pre-Medical or equivalent exams are eligible to apply for admission into MBBS or BDS programs. The pass percentage in those taking the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT 2023) is modified.Students who are taking the MCAT for the purpose of gain admission into various medical schools across the nation. — PPI/File.

PMC Changes MBBS And BDS Eligibility Criteria 2023 Check Online

pmc changes mbbs and bds eligibility criteria for pakistan

In accordance with the new regulations The MDCAT Pass Percentage to be used for MBBS Admissions is set to 55%. Students who have scored an average of 45 marks in MDCAT examinations will be able to be considered for BDS courses in Government as well as Private Dental Colleges in the nation. MDCAT registration will be open again from October 10, 2023 and the deadline to apply to take the MDCAT 2023 falls on September 25 2023. MDCAT is delayed until the completion of the next order is made.

PMC Changes MBBS And BDS Eligibility Criteria online

MDCAT 2023 & Eligibility for Admission in Medical and Dental Colleges

Based on the ruling of the competent authority the following was approved by the competent authority as follows. Eligibility criteria for admission to Medical and Dental Colleges: The minimum percentage required for the HSSC exam has been set at 60 percent or higher.

MDCAT 2023 Admission Percentage to Pass to Medical and Dental colleges

MDCAT 2023 pass rate is approved as:

  • MBBS Program — 55 %
  • BDS Program — 45 %

MDCAT 2023 which was previously scheduled to take place in September/Oct 2023, is now postponed until new orders. The new dates and schedules will be published via PMC’s website. PMC website. This registration site to register for MDCAT 2023 will be open from the 10th to the 25th” September 2023 to help students who could not register before.

Although there isn’t any specific explanation of the change however sources inside the PMC believed it was due to the low amount of BDS admissions in the past academic year, in comparison to previous years, in addition to opposition to the PMC for its high pass percentage on the MDCAT. The protesters also demanded that a proportionate percentage cut in order to make it easier for admission applications.

MDCAT 2023 will be conducted online. MDCAT 2023 will be conducted on the internet from 7 to September. Passing it is required for admission to dental and medical colleges in Pakistan. However, the percentage of passing to be able to apply in order to be admitted into MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine of Surgery, of Surgery) of Surgery) remains unchanged.

Modifications in the weighting of MDCAT curriculum subjects

The PMC also approved minor modifications in the weighting of MDCAT curriculum subjects, based on the guidelines by the National Medical and Dental Academic Board. This includes the elimination of the subject ‘Gout’.

The changes in the weighting of the questions from the MDCAT curriculum areas follows: Biology 33 percent to 34 percent Physics as well as Chemistry -26.5 percent to 27 percent; Chemistry and Physics – 26.5 percentage to 27%; English 10-percent to 9 percent Logical Reasoning 5 percent to 3 percent. The MDCAT to come next year will comprise of 210 questions that are based around these percents.

It is important to note that MDCAT 2023, which was scheduled to take place in September/October 2023 is now delayed until new orders are received.

“New schedule/dates will be announced on PMC website,” the notice read.

The application portal to register for MDCAT 2023 is scheduled to reopen between September 10 and 25 in order to help students who were unable to sign up previously.

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