Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names

Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names

Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names

Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names is hot news now. The International Consortium for Investigative Journalists or ICIJ has published 11.9 million documents that leak that expose “financial secrecy” of world leaders and others in the largest leak ever and is likely to beat the leak of 2016 Panama Papers and 2010 WikiLeaks of US diplomatic cables.

This huge reporting effort involved around 600 journalists from over 150 news outlets from more than 117 countries around the world. One of the members of the ICIJ who hail from Pakistan includes the news reporter Umar Cheema.

These are these updates to the 

Pandora Papers updates:

Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names Key developments 

Pandora Papers to strengthen Imran Khan’s account

The PM has announced Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names will be scrutinized

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that each name listed in the Pandra Paper from Pakistan will be scrutinized.

He stated that the authorities would take action against anyone found to be guilty.

‘Some people tried to preempt’

Cheema claimed it was a lengthy process that lasted for two years, and required much patience. Cheema says that some of those identified within the Pandora Papers tried to preempt the leaks by not releasing the information earlier. Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names are on the hit list now.

“During the time, we investigated the people involved and studied every document. We determined if they were in cases in other countries. They are more than Panama that contained more than 400 people named,” he said.

“We did not inform anyone knows that we worked on this. We picked journalists with integrity,” added Cheema.

In explaining how the people mentioned within the Pandora Papers were contacted by journalists to confirm the facts, Cheema said, “We didn’t just phone them. We didn’t just phone them. We asked them questions. If someone refused to provide an email address to us. We messaged them. We were blocked by some people on WhatsApp when we tried to contact them. Others simply placed the phone down on us. However, it is our responsibility to verify that they’re correct. We sent emails to people. A few people attempted to thwart us. Certain people attempted to defend themselves in advance of time.” Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names are out now for genral public.

Speaking about the two offshore businesses registered with Fareeduddin Khan Barki using Zaman Park Lahore address, which was also Imran Khan’s home, Cheema said “this is an interesting issue. On our own, we inquired around. The spokesperson for the PM was given queries by ICIJ. I spoke with Fareedudin Khan. We believed there could have been several Zaman Park locations. However, the way they conducted the preemption (preemption ) attempted to release the information earlier. Later, it was revealed that there was something else going on. I’m not sure why defensive remarks needed to be made.”

Details of Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names

The names of around 700 Pakistanis are believed to be in the Pandora Papers.

The names of former political officials, military officials along businessmen of Pakistan are included in the Pandora Papers.

The names included:

  • Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin
  • Federal minister Moonis Elahi
  • Senator Faisal Vawda
  • A son of PMLN’s Ishaq Dar
  • Punjab’s senior minister Abdul Aleem Khan
  • Sharjeel Inam Memon, a member of PPP
  • Families of Minister Industries Khusro Bakhtiar
  • Son of the former SAMP Waqar Masood
  • Shoaib Shaikh from Axact

In the event that the company is officially registered and is not being used in any illegal purpose, then the process of forming the company isn’t illegal.

The names of international leaders who are included in the Pandora Papers include:

  • Shah Abdullah of Jordan
  • Tony Blair, former prime minister of the UK
  • The ruler of Qatar
  • The leaders of Ukraine, Kenya, and the Czech Republic

In the past the journalist Umar Cheema had confirmed that more Pakistanis were in the Panama Papers than those who were listed within the Panama Papers.

“Pakistani people whose name are on [Pandora Papers] number more than [those whose names were on] the Panama Papers,” he added.

“The names are kind of interesting, but you will have to wait for another 24 hours.”

Cheema claimed that ICIJ journalists had been working for The Pandora Papers for two years. “We waited for two years,” Cheema said.

ICIJ made the announcement on Saturday with tweets declaring this was their “most expansive expose of financial secrecy yet”.

Shaukat Tareen name in pandora papers speaks about offshore company

Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin has revealed the details of his off-shore company in the press. The minister said Saudi billionaire Tariq bin Laden was interested in investing and the minister obtained approval by the State Bank of Pakistan to start the offshore company. Furthermore, the companies were included in his assets declared from the year 2008 and onwards.

“We were raising funds. The company was actually registered. However, its accounts weren’t and neither were transactions made,” Tarin told SAMAA TV earlier.

“It was Tariq bin Laden’s company Middle East Developers Ltd, Dubai. He said”We’d like to invest the money into this company’. … Then there was a bomb blast within Karachi and his enthusiasm waned. The companies were closed at that time also. They were legitimately operated for an objective and they were granted SBP approval to attract the investment. They’re completely registered. It is not connected with how traditional offshore companies are created, or where taxes are deposited.”

PMLN leaders names in Pandora papers

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has demanded that the President orally direct that the prime minister cast an affirmative vote due to the Pandora Papers. Pandora Papers update 700 Pakistani names also includes pmln leaders.

The PMLN’s Ahsan Iqbal said even before the Pandora Papers came out, the government’s spokespersons were providing explanations, which suggests that the criminal had an unintentional straw within his hair.

Ahsan Iqbal claimed that two additional offshore businesses of the name ‘Sadiq’ as well as Amin” have been exposed He also concealed the cash gifts.

He claimed there was no reason to allow Imran Khan to stay in the position he is currently in. Ahsan said that the party’s members are no longer able to trust Imran Khan’s leadership.

Pandora Papers to strengthen Imran Khan’s narrative

The Pandora Papers will strengthen Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance against corruption Information Minister Fawad Choudhry declared on Sunday afternoon, just prior to the release of the papers.

Prior to that, the special assistant to Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill reacted to rumors that offshore firms or accounts associated with Imran Khan have been found inside the Pandora Papers.


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