Pakistan Railway Online Booking 2024 E-Ticket

Pakistan Railway Online Ticket Booking 2024 – Pak Railway Tickets Online From This Website. Online ticketing has been introduced by the Ministry of Railways Pakistan. Railways introduced an online ticketing system to make it easier for passengers. Online ticketing is now possible. Pakistan Railway Online Booking 2024 is very easy and effective

Pakistan Railway Online Booking 2024

You can reserve your rail seats and purchase tickets online. Instead of standing in long lines to purchase tickets, buy your train tickets online. Online payment via EssayPaisa or Jazz Cash is required. You will be sent a confirmation SMS by ticket buyers which you must show to the ticket inspectors.

Pakistan Railway Online Booking 2024 E-Ticket Below Details

Pakistan Railway e-Ticket |Train Ticket Price

The purchase of tickets for Pakistan was not an easy task in the past. It was a tedious job. People used to wait in a queue and then pay the money. Finally, they got their tickets. It’s a strange thing that people don’t bother doing it to get a train ticket. Modern technology has given them more options in all areas of their lives. This chain includes the Pakistan railways e-ticket system and Pakistan railways booking tickets.

Online Ticket Booking for Pakistan Railway

It is now easy to book a ticket. The online booking system for Pakistan Railway has been announced. You can now book your train tickets online without having to travel anywhere. It’s very easy. You first need to register on the official website of the Pakistan railway. Next, verify your account using the mobile number that you registered at registration.

Pak Railway Online Booking 2024

Pak Railway Online Reservation 2024 Purchase Pak Railway tickets online through this website. The online ticketing system has been introduced by the Ministry of Railway Pakistan. The railway introduced the online ticket system in order to make it easier for passengers.

This is the first such online ticket system in history. The Railway department also wants to end corruption through E-services. Pak Railway has now digitalized its ticketing system online. Online ticket purchase and reservation of seats for rail journeys.

rail tickets at home are better than waiting in lines and standing in long lines to purchase tickets. Online payment via Jazz Cash and EssayPaisa is required. You will be sent a confirmation SMS by ticket buyers. This SMS must be presented to ticket checkers.

How to Register Railway Ticket Online

Booking train tickets online is easy for travelers who travel from home. Click the book button and enter your CNIC number, name, and train. You will immediately see a window to pay. To pay for your tickets, you will need to open Jazz Cash, EssayPaisa, and Upaisa. You can then finalize your ticket by entering the invoice number.

Pakistan Railway Online Seat Booking process

It is easy to book a train ticket online in Pakistan. Online booking is possible from your home. There’s no need to go to the booking office. You can book your seat online at Pakistan Railway.


  • Visit the official website for Pakistan Railways
  • Select the departure station or destination station.
  • Choose the date on which you wish to book your seat
  • Click on Book your Train Ticket
  • A popup message appears on your screen.
  • You will then be asked to enter the mobile phone number as well as the password.
  • Now log in using your Login Information
  • You can register if you don’t already have an account.
  • Now Create an account using your mobile phone, and password
  • Enter your information now click on Login to Book Your Seat Online

Pakistan Railway Online Booking App

This is quite strange because people don’t have to worry about train tickets anymore. Technology has provided so many services that people want more in every area of their lives. App for booking tickets is now available.

How to pay for an online train ticket booking

Online reservations are possible. The payment process is done using:

  • A credit or debit card
  • Online via Easy Paisa
  • UBL Omni Payment
  • Jazz Cash Payment

After payment has been made, SMS confirmations can be sent to confirm that the tickets have been booked. The SMS confirmation will be considered proof of the ticket and it is essential to keep it.

Timetable for Pakistan Railways

If you are planning to travel by Pakistan Railways, you can view the Pakistan Railway Time Table 2024 online. It is easy. To confirm your train’s schedule, go to the official website. To view the complete timetable, click on the button below. Make sure you also check the online booking process for Pakistan Railways.

Confirmation of Pakistan Railway ticket

Pakistan Railways provides online tickets for all tracks. Passengers will need to confirm the status of their tickets. Passengers can also buy train tickets at stations. You will need to save your ticket for the return trip. Confirm your ticket via the online serial number.

Pakistan Railways eTicket Price

It was difficult to buy tickets for Pakistan trains in the past. It was tedious. The process was tedious. People had to wait in long lines and then pay the required amount. Finally, they were able to get their tickets after much effort.

This is very odd because train station tickets are now available electronically. Technology has made it so easy for people to get more services in every area of their lives. This system also includes electronic ticketing for Pakistan Railways and booking tickets for Pakistan Railways.

Popular places price
Lahore to Karachi Up to Rs. 1400
From Rawalpindi to Karachi Up to Rs. 1550
Multan to Karachi Up to Rs
Quetta to Karachi Up to Rs
Karachi to Islamabad Up to Rs. 1550
Lahore to Islamabad Up to Rs.500
Multan to Islamabad Up to Rs
Quetta to Islamabad Up to Rs

Pakistan Railway Ticket Print

Pak Railways now offers e-ticketing. All instructions must be followed by passengers to book railway tickets online. Online ticket purchase confirmation SMS must be saved. Your ticket confirmation SMS will be available to Pakistan Railways Ticket Checkers at any time.

Pakistan Railway Fares Price

Pakistan Railway train fares give specific information about each Pakistan city. Many express and passenger trains connect the major cities in Pakistan.

Pakistan Railway Ticket Cancellation Online

According to the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable, all Pakistani express passenger trains are available at affordable prices at every station.

Pakistan Railways e-ticketing system

The introduction of e-ticketing by Pakistan Railways is a relief for citizens. They are happy to help us start the ticketing process. Now, passengers can purchase train tickets online from their homes and track the time of their train. You should arrive on time.

Contact number of Pakistan Railways

Landline number: 042-99201941

Railway Auto Dial: 042-2872

Fax: 042-99201961

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