Pakistan Public Holidays 2024 And Events

Pakistan Public Holidays 2024 And Events about detail in this web page . Pakistan is officially called The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is situated in South Asia. The region shared ancient civilizations along with the Indian subcontinent. The home of ancient kingdoms, which were ruled by dynasties as well as empires with different faiths and different cultures, Pakistan became a nation that is linguistically and ethnically diverse, On the 14th of August 1947.

Pakistan Public Holidays

 The following is the 2024 list of public holidays that are declared in Pakistan that including federal and regional government holidays and popular celebrations. We also offer Pakistan holiday calendars for 2024, and 2024.

Pakistan Public Holidays 2024 And Events

Pakistan Public Holidays 2024 

If you’re looking to find Pakistan Public Holidays 2024 and Events scheduled to be observed in Pakistan throughout 2024 then you’re in the right place because this is the entire calendar which reveals when the holiday every month in this calendar and the reason for this is the main reason for this holiday. There is no reason to search elsewhere when you’re looking for this information as you will be here. If we are talking about Pakistan it is a Muslim country.

That is the reason that the majority of the celebrations in Pakistan are in connection with an Islamic Festival or other Islamic celebration. The most well-known and popular holidays in Pakistan throughout the year are approximately 11 public holidays. Five holidays are associated with this Islamic festival, two are dedicated to International celebrations, two holidays are related to historic events, and the two holidays that are not observed in Pakistan are to celebrate the birthdays of some notable figures of the nation.

 How many public holidays are in Pakistan

The entire schedule of Pakistan holidays 2024 is listed below to help you only to help you plan your plans, or plan something special to celebrate these holidays ahead of the date. The entire list that you can look through here isn’t a requirement for holidays, as some holidays are available for purchase.

However, some are regular and repeat every year, so keep in touch on this page to be aware of this year’s Pakistan Public Holidays 2024 and events from the calendar below. Have an eye on it and believe that these are the enduring holidays that you can enjoy this year.

Holidays in Pakistan 2024

The only Public events in Pakistan 2024 listed above that people can observe in the year 2024. If you’re looking for a date or plan on traveling somewhere, then make it happen in accordance with the dates given. for the Pakistan Public Holidays, 2024, and Events are listed below. If you are aware of other holidays not listed in this list, then we can ask you to write the date and the name of the holiday in the comments section that is provided at the bottom of the page.

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Public Holidays 2024 Pakistan

JAN 1 New Year Optional Holiday
FEB 5 Kashmir Day Public Holiday
FEB 24 Maha Shivaratri Hindu Holiday
MAR 13 Holi The national holiday, Hinduism
MAR 20 March equinox Season
MAR 22 Shab e Meraj* Optional Holiday
MAR 23 Pakistan Day Public Holiday
APR 09 Shab e Barat* Optional Holiday
APR 14 Good Friday Christian, Common Local holidays
APR 16 Easter Sunday Observance
APR 17 Easter Monday The national holiday, Christian
APR 20 Eid e-Rizwan* Optional Holiday
MAY 1 Labour Day Public Holiday
MAY 23 TO MAY 26 Eid al Fitr* Public Holiday
JUN 21 June Solstice Season
JUL 1 July 1 Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
Eid ul Adha* Public Holiday
AUG 7 Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holiday
AUG 14 Janmashtami Hindu Holiday
AUG 14 Independence Day Public Holiday
AUG 25 Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday
AUG 29
Ashura Public Holiday
SEP 6 Defense Day Observance
SEP 21 Navaratri Hindu Holiday
SEP 22 September equinox Season
SEP 30 Dussehra Hindu Holiday
OCT 19 Diwali/Deepavali The national holiday, Hinduism
OCT 29
Eid Milad un-Nabi* Public Holiday
NOV 9 Iqbal Day Optional Holiday
DEC 21 December Solstice Season
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Observance
DEC 25 Christmas Day Public Holiday
DEC 25 Quaid-e-Azam Day Public Holiday
DEC 26 Day After Christmas Public Holiday
DEC 31 New Year’s Eve Observance

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