Pak Navy Pay Scale Ranks/salary 2024 All Updates

There are various ranks in the Pakistan Navy that are offered to those who wish to join depending on their capabilities. Each rank is given to a trustworthy and reputable candidate who is able to fulfill all the duties with grace and also be punctual.

If you are a student and want to join the Pak Navy, positions are advertised twice per year. Candidates who are willing to apply for this position easily. After a person has joined this field, they can rise in rank by working all day and night. That individual must fulfill his duties with heart and soul, and with a full heart and dedication.

There are various ranks within the Pakistan Navy that are offered for individuals to be a part of the Navy in accordance with their requirements. Pak Navy Pay Scale Ranks/salary, Every rank is provided to a mature and responsible candidate who is able to fulfill all responsibilities in a professional manner and also be punctual. For students who wish to join the Pak Navy, the positions are advertised twice per year.

Those who are interested can apply for this position easily. After a person has joined this field, they can rise in standing by working hard all day and night. That person has to perform his work with heart and soul, and with all passion and enthusiasm. A rank with four stars is the top grade in the Pakistan Navy and is selected by the president after the endorsement of the Prime Minister.

Pak Navy Pay Scale Ranks/salary 2024

This page will provide you with the salary of civilians in the navy in 2024. This is the perfect match for things that are related to civilian apprenticeship wages. The Salary is determined as per the scale set by the government. It will also demonstrate the rank. The allowances are determined on different bases (assistant the new salary in the navy). The following page provides an idea of the civilian apprentice wages in the Pakistan navy.

You are able to become a part of the department and serve in this division of the Pakistan Navy as a civilian and also. On this page, you’ll receive complete and detailed information regarding this Pakistan Navy Civilian Salary Pay Scale as well as their rank allowances.

All civilians are eligible to work in this department and can be granted grade scales ranging from BPS16 to 19. In the beginning, you’ll be aware of the various jobs that are open to Pakistan Navy Civilian officers. Civilians and citizens of Pakistan are able to register themselves in any or more of the departments.

A lot of people would like a place in the Pak Navy but now they are looking for the Pak Navy Pay Scale/Salary 2024. A lot of the titles in this department include Midshipman, Sublieutenant Lieutenant Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Captain, Commander, Rear Admiral, Commodore Vice Admiral, Admiral of Fleet, and many more.

Therefore, all posts and designations are distinct. Thus, when candidates choose the designation, they pay the payment each month. Furthermore, the designation and pay scales are based on rank. However, all jobs are contingent upon your qualifications. Take a look and learn more about Pak Navy Pay Scale Ranks/salary 2024.

Rank Pay Scale Salary
Midshipman BPS-17 35,000 – 50,000 Rupees
SUB LIEUTENANT BPS-17 50,000 – 60,000 Rupees
LIEUTENANT BPS-17 70,000 – 80,000 Rupees
LIEUTENANT COMMANDER BPS-18 80,000 – 90,000 Rupees
COMMANDER BPS-18 100,000 – 115,000 Rupees
CAPTAIN BPS-19 150,000 – 160,000
COMMODORE BPS-20 170,000 – 180,000
REAR ADMIRAL BPS-21 200,000 – 250,0000 Rupees
VICE ADMIRAL BPS-22 Will Available Soon
ADMIRAL BPS- Apex Will Available Soon

Pak Navy Pay Scale Ranks/salary

  • Assistant (BPS-15)
  • Photographer (BPS-13)
  • Data Entry Operatory (BPS-12)
  • LDC (BPS-09)
  • Telephone Operator (BPS-09)
  • Senior Proof Reader (BPS-07)
  • Naib Qasid (BPS-01)
  • Sanitary Worker (BPS-01)
  • Mali (BPS-01)

Pak Navy Sub Lieutenant Salary

A majority of people are considering their Pak Navy Sub Lieutenant Salary. The pay scale for him is BPS-17, and his pay range is between 50,000 and 60,000 Rupees. However, every year the government increases his pay and provides them with additional facilities. Some people believe that only Navy officers receive their salary and they also get the rest of the services provided by the government, like health centers, and other.

Pak Navy Assistant BPS 15 Salary

People who find that the Pak Navy Assistant BPS 15 Salary is listed in the table. The assistant gets all the facilities from the department. They also have the same rank as the employees.

Estimated Salary:

In the next section, we present to you the estimated salary packages for Navy Officers. This estimate of salary is only an average salary since there are other allowances offered by the Government of Pakistan to its active Navy Officers.

  • Admiral Rs. 45,000+
  • Vice Admiral Rs. 40,000+
  • Rear Admiral Rs. 36,000+
  • Captain Rs. 32,000+
  • Commander Rs. 28,000+
  • Lieutenant Commander Rs. 24,000+
  • Lieutenant Rs. 20,000+
  • Sub Lieutenant Rs. 16,000+
  • Midshipman Rs. 12,000+
  • Lower Division Clerk Salary in Pakistan Navy

    Many civilians are interested to join the Navy as Lower Division Clerk salary Pakistan Navy while ass per certain online sources, the salary of a lower division clerk is about 15000 rupees however that’s not verified.

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