Muqeem Arrival Online Registration 2024

The complete Procedure of Muqeem Arrival Online Registration 2024 can be found in this post. Muqeem Arrival registration and information about the Muqeem Arrival Scheme and the ability to check the status of Muqeem Arrival Registration 2024 are the major aspects of this article. For those who are going for a trip to Saudi Arabia and looking for residency, then fill out this form Muqeem Arrival Registration in 2024 prior to departure from the country.

Muqeem Arrival Online Registration 2024

Saudi Arabia has been opened to foreign tourists and it’s now possible to travel there. You should still be aware and follow the rules of the country you are visiting. Saudi Arabia has removed the obligation to get vaccines PCR as well as quarantine. The result is that visitors who aren’t inoculated, are now able to travel to the kingdom. Saudi Arabia is a popular tourist destination for those looking to make memories that last for a lifetime.

Muqeem Arrival Online Registration 2024 Given Below

Muqeem Arrival Online Registration 2024

Muqeem Online Registration 2024. The release of COVID-19 restrictions has allowed travelers to visit Saudi Arabia once more. arrival. Muqeem Registration Link for getting from Saudi Arabia.

Muqeem Registration Vaccine is a check at the time of departure for Vaccinated or non-vaccinated travelers. Tourists and experts looking to travel to Saudi Arabia must complete an entry registration form prior to when they leaving. Saudi Arabia has now been exempt from COVID-19’s restrictions. This makes it a desirable destination.

Muqeem Registration for OFW Eligibility

If you are interested in registering yourself on the Muqeem Arrival Platform? Muqeem Arrival Platform then you have to be a resident outside of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You must read all the details on the requirements for residents who are vaccinated.

  • The applicant must have a vaccination certificate i.e. Immune First Dose or Immune by recuperation.
  • It is essential to upload all the details prior to leaving your country. up to 72 hours
  • Insert real details Personal, Passport details, etc. If you do not fill in the correct information, it could result in the rejection of your application.
  • Women and minor Children must be registered as a companion to the applicant.
  • Local workers who work for employers should be recognized as potential applicants.
  • The applicant must download Tawakkalna Application. Tawakkalna Application for registration and its purpose.

How to Apply for Arrival Registration on Muqeem

This article will describe how to register through the Muqeem Arrival website. We’ve posted step-by-step directions for the registration process for arrivals on Muqeem!

  • To begin, visit Muqeem’s official site. Muqeem ( Click here)
  • Second, choose either “Non-Vaccinated Resident” or “Vaccinated Resident”
  • Thirdly, add the following information: Iqama Number/Date of Birth/Flight Number, and Date of Arrival.
  • Fourthly, select the departure destination and the type of Airline, and then select the name of the Hotel.
  • Finally, choose those People that you trust. Sign the agreement and click submit.
  • Official Website

Muqeem’s arrival registration in Saudi Arabia 2024

Saudi Arabia has lifted all of its travel restrictions via air. Travelers can easily book hotel rooms, which allows international flights in as well as out of the Kingdom to resume for the vast majority of travelers. Expats and travelers who are traveling toward Saudi Arabia are required to fill out an application for arrival before departure from the kingdom.

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Muqeem’s arrival registration for visitors

Visitors and residents from outside the United States traveling toward Saudi Arabia are require to sign up in advance of their arrival prior to leaving the kingdom. Registration for arrival is mandatory and must be completed via Muqeem, the online portal. Muqeem (Quddum Platform).

Interactive Comprehensive charges for the Muqeem package: Fees(SAR)
Information Update 60
Resident Entry permit for Mecca 50
Iqama Printing 15
Postal Packages 30
Visa extension 50
Muqeem report 25
Extend ER visa 90
Final exit visa is grant during the probationary period 60

Iqama Holders Vaccinated

In order to register for vaccinated Iqama holders via qudoom online platform;

  • Be sure that you confirm the vaccination status in conjunction with Tawakkalna. If not, the site will show an error “The residents are not protected to Tawakkalna information, please sign up as not a vaccinated resident”.
  • Open:
  • Click on the button for Vaccinated Resident.
  • Enter your Iqama Number.
  • Choose to enter the birthday date in accordance with Iqama.
  • Select the dependents who are accompanying you.
  • You must agree to these terms and conditions and click on the ” Submit” button.

Non-Vaccinated Iqama holder

If you’re not vaccinate against COVID-19 then the above requirements are require. In addition, you’ve met the requirements below Non-Vaccinated persons must be vaccinate prior to leaving. You can find below the registration procedure. Let’s begin browsing through the steps to register for Vaccinated and non-vaccinated residents!To complete Muqeem Registration online for immunized Iqama holders from Saudi Arabia;

  • Open:
  • Click on “Not Vaccinated Resident”.
  • Enter your Iqama Number.
  • Choose your day of birth in accordance with Iqama.
  • Choose the type of Institutional Quarantine: Hotel or Home Shelter.
  • Quarantine Place: Choose your Hotel’s name.
  • Select the dependents that are with you.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on the ” Submit” button.
  • Non-vaccinated passengers will be subject.

Muqeem Iqama Expiry Date

Saudi Arabia has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions which makes it a desirable destination. Saudi Arabia has removed the requirements for vaccinations PCR as well as quarantine. It means that travelers who are not inoculated can now visit the Kingdom. This is to the delight of those who want to visit Saudi Arabia, travel bans from several nations were lifted. You are able to read about Muqeem’s entry into Saudi Arabia for Vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

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