Most Common Questions In Interviews Of FPSC CSS PMS

In this blog, you will find the most common questions in interviews of FPSC which are asked from participants. this post will be helpful to you for success in the final interview for fpsc for any desired job. these questions are the most common for any government job in Pakistan. written exam. For instance, for an FPSC job the written test is given the equivalent of 50 marks to be considered in the final selection, whereas an interview has 100 marks. However, typically, in an FPSC interview, there are 200 marks, and the written tests are 100 marks. Based on my own personal experience and observations I will share what I believe is required to be ready in case of an interview.

Most Common Questions In Interviews Of FPSC

Most Common Questions In Interviews Of FPSC
Most Common Questions In Interviews Of FPSC

Most Common Questions In Interviews Of CSS PMS

My assessment is based upon my firsthand experience, which I gained by participating in a CSS interview and 2 PMS interviews, and a few interviews with PPSC/FPSC, including interviews for the assistant director Intelligence Bureau, Assistant Director Anti-Corruption, Assistant Director Civil Defense, Labor Officer and the Labor Inspector and Excise Inspector YPIP interview at State Bank of Pakistan and interviews for assistant posts in Foreign Office. Additionally, I had the pleasure of hearing interviews of CSS/PMS/PPSC/FPSC of a few successful friends. Interviews play a significant aspect in the selection process. No matter whether the job is done by PPSC, FPSC, or through Departmental Selection Process, the interview is always an important factor in the final decision. With the exception of CSS and PMS for all recruitments typically interviews carry more marks and significance than the

Most Common Questions in 2024 FPSC Interviews

Q: School system in Pakistan.
Question: SECP: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is an independent agency whose mission is to create an efficient and modern financial sector and capital market that is based on sound regulations, to promote economic expansion and growth in Pakistan.
of Pakistan. in Pakistan
Q Do new provinces need to be created?
Q: Should the strength of women be increased in NA?
Q: What’s the significance of the 19th amendment
Q: South China Sea dispute?
Q: How can we reform in Police
Q. Strait of Hormuz Blockade
Q: Is the government achieving its alfalfa culture?
Q: Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and Shar shah Suri. How ghaznavi better?
Q: Taiwan Strait?
Q: Taliban present status in Afghanistan What is the reason the US is in negotiations?
Q: TAPI Details
Q: The chiefs of the tribe and politicians will attempt to influence your decisions. What would you do?
Q: What is the Transformer?
Question: UN Its purpose and its entities?
Q: US Ambassador in Pakistan?
Do you think the policies that were enacted by Akbar e Azam were either good or not?
Q: What is the difference between the gains and losses that will make a “front line” state?
What are the national interests? How are these projected?
Q: What are the reasons for being disqualified from 28 legislators?
Q What are the causes of brain drain?
Q Can we take action to end American Dictation?
What difference could you create?

Most Common Questions in FPSC Interviews about Poverty.

Q: What do you think of BISP?
Q What is Amnesty International and how is it working?
Q What is the black economy?
Q: What is bonafied , and what is malafied.
Q: What exactly is community police?
Q: What’s the current account?
Q: What exactly is defamation?
What is Freelance? Journalist.
How do I calculate the GDP growth rate?
Q: What’s happening in Somalia

Most Common Questions in FPSC Interviews about Environment & Health.

Q: What exactly is climate change?
Q: What do you mean by Green Economy?
Q: What exactly is HIV?
Q: What is the Mayanmar issue?
Q: What is the definition of money laundering?
Q: What’s the News of the world?
Q: What is NPT?
Q: What exactly do you mean by the Occupy Wall Street movement?
Q: What exactly is PPRA?
Q What is provincial autonomy?
Q What is public concern and how is policy developed.?

Most Common Questions in FPSC Interviews about Foreign Policy.

Q Which is Qatar Situation?
Q: What is the scoop?
Q: What is sensationalisation?
Q: What exactly are Slander and Libel?
Q: What’s the difference between START-I(1991) and START-II(1993)?
Q: What is the strait to Hormuz as well as what’s its significance?
Question: What’s the structure of Parliament?
Q What’s the procedure to choose the senator?
Q What is the goal of the World Economic Forum
Q: What are the steps necessary to empower women?
Q What was the Lucknow agreement, the Nehru report, and the basic reason behind the Nehru report?
Q: What is the objective resolution?

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