Online Apply For FPSC Jobs 2023 Complete procedure from A to Z

Online Apply For FPSC Jobs 2023.

Online Apply For FPSC Jobs 2023.
Online Application Procedure For FPSC Jobs 2023.

Federal Public Service Commission is a federal agency where you can online apply for FPSC jobs 2023. The Government of Pakistan is responsible for the recruitment of civil servants and bureaucrats to the Government of Pakistan. In 1926, the British colonial regime established the Public Service Commission for the first time. The provision of the Government of Pakistan Act made it possible to establish the commission in Pakistan after independence.

Legal Status of The Biggest Government jobs Commission (FCPS).

The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan provides that the commission operates under article 242 of its current statutes. In its work, the commission has been granted autonomy under the Rules of Business 1973 and FPSC Regulations 1978. Administrative and, in some cases, legal powers have been granted to the commission. The FPSC, a government branch of the Government of Pakistan is responsible for recruiting government employees and administrators to the Government of Pakistan. The Federal Public Service Commission currently takes a look at article No. 242 of the constitution. FPSC has been faithful in fulfilling its obligations since the day it was established. This is why every resident of Pakistan has faith in this government agency.

FPSC Jobs Application Process For Existing Government Employees.

FPSC Lead Test for contract workers in different Federal Government departments. FPSC is the Federal Public Service Commission. Its official website is This site has FPSC Jobs 2023 which were announced in Daily Jang. Also, FPSC Upcoming jobs 2023 will be accessible on this page. This is a trying association that was set up by the Government of Pakistan to select civil servants and government workers in different departments of the Federal Government of Pakistan. FPSC Latest Jobs 2023 were reported only once in multi-monthly for the seven-day period. FPSC also distributed 12 advertisements by paper.

FPSC Jobs Application Fee.

FPSC encourages occupations on the first Sunday of each month, and it gives candidates 15 days to apply for vacant positions. For example, Rs. 300/- for PS-14, 16 & 17, Rs. 750/ – for BS-18 and Rs. 1200/ – for BS-19. Rs. 1500/ – For BS-20.

The members and the chairman make up the commission. The President of Pakistan appoints the chairman at his discretion under Article 242(IA) of the Constitution of Pakistan (1973). The president appoints the members on the advice of the Prime Minister, Pakistan. The secretary assists the commission and acts as a link between the secretariat, the commission, and the agencies.

Step By Step Procedure To Online Apply For FPSC Jobs.

Take Printout
Tracking ID
Guidelines for Online Application
Edit/Update Application
Exam/Test Centre

Caution 1: Online applications can only be edited once before the closing date to correct any errors or omissions.
Caution 2: Any subsequent claims to experience that were not made in an online form are treated as afterthoughts and an attempt at becoming eligible. If they are from a private entity, such subsequent claims will not be accepted.
Caution 3: All information submitted via the online application will be considered final.

Hard Copy Of FPCS Job Application:

FPSC does not require a hard copy or copy of any application.
Candidates should keep the printed online application for their records.

Do not send Treasury Receipts to FPSC. It should be kept in safe custody by the applicant and must be presented at screening.

Online applications submitted without a required qualification, experience, religion, domicile, etc. Fake/bogus/test online application submissions can cause serious problems for applicants in the future.

Contact the following number for technical assistance with Applying Online during office hours Monday through Friday: 051-111000-248

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