Mandatory Attendance Percentage For College Students 2024 To Appear In Exam

Department of Colleges has made a Mandatory Attendance Percentage For College Students of 2024 is 70% to be able to take the test. A letter has been sent in which it is stated that students are not permitted to sit for their examinations when they don’t satisfy the requirements of attendance requirements.

Mandatory Attendance Percentage For College Students 2024 To Appear In Exam

The college secretary has stated that the new rule is applicable to all Government Colleges of the province. According to sources, the department has given the principals and teachers at the colleges to take action to implement the rule and to bind students.

Mandatory Attendance Percentage For College Students 2024

The teachers and principals of the colleges should confer students with certificates and require they have to attend the classes and satisfy the requirements. The inability to meet the requirements can result in them not being able to sit for the tests. check also FC College Admission 2024 

The winter break for the last week of December for all nursing and medical institutions was extended. The public and private universities in the province be reopening on the 9th of January in 2024. The decision to prolong the winter break was made due to the decrease in temperatures in the province. Students need to achieve 70% attendance in order to sit in the examinations.

Exam and Attendance Policy

  • The regular monthly tests are conducted throughout the academic year, for all classes in the Intermediate and Degree levels. Every year, the Pre-Board, as well as Pre-University Exams, are conducted in the academic session.
  • Participation in lectures and practicals is required.
  • The consequences of non-attendance are fines. However, regardless of the penalty for absentees any student who has below 75% of attendance any month will be taken off the college rolls instantly.
  • If a student is who is absent for five consecutive days or for five consecutive weeks of lectures in a single subject without permission will be taken off the college rolls.
  • If a student is found to be using untrue methods during the monthly college tests as well as other college examinations is likely to be kicked out of the college.
  • In the case of late admission, attendance is taken into account from the start of the session, and not on the day of admission, in accordance with Board regulations. The student shall be accountable for any shortage in attendance if there is any.
  • A student will be struck off the college rolls at any stage if he/she is not up to the required standard in Pre-Board/Pre-University Exams, Monthly Tests, or Attendance Records.

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