LAT Exam Pattern 2024 Syllabus & Sample Papers Download Online

The Law Entrance Test (LAT) Test is a test for students who are looking to be law school graduates and are currently in the field of law. It is administered by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan administers tests called the Law Admission Test (LAT) for the five-year program of the Bachelor of Laws in public and private universities as well as the affiliated college. Both private and public colleges and universities accept this test.LAT Exam Pattern is given below.

Admission cards, exam results as well as a syllabus and sample exams are required for the HEC Law Entry Test Exam. Students taking the LAT 2024 examination must pass the entrance test in order to be able to apply to be admitted. The date for the exam is declared. As we all are aware, based on this, preparing for an exam begins by understanding the syllabus and model.

So, in this article, we’ll explain the test mode of LAT. Be sure to read this article attentively to understand the new format of LAT as well as create an annual LLB study plan to prepare for you to pass your Law Entrance Examination (LAT). Check out this site for updates regarding the LAT Exam Pattern along with sample files and MCQs that have been resolved.

LAT Exam Pattern

While the departments offering it offer HEC post-testing, a lot of undergraduate degree programs also offer admissions applications. In accordance with the Supreme Court’s decision, applicants who want to be admitted to law schools must pass an exam in law.

LAT Exam Pattern 2024 Syllabus & Sample Papers Download Online

LAT Test Past Papers pdf Download

Take a look at this article attentively in light of LAT’s new pattern and make a study plan for your Law Admission Test (LAT) for five years of the LLB program. Check this page regularly for information on LAT Exam Model 2024 syllabus., Sample papers and Solved MCQs.

Law Admission Test HEC LAT Past Papers pdf Free

تمام سالوں کے لیٹ ٹیسٹ کے پاسٹ پیپر اس صفحہ سے صبح اور شام کے لیے مفت ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں۔ تمام ماضی کے حل کے حل شدہ پیپراوراضافی مواد کے ساتھ جو آن لائن ڈاؤن لوڈ یا دیکھے جا سکتے ہیں۔

LAT is a prerequisite for admission to the 5-year LL.B study program. It is now a requirement for applicants to law colleges or law schools who want to pursue careers in law and legal affairs.

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LAT Morning Past Papers Download
HEC LAT Pat Papers Evening Download
LAT Test Preparation Book Pdf Download

Hec Lat Syllabus 2024

Type of Questions Marks Nature of Questions
Essay (either in English or Urdu) 15 200 words maximum
Personal Statement (either in English or Urdu) 10 200 words maximum
MCQs: English 20 Synonyms/Antonyms/Prepositions, Grammer
MCQs: General Knowledge 20 Current Affair, GK, History
MCQs: Islamic Studies 10 Basic Type MCQs
MCQs: Pakistan Studies 10 MCQs
MCQs: Urdu 10 Vocabulary, Basic
MCQs: Math 05 Basic Math, Operations

HEC LAT Paper Pattern

Writing (200 words) 15 marks
Personal statement, either written in Urdu or English 10 marks
Multiple Choice Questions  10 marks
English (synonyms prepositions and antonyms) 20 marks
General Knowledge 20 marks
Islamic studies 10 marks
Pak Studies 10 marks
Urdu 10 marks
Mathematics 5 marks

LAT Exam Papers Past Papers PDF Download

Our team has gathered the last three years’ worth of previous LAT exams. HEC LAT Previous Year’s Papers. Final Entry Test students who wish to join the 5-year LL.B. program can download and study PDFs.

It was the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, required the LAT test. Students are limited to applying online to take this Lat Test three times. If he fails the test, he will not be eligible for bar admission.

LAT Past Papers Book pdf

Download the LAT Admission Exam PDF Preparation Books 2024 from here online. Also, download Law Admission Test Past Papers, LLB entrance exam guide, and LAT Result.

It is designed in order to assess the aptitude of a student, their attitude towards it, their attitude toward the LLB program, and their suitability to pursue a career in law as a lawyer or consultant, judge, or prosecutor.

Only those who take the LAT test will be eligible for admission into the law department or law school in Pakistan within two years following completion of the test mentioned above. The dates and times will be determined by HECP. These subjects with their evaluations are included within the LAT document.

All candidates are being informed that LAT Past Papers Solved PDF is accessible on the provided below websites. Law candidates are searching for the solved LAT past papers PDF free. Click on the links below to access the LAT Test Past Papers PDF for download.

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