Insaf Taleem Card 2024-23 Launched for Deserving Students in KP

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) cabinet headed by the chief minister (CM) Mahmood Khan, announced the launch of the Insaf Taleem Card for the financial year 2024-23.

The provincial department was authorized to pay the sum of the amount of Rs. 998.5 million in this respect.

The goal of the initiative is to help students at public institutions who are having difficulties paying their monthly or annual costs.

When addressing the cabinet in the cabinet, the CM said that the purpose of the initiative is to offer free education opportunities for students taking classes in government institutions.

Insaf Taleem Card 2024-23 Launched for Deserving Students in KP

Insaf Taleem Card 2024-23

Kamran Bangash, Minister of Higher Education as well as the Special Assistant to Information for CM, Muhammad Ali Saif has declared the launch of the Insaf Taleem Card as the government’s second-largest program after that of the Insaf Sehat Sahulat Card in order to assist a significant number of students.

In addition, the ministers announced that the cabinet had approved the reassessment of tax on the forest on a variety of forest products in order to achieve higher income targets and increase the value of timber in the market.

A retired professor Dr. Syed Subhanullah Shah, was appointed for three years as a Member of Technical (BS-21) of The Environmental Protection Tribunal Peshawar.

KPK Insaf Taleem Card Online Registration

The government of KPK has begun the insaaf Taleem Card Program for students. Education card is a program within the Department of Higher Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under which 2 thousand deserving students will be helped worthy students from all 310 colleges run by the government of the province will receive an education card.

The scheme will be beneficial to students who are enrolled in colleges that are government-run and who face difficulties in paying annual or semester admission fees. As of now, 244 858 students are enrolled at 274 colleges in KP. Following The Insaf Health Convenience Card, the Insaf Education Card is the second most important initiative of the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf provincial government.

The Insaf taleem card was granted to students, who attend our universities are middle or poor class, therefore they pay all expenses starting from the admission fees to tuition fees and their security fund as well as other costs that are paid by part of the tuition and additional fees associated with the board.

It’s an innovative decision by province government officials to offer free education to thousands of students who attend public colleges and commerce schools by means of the Insaaf Education Card, according to which tuition and admission costs have been waived to students in the entire province, which includes those in flood-prone areas.

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