HEC Technology Development Fund 2024 Complete Details

HEC Technology Development Fund 2024 Details are given below. As stated in its mission, the Higher Education Commission’s goal is to “encourage institutions of higher education to serve as engines of socio-economic growth of Pakistan”. In this spirit, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) funded proposals for completed interdisciplinary applied research to prototype development and add tech industrial value. Process or product development based on the results of this research.

HEC envisions helping Pakistan’s productive minds to make a positive impact on the economy by developing new and emerging technologies. This initiative allowed the research ecosystem lied at HEIs/ Universities to be available to the industry with technical and financial assistance (IP Licensing and Commercialization), through academic scientists for solving indigenous industrial problems.

The program has funded over 200 projects that were jointly funded by academia and industry, and more than 160 licenses to industry for mass scale and commercialization. Many of these projects are already generating revenue, which is shared among all stakeholders.

HEC Technology Development Fund 2024 Complete Details Given Below

Objectives of HEC Technology Development Fund

The four major objectives of TDF are:

  • Interaction with industry professionals and researchers from a variety of academic disciplines is key to the advancement of knowledge
  • Excellence is achieved by using knowledge to foster creativity and entrepreneurship for the benefit of students, industry, communities, and others
  • New technologies can add value to goods and services.
  • Extension and exchange of knowledge with entrepreneurs and society are two ways to apply knowledge

The Focus Areas of TDF

The following areas are open for proposals:

  • Climate Change and its Impact on Pakistan’s Socioeconomics (agriculture, food security urban development pollution floods biodiversity conservation, etc.
  • Telecommunication, Information Technology, and Computer Science (applications to government services, health textile, agriculture, milk, etc.
  • Engineering Sciences, Micro Electronics, Water, Power, Energy, and Fleet Management
  • Biotechnology and Allied Fields (in Health, Agriculture, Textile, Leather, & Dairy, etc.
  • Material Sciences/Man-Made Materials (nanotechnology).
  • Robotics, Defense, and Military

Any other discipline has the potential for industrial manufacturing to produce successful products.

HEC Technology Development Fund 2024

Project Duration

Each project covered by the TDF will last no more than two years.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will apply to funding projects:

  • A joint proposal from industry and the university
  • Product/process for interdisciplinary research
  • Problem-based solutions
  • Customer/application identification
  • Competitive analysis, business plan, marketing strategy, and business plan
  • TDF Award

How to Apply For HEC Technology Development Fund?

All interested applicants must submit their research proposals online using the prescribed forms.

Before approving the applications to HEC, the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization/Research Office/Registrar Office of the applicants’ universities will need to first review them.


TDF applications are closed for the last time on 20 December 2024.

Criteria for Eligibility

Faculty members of public and private universities with relevant commercialization partners from industry/investor/private/public sector R&D institutes/spin-offs/startups at leading incubation centers or accelerators.

These proposals must be jointly academia-industry, cross-disciplinary, and multi-institutional. They should lead to products or services that solve an industry/ society problem or open up new business opportunities that result in positive cashflows.

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