Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List 1st 2nd 3rd

Fast Entry Test Result and Merit List 2023 for BBA, BCS, CS, MS(AF), MBA, MCS, M. Phil, and Ph.D. programs can be accessed online on this page. An official announcement has been released to announce the FAST entry test results in 2023 which includes BS, BBA, MS as well as PhD programs. Candidates can verify their scores via email or the ARN. Candidates can check their results through email or ARN. FAST UniversityCheck the Fast entry test Admission July 2023 Result to Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Chiniot was released on July 26, which took place in the month of July.The long-awaited Fast Entry Admission Test July 2023 Result will be announced and will bring excitement and anticipation for the aspiring students from Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Chiniot. This article focuses on the most important information about the results that are expected to be announced providing information on the admission process, crucial deadlines, as well as how candidates can easily access their scores.

Fast entry test result 2023 merit list 1st 2nd 3rd

Latest Updates on 26 July

The Fast University Merit List 2023 is announced on 26 July 2023

Fast-entry test result 2023 With Updated Merit Lists Given Below


FAST Entry Test Total Marks 2023

There are 100 marks total for the test and passing must be at least 60 percent of them. If the admissions for the first Merit List are finished on the 31st day of the month, another Merit List will be posted.

FAST Entry Test Result 2023

Fast University Admission Test Schedule

Fast University admission Test schedule given in the table Below

 Admission Schedule 2023 BBA,BS
Admission Application Submission Dates Jun 3 – Jul 15 Jun 3 – Jul 15
Admission Tests Jul 13 – 22 Jul 13 – 22
Declaration of test qualified candidates Jul 25 Jul 25
Interviews –—– Jul 27
Admission Formalities Aug 1 – 12 Aug 1 – 12
Commencement of classes Aug 15 Aug 15

Fast Entry Test Result 2023

Candidates who fail the entrance test are not admitted to this school. The affirmation policy, the deadline for application, and the requirements for confirmation are all listed on this page. If the authority is announced in 2023, we’ll publish this page with the FAST List of merits for FAST University for 2023 on this site. Follow the link to access the FAST University Result 2023 on the internet.

Only those who can pass the test for admission to the university will be eligible to apply for admission into the university and continue their studies. If not, they must apply for admission to other universities. It is possible to examine this FAST National University Admission Entry Test Results 2023 and the List of the candidates selected on this page. However, first, the university’s administration department officials will announce it, so keep an eye on this page.

Check Result

FAST University 2023 Result

Candidates who fail to pass this university’s entrance exam will not be admitted. Here you will find the affirmation plan, application deadlines, and qualifications for confirmation. As soon as we have the authority, this website will be updated with the FAST University merit list for 2023. Click the link to see the FAST University Result 2023 online.

How To Check Fast Entry Test Result 2023

Steps are Given to check Fast university Test Result

  • Visit the official site
  • This merit list will then be shown by the type of test that you asked for.
  • You were select for the appropriate degree program if you’ve been chosen.
  • It would help if you visited the institution where you made your application with the original documents and a bank draft.
  • If the wait list is not available, you will have to wait until the merit list that will be released next (s)
  • If you are not selected, you’re not chosen and must apply for next year.

Check Online

Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List Check

FAST National University FAST-NU Admission results 2023 and merit list of BBA, BCS MBA and MCS programs can be viewed online at Students interested in admission to Humanities, Natural Sciences, Software engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Management Sciences must wait until the final merit lists are available. Soon, the merit lists for all campuses in Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Islamabad will be available. These points will allow students to check their merit lists. Keep checking back for information on FAST University Merit List 2023.

Important Instructions For Checking Results

  1. Results will be present depending on the type of test you completed, i.e. nu test, nts, gat and sat.
  2. Select means you have been selected for the appropriate degree program. You must go to the campus with the original documents and the bank draft. The amount of your bank draft will be displayed on the result page. You will also get a letter but don’t wait for it. Sometimes due to problems with address, letters cannot be sent on time, so be sure to make sure you visit the campus with your urgent bank draft
  3. Waiting means that you must wait until the next merit list(s).
  4. If you are not selected, this means that you were not selected and must apply again next year.
  5. Fast does not offer the spring semester, and applicants who are not granted admission to the program will need to apply for admission next year during the fall intake.
  6. There are cases in which people leave seats, in which case no merit list of merit for the degree program on the campus will be shown, and the status of the students’ waiting list will be changed to not selected in the following List.

Results could be released at any point. There is no set a date for when it will be announced. Make sure to check results can be released at any time, as late as 06.00 pm.

Fast Entry Test Merit List 2023

Most students think that intermediate and matriculation marks are not crucial, and they believe that if they can pass the admission tests, their marks will be enough to be admitted, but this isn’t the case. Students must be able to pass every subject and must be required to have a minimum of 80 percent marks in the intermediate.
Students who don’t have admission test results want to verify the merit list first in the morning session. These students aren’t eligible.
Students who have passed the admission tests can score good scores in intermediate and matriculation with their particular subject. These can be eligible to apply and check their names on the merit lists.

How To Check FAST Merit List 2023

  1. When you are checking your result, please pay attention to the following.
  2. The test type you used will determine the outcome.
  3. Select the means that you have been chosen to complete your degree program. You will now need to bring original documents and a bank draft. You will also see the amount of the bank draft on the result page. A letter will be sent to you. But don’t wait. Sometimes, letters due to address issues are delayed. Take your bank draft to campus immediately.
  4. Waiting is when you wait for the next merit list to be published.
  5. You will not be selected and you must apply next year.
  6. Fast does not offer spring semester admission. If denied, applicants will need to apply next year for fall intake.
  7. Rarely, individuals may be unable to leave their seats. In these cases, there will not be a merit list available for the degree program. The status of those still waiting will change from Not Selected to the next list.
  8. You can view your results by logging into the Merit List 2023 (Selected Candidates) to see them. On Saturday, August 25, 2023 (Saturday), will be the entrance test for MS(AF), MBA and MS (AF). The entrance test will be held on campus.List of Fast University Merit List 2020
  9. For any questions, contact the nearest campus. Applicants for the SAT should bring their results to the nearest campus.

Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List Online

According to reports, the offers the merit list of all the campuses located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Chiniot-Faisalabad. Visit this page regularly for the latest news.
Check Merit List

How do I download FAST merit Lists?

1. For the FAST-NUCES Lahore Undergraduate Programs Merit List, visit
2. Only undergraduate programs have been awarded merit lists (both NU/NTS).
3. Candidates selected by NTS/NAT should submit paperwork and pay by Mon.

FAST University Merit List 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd

They have announced the test results, and the students are reviewing the merit list, but until the moment, they haven’t announced the merit list. In addition, according to the admission calendars, they will announce the merit list for the first time on July 25 2023, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
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1st Merit List

1st Merit List

They’ll prepare the merit list first for applicants who have scored the highest marks during the entrance test and in previous classes. If your name is include in the Fast Entry Test Result 2023 merit list, your admission will be confirmed. But the case your name doesn’t appear on the merit list, then you must wait for the next merit list. They release the merit list for two and three List.

2nd Merit list

2nd Merit List

They will release the second merit list after the release of the first merit list. Candidates who are not on the first merit list must check their names on this merit list since often they don’t satisfy the requirements of the merit list, and they are listed in the merit list of the second one.

3rd Merit list

3rd Merit List

They will release the second merit list after the release of the first merit list. Candidates who did not appear in the first merit list should be able to check their names from this merit list since there are times when they don’t meet the requirements of the merit list, and they will be included on the second merit list. Stay connected to this page to get the most up-to-date information on Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

MS (Civil Engineering) Merit list Download
MS (Computer Networks and Security) Merit list Download
MS (Computer Science) Merit list Download
MS (Data Science) Merit list Download
MS (Electrical Engineering) Merit list Download
MS (Management Sciences) Merit list Download
MS (Mathematics) Merit list Download
MS (Software Engineering) Merit list Download
MS (Software Project Management) Merit listv Download
PhD (Civil Engineering) Merit list Download
PhD (Computer Science) Merit list Download
PhD (Electrical Engineering) Merit list Download
PhD (Management Sciences) Merit list Download
PhD (Mathematics) Merit list Download
PhD (Software Engineering) Merit list Download
Bachelor of Business Administration Merit list Download
BS (Accounting & Finance) Merit list Download
BS (Artificial Intelligence) Merit list Download
BS (Business Analytics) Merit list Download
BS (Civil Engineering) Merit list Download
BS (Computer Science) Merit list Download
BS (Cyber Security) Merit list Download
BS (Data Science) Merit list Download
BS (Electrical Engineering) Merit list Download
BS (Internet of Things) Merit list Download
BS (Robotics) Merit list Download
BS (Software Engineering) Merit list Download
Master of Business Administration Merit list Download
MS (Applied Linguistics) Merit list Download
MS (Artificial Intelligence) Merit list Download
MS (Business Analytics) Merit list Download

FAST-NU Merit List 2023

Many students have difficulty finding their results on the official site. It is possible that your result will not be posted on the official website. Here you will find quick admission results, merit list in spring or autumn, self-finance merits lists, waiting lists reserved seat merit lists, and other information, both morning and night.

FAST Entry Test Total Marks

The test has 100 marks total and to pass it is required to score at least 60. If the admissions for the first Merit List are finished on December 31, another Merit List will be posted. The only exception is Lahore CS; it has been noticed over the past five years when there was another merit list.

Fast Entry Test Date 2023

FAST national universities are open to students of all ages. Applications must be submitted by 13 June 2023 to 17 July 2023. Written tests will be conducted by the Fast national university’s highly-skilled management regarding applicants to 2023 programs.

Please be aware dear students noting that nu test marks do not identical to NTS marks

  • If the test is based on nu test, the aggregate will be determined as follows: 50 Part 1 marks 50% combined FSC Marks and 50 nu Test Marks. The aggregate will be used to determine what merit list is required for the nu.
  • Every campus will decide on the cut-off merits for applicants on the basis of NTS scores. If a university determines to use 72 as the cut-off score that means all students who achieved 72 on NTS examinations will be chosen.
  • The applicants will be awarded distinct merits on the basis of NTS or nu-tests. Due to the limited amount of seats available to NTS applicants, NTS merit can be very high.

FAST Merit Calculator

The probability that this will happen is very unlikely; however, even if it happens, the reduction in merit is small, just as was the case last year, when it was lowered from 65.97 to 65.97.

FAST Entry Test Result 2023 and Merit Lists

Only Undergraduate Programs have received Merit Lists (NU and NTS). People will then be able to inquire about the second merit list. It will be available after 31st March. Except for Lahore CS, the 2nd merit lists will be available on most campuses. The chances of posting 2nd merit are low.

1st Merit List 2nd Merit List-cut off
Islamabad CS-64



A&F- 50

Islamabad EE-60




Karachi CS-56



Karachi EE-47



Peshawar EE-50


Peshawar EE-45


Faisalabad CS-50




Lahore Campus CS-67-68

EE – 66-66.5

CV – 63.5-64



Lahore campus EE-65.5





Fast Entry Test Marks And Syllabus

  • Physics: 20%
  • Analytical Skills & IQ: 20%
  • English: 10%
  • Adv. Math: 40%
  • Basic Math: 10%

How do I find FAST merit list?

1. Visit to see the Undergraduate Programs Merit List at FAST-NUCES Lahore.
2. The merit lists have been published for undergraduate programs (NU and NTS).
3. Candidates who were chosen by NTS/NAT must submit their required documents and payments on or before (Mon)

Punjab University Result 2023 Merit List

Students, write a note in the comment box if you are having trouble going through your FAST university Merit list. Whatever the case, we’ll be there to help you.

FAST University fee structure Per Semester

On the official site,, Many applicants cannot find their results and the fee structure Per Semester. If you receive your results, it could be a crush on the website. Fast-NU Results for every BCS, BSIT, BSSE, MCS, MIT, BBA, MBA, and PhD program are available at our site to help you with this. Therefore, to be current, visit this site.

Programs Admission and Tuition Fees Fee Per Semester
MBA Rs. 15,000/ Rs. 7,000 per credit hr Rs. 7,000 per Credit hr
MS/Ph.D Rs. 15,000/ Rs. 7,000 per credit hr Rs. 7,000 per Credit hr
BBA/BS Rs. 15,000/ Rs. 6,300 per credit hr Rs. 93,000


What is the passing marks for the FAST University entry test?

There are no fixed passing marks for the FAST University entry test. The minimum qualifying marks for a particular program are determined by the merit list, which is prepared by taking into account the candidate’s performance in the entry test and their intermediate (part-1) marks. In general, however, a candidate must score at least 60% in the entry test to be considered for admission.

Is the FAST entry test hard?

The FAST entry test is a challenging exam, but it is not impossible to pass. The test covers a wide range of topics, including mathematics, English, and general knowledge. To prepare for the test, it is important to study the syllabus and practice answering questions from previous years’ papers.

How long is the FAST University entry test?

The FAST University entry test is two hours long. The test consists of four sections: analytical skills/IQ, English, basic math, and advanced math. Each section has a different time limit, as follows:

  • Analytical skills/IQ: 20 minutes
  • English: 15 minutes
  • Basic math: 10 minutes
  • Advanced math: 40 minutes

What is the last date to apply for FAST University in 2023?

The last date to apply for FAST University in 2023 is August 15, 2023. Applications can be submitted online through the FAST University website.

Contact Details

Lahore Campus  Faisalabad-Chiniot Campus Islamabad Campus Peshawar Campus Karachi Campus
National University Block-B, Faisal Town Fast Chowk (9 Kilometer from motorway interchange towards Chiniot AK Brohi Road, H-11/4 Hayatabad Industrial Estate2 Shah Latif Town National Highway
Phone #  042-111-128-128 Phone Number (041) 111-128-128 Tel # (021)111-128-128 Phone Number- (091) 111-128-128 Phone # (021) 111-128-128
Fax# 042-35165232

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