Face To Face EASTE Training Module-ll Notification 2024

Quaid-e-Azam Educational Development Academy QAED Punjab will conduct 6 days of face-to-contact EASTE course-ll training for District Subject Experts (DSEs) as part of the school-based CPD for PSTS beginning on the 27th Feb 2024 until the 23rd of March in 2024 at QAED Punjab, Wahdat Road, Lahore.

The 100-strong list of DSEs was released and distributed to all involved DSEs. The 100 district Subject Experts (DSEs) will provide five days of face-to-face EASTE education on module-ll for assistant education officers (AEOs) according to their schedules at District QAEDs within the 36 Districts in Punjab.

  • Batch-l:6th March 2024 to 10th March 2024
  • Batch-II;13th March 2024 to 17th March 2024

Therefore the Heads of QAED in each District, are asked to take the following steps:

  • It is your responsibility to coordinate with the CEOS to release DSES as well as AEOS from their workplaces/schools to allow the purpose of training.
  • Make sure that 100% of the participants are present at DSES & AEOS during training according to the schedule provided above
  • Allocation of DSES to train AEOS for two classes at District QEDs

The training material to be used in AEOS training and timetable will be distributed via email. The QAED Heads will receive copies of the training material for trainers (DSEs) and attendees (AEOs).

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The Deputy Director-Finance for QAED Punjab will issue the financial guidelines to train AEOS.

Face To Face EASTE Training Module-ll Notification

Face To Face EASTE Training Module-ll Notification 


  1. PS to the Secretary School Education Department.
  2. PS to the Director General, QAED.
  3. PA to the Additional Director General, QAED.
  4. The Deputy Director (Planning), QAED Punjab, Lahore.
  5. The Director Deputy (Admin and Finance), QAED Punjab, Lahore on the request to provide financial guidelines.
  6. The Director’s Deputy QAEDs to ensure strict compliance by QAED Heads of 36 Districts.
  7. The Datacenter in charge, QAED Punjab, Lahore to ensure the presence of TMSor LMS
  8. The Deputy Director (QA. M & E), QAED Punjab, Lahore to develop a system of monitoring to monitor the training.
  9. Office Copy.

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