Digiskills Courses Registration 2024 Online

Digiskills Courses Registration 2024 is now available online. Both males and females from all over Pakistan can apply for Digiskills courses through the online portal before the deadline. The government of Pakistan aims to equip young individuals with digital skills to enable them to earn money online. Those interested in the courses will be granted free admission to the Digiskills online earning programs without any fees. The Digiskills platform is supported by Virtual University Pakistan, providing a range of short skill courses for learning and online earning. Admission to Digiskills courses is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is essential to apply as early as possible for Digiskills Batch 3. The online registration process for Digiskills Batch 3 will commence in October. Each candidate can enroll in up to two short skill courses simultaneously. Candidates applying for the first time are required to take the freelancing courses. DigiSkills students have the option to use either the Digiskills LMS App or visit the website digiskills.pk.

Pakistan is the fourth largest supplier of freelancers online, with an estimated number of registered freelancers online ranging from a few to many thousands. The majority of work is for clients from abroad; consequently, the money they earn is imported into the country predominantly as international money transfers. Although precise information about the money earned by freelancers isn’t available however estimates range from 500 million to 1.3 Billion per year. Digiskills Free Registration For Freelancing Training Courses 2024 For Batch-3 details are given here.

Digiskills Courses Registration 2024 Online

Digiskills Free Registration For Freelancing Training Courses 2024

Digiskills Courses Registration 2024

Digiskills Courses Registration 2024 has been started now.The amount is only one small portion of the potential of the country due to its huge population, growing broadband connectivity, and internet connectivity, as well as educated and young youth as well as thousands of IT graduate and a million or more university students, enrolled, Pakistan can increase the number of freelancers exponentially.

This can help bring significant foreign exchange to the country and, most importantly, it will reduce unemployment, as the amount of new graduates graduating each year is far greater than the number of jobs being made. This huge-scale nationwide Digital Skills (DigiSkills) Training Program was launched across the nation, in order to provide 1 million classes to prepare for what’s to come through technology.

About Digiskills Freelancing Training Courses

massive scale nationwide Digital Skills (DigiSkills) Training Program created in the Ministry of IT and Telecom, has been launched across the nation in order to provide the opportunity to receive one (1) million of training on working in the near future utilizing technology.

The Virtual University of Pakistan has been chosen to implement this massive training program under the aegis of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom through Ignite the National Technology Fund (formerly National ICT R&D Fund). This Digiskills Courses Registration 2024 is aimed at providing our freelancers, youth as well as housewives, and students professionals as well as professionals. with the skills, knowledge tools, and techniques to take advantage of opportunities worldwide on online marketplaces and local markets to make a good income. Check PM Laptop Scheme.

The course focuses on not just acquiring key specializations and knowledge, but also educating regarding the different freelancing opportunities and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship both locally and internationally. Because of the limited opportunities for employment in the current market, it is vital for young workers to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities. This will be achieved through a nationwide plan that will teach the target audience about freelance work and other special capabilities as listed below:

Free Courses for Freelancing Training

The courses are included

  • Freelancing
  • E-Commerce
  • Graphic Design
  • QuickBooks
  • WordPress
  • Creative Writing
  • AutoCAD
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Literacy

Digiskills 2.0 NEW Courses

  • video editing, Vlogging, and Animation
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Communication and Soft Skills

How to register for DigiSkills Freelancing Training Courses

You can register for digiskills free training courses at this link https://digiskills.pk/Register.aspx registration shall start on October 03, 2024.


What’s DigiSkills Training Program?

DigiSkills Training Program is the first Online Training program to equip young people with the skills needed for freelance work. It comprises a variety of online training courses based on skills. The most distinctive feature of this course is that the contents have been specifically designed for a Pakistani audience that speaks a mixture of Urdu and English.

Why should I sign up for this program?

You need to join this course to learn or improve skills that are highly sought-after in freelance markets. These skills will help you to be part of the expanding market for freelancers and earn a living without the need for the perfect job.

What is DigiSkills DigiSkills Training Program a private or government program?

DigiSkills Training Program is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan spearheaded by the Ministry of IT & Telecom through Ignite – National Technology Fund (formerly National ICT R&D Fund) and managed through the Virtual University of Pakistan.

When will enrollments for Batch 03 open?

Enrollment for Batch-03 courses begins on October 3rd, 2024.

Note the enrollment process will be on a First Come First Served basis.

When will the classes begin?

The classes for Batch 03 will begin on November 1, 2024.

Do I need to pay to participate in the training?

There is no cost and the program is provided for free! All you need to do is register for the program and begin learning in a course that is suitable for your needs.

Is there a minimum education requirement to be able to participate in this program?

There isn’t a minimum education requirement for taking the DigiSkills course and we recommend that anyone who is able to write, read and comprehend English enroll in the course to help them build their career as freelancers.

What is the tech-related requirement for this program?

To be able to access DigiSkills, you must have a DigiSkills application, and you must have a reliable Internet connection from home with a laptop or desktop android phone.

You are able to download the mobile app by clicking the following link:

Where can I find this training?

This is an online learning program. When you sign up for this program and sign up for the classes, you will gain access to the DigiSkills Online Learning Management System. In the LMS all videos for the modules and other content that you’re enrolling in will be available.

You are able to access the LMS anywhere such as your office or home all you require is a computer that has Internet connectivity. You can choose to self-pace your training or follow the timetable that will be posted on the Portal.

How do I study?

All videos and learning materials for each module will be made available through the DigiSkills Online Learning Platform. You can choose to self-pace your training or adhere to the timetable that will be posted on the Portal.

I’m already a freelancer Will this course benefit me?

If you’re an independent contractor, you are able to join the DigiSkills training program to gain new techniques to earn more money or increase your portfolio of freelance work by studying with experienced freelancers and experts. The course will surely provide something new and beneficial for freelancers who are already working.

Is this initiative going to offer work to freelancers, or just help them learn?

The program was created to teach people the competencies that are needed in freelance markets. The program will not provide positions to students, but instead, it will provide skill-based courses that will help the trainees to access work from the freelance market.

What is the limit of classes I can attend when summing all my batches?

There are 15 courses being provided in this program. In one session students can attend up to 2 (2) classes. So you will be able to receive training from all 15 courses in eight separate batches. This limit is set in order to ensure that the student can get the most value from the course(s) they’re participating in and are able to take part in discussions, coaching, and assignments.

Do I need professional advice in the selection of the course(s)?    

The course that is best suited to you is based on your interests and, in a way, your prior education. All courses are equally important. The course on Freelancing is required for those who have enrolled at DigiSkills.pk for the very first time. Likewise among the other classes, you can choose any one that you are interested in. Introductions to the course and learning outcomes that are accessible on the website can assist you in deciding.

How do I sign-up and register for the classes that are offered by the program?

You can sign up for this program by visiting
After signing up, you are able to choose to enroll in two courses you wish to take. Freelancing is a compulsory course for trainees who are enrolling for the course(s) for the first time.

Notification: Enrollment opens at least one month in advance of the start of each new batch.

I Have registered through DigiSkills.pk but I’m cannot activate my account?

You can sign in using your email address registered with your current password and generate the activation email to activate your account.

I Have enrolled in classes, but am unable to access the study materials and videos from the course.

The study material for the course videos, study materials, and all associated websites, such as Announcements, Course Websites Discussions, etc. will be available following the start of the class. We recommend that you sign up for the service and you’ll immediately be notified when the batch begins.

What can I do to reset my forgotten Password?

You may reset the password by yourself using the “Forgot Password” link available on the “Sign In” page and follow the instructions. If the problem continues then you should get in touch with the support team through the Contact Us interface.

When will the course videos and other content for each session be accessible through the LMS for students who have registered?

The videos and content of every week are available on Mondays of that week at 11:00 AM.

How do I make use of LMS?

This link will assist you to understand the application of LMS:


How do I watch videos on LMS?

To view the videos from this week’s episodes:

  1. Login to https://lms.digiskills.pk/
  2. You can access the courses you have enrolled on your Home Screen on your LMS under the “My Courses (DSTP2.0-BATCH-02)” section. Click on the course you wish to view and you’ll be directed to “Topic Content” under the “Topic Content” tab. You can view the Videos of this weeks.
  3. To view the next video on the topic to view the next topic video, click on the “Next Topic” link that is located on the top right of the screen.

To watch the videos from recent and prior weeks

  1. After logging into your LMS account, click on the “Course Website” icon under “My Courses (DSTP2.0-BATCH-02)” section.
  2. You will find the subjects of the previous and current weeks under the ‘Course topics tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Week’ that week you would like to view videos.
  4. Click on any topic and it will take users to the “Topic Content” tab. There you can view the video.
  5. To access the next topic’s video to view the next topic video, click on the “Next Topic” link that is located on the right-hand side of the screen.

To download your electronic certificate from LMS take these steps:

  1. Login to https://lms.digiskills.pk/
  2. Click on the button My Results in the Trainee Services section (available on the home page).
  3. Then click”View” for the course you have completed. classes and it will direct you to the electronic certificate.
  4. Print and download options are accessible in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

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