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The Dalda Foundation Scholarship program is providing scholarships to needy, poor, and meritorious students. The Aim and primary goal of The Dalda Foundation Scholarship is to meet the needs and requirements of students who are unable to complete their studies due to financial assistance, so they can reach their goals and goals. The award will begin in Inter the first year and last until the final semester of the undergraduate degree BS/Undergraduate.

All inhabitants from Pakistan can apply for the Dalda Foundation Scholarships 2024-2023. Fully-funded scholarships will be offered to all students in all provinces in Pakistan. Dalda Foundation offers scholarships for intermediate, graduate, and postgraduate programs each year. However, you apply for them only after you’ve completed matric.

DALDA Foundation Scholarship 2024-23

Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to pass you by and take advantage of the chance to continue your education without having to worry about the cost of tuition costs.

Dalda Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that seeks to assist students from Pakistan through scholarships as well as other programs to help students. Additional details are available in the following article. Make sure you read all information so that you don’t overlook any crucial information.

DALDA Foundation Scholarship 2024-23 Download Application Form Below

About Dalda Foundation

DALDA Foundation started its operation in 2004 after donating approximately 1.33 million rupees ($1.3 billion) to the UNILEVER Foundation in Pakistan.

The company provides banaspati and cooking oils for food all over the nation. In the following years, they also began to assist the people in need in Pakistan. As the head of this project, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was founded and was named DALDA Foundation.

The principal goal of the foundation was to provide support to the country’s top-of-the-line healthcare facilities. When the foundation was established they realized that the nation’s most disadvantaged students also required financial assistance. So, they began an education program that aimed to bring up bright but struggling students from across the nation.

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Details About Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2024-23

Country: Pakistan
Organization: Dalda Foundation
Program Type: Need-Based Scholarship
Application Process: Online
Application Deadline: 15-Nov-22

Who can Apply?

I’m providing additional information on the candidates who are eligible to apply and who can be students.

  • Pre-medical
  • Pre-engineering
  • General Science
  • Home economics
  • Arts
  • ICS
  • Diploma in associate engineering

In all of the areas mentioned above, students will receive this base


Are you ready to submit your application? The first step is to find out what the Dalda scholarship can offer and how it can help students. The benefits are listed below. Be sure to read this section prior to applying.

Benefits of Dalda Foundation Scholarships:

  • The Dalda Foundation scholarship cover fees when students achieve satisfactory performance.
  • Students who are unable to attend higher-level courses because of financial constraints shouldn’t be concerned because Dalda Foundation covers their expenses. Dalda Foundation covers educational expenses.
  • Gives equal opportunity to all students by lifting financial barriers.
  • Helps students with their academic goals and guides students climb the climb to the top.
  • It creates a positive future for the next generation by helping them complete their education and degree programs.

Required Documents for Dalda Scholarships

Students are required to submit the following documents or they won’t be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Note sheet of matriculation.
  • Identity card/CNIC and student birth certificates.
  • Guardian’s salary/income proof.
  • Applicant’s address.

Dalda Foundation Scholarships Application Form 2024-23

The application deadline is now open for the Dalda Foundation Scholarships Application Form 2024 in Pakistan. Every resident from Pakistan has the right to submit an application for Dalda Foundation Scholarships 2024-2023. Fully-funded scholarships will be offered to students from all provinces in Pakistan. Dalda Foundation offers scholarships for intermediate, graduate, and postgraduate programs each year, but you are eligible to apply if you’ve completed matriculation.

The children of Pakistan are extremely talented, however, inflation is a major obstacle. Instead of attending higher education and pursuing higher education, they must become employees. We want to change the lives of students from the most disadvantaged schools in Pakistan by offering them the most rewarding opportunities wherever they find themselves.

Eligibility Criteria for Dalda Foundation Scholarship

  • Secondary and intermediate board of education Karachi or Bise Punjab board students who are enrolled in the 1st class will be able to apply for a scholarship. Students who are pursuing their education in private schools can apply for a scholarship at Dalda Foundation Trust through an appropriate route.
  • Education session 2024-2024 accepting students in the First-year Pre-engineering program, commerce, pre-medical general science, arts, and home economics DAE and ICS students are able to submit scholarship applications.
  • Every Pakistan permanent residents are eligible to submit an application for a scholarship.
  • The applicant’s age cannot exceed 18 years old at the time of application on the 15th of November, 2024.
  • The parents’ salary of the candidate should not exceed the amount of 20,000/- per month.
  • The residences of candidates will not exceed 1080 feet. This isn’t the candidate’s home for those who reside in villages.
  • O-level students can also fill out applications for scholarships.
  • Students who are taking their classes in Bise Punjab or Karachi or Fbise or any other board of government from Pakistan may fill out an application for scholarships when they score the following marks in Matriculation.

Required Percentage of Marks

  • Achieving 80% pre-engineering or more
  • A pre-medical 80% level or more
  • General Science with 80% or higher
  • Commerce 75% of the time or higher
  • ICS 70% or more
  • arts 70% or higher
  • The Home Economics score is 70% or more
  • DAE 70% or more

Dalda Foundation Scholarship continuation plan

  • First-Year College

at least 80% marks for pre-medical/pre-engineering, 75% marks for commerce, and 70% for home economics in the matric examination.

  • Second Year College

at least 80% marks for pre-medical/pre-engineering, 75% for commerce, and 70%

  • Professional college for the first year of professional school.

at least 80% marks for pre-medical/pre-engineering, 75% for commerce, and 70% for the home economics group in XII and subject to admission in professional colleges.

  • A professional second-year college

The first year of college for professionals.

  • Professional college for third-year students

The second year was my first professional college.

  • Professional college for fourth-year students

Completed the third year of college for professional students.

  • Professional college for fifth-year students

Completed the fourth year of MBBS (or BDS or D-pharm or DVM.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship Selection process

The selection will be based on merit. The final selection will be selected based on a written test and an interview with officials from Dalda Foundation Pakistan.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of applications is 15 November 2024.

How to Apply

Have you looked over all the information about this program? Are you interested in and eligible? If yes, then the waiting period is now over. The entire application process is available online. Use the links below to complete the application. Follow the links below to gain admission to an application. Be sure to have completed all the requirements and regulations of this program.

It’s a simple process to apply for the Dalda Foundation Scholarship Program 2024-23. Follow these steps to ensure your application is successful:

  • Click on the links provided below. Click “apply” below. You’ll be able to access the official website through this.
  • The first step is to enter your personal information. After you have completed it then click “next”.
  • 2. Provide the academic information, and then click “next”.
  • It’s a simple procedure. You must complete an online application.
  • Then, at the end of the page, click “submit application”. You will have your application processed successfully.
  • The next step is waiting until the test. This test will make your choice. Don’t waste time. Have fun!
  • The application forms can be downloaded on the website.


  • You can download the Application form via emailing the following email address.

[email protected].

The deadline for filling out the form for scholarship applications is 15 November 2024

DALDA Foundation Scholarship 2024-23 Contact Details

For more information, contact data foundation officials:

  • 0336-3351881
  • 0306-2227978
  • 0347-1803377
  • 0313-8894447
  • 0320-9288479

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