Cheapest MBBS Programs In The World 2024 For Pakistani Students

Cheapest MBBS Programs In The World 2024 For Pakistani Students are given here. You can become a medical professional within 5-6 years. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is a popular program for international students.

Cheapest MBBS Programs In The World

International students can learn skills and practice medicine for 5-6 years. Continue reading to find a list of the cheapest countries to study MBBS. There is also a list listing the top medical schools in each country, which will allow you to receive high-quality training in medicine while paying a low tuition fee.

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Cheapest MBBS Programs In The World 2024 For Pakistani Students

Why Study MBBS?

International students are attracted to the MBBS program. Here are some reasons to study MBBS.

  1. After just five to six years of education, you can become a doctor.
  2. You will gain extensive classroom experience in many medical fields.
  3. Experiential learning in local hospitals, clinics, and labs
  4. The world’s most affordable medical degree
  5. Graduates of the MBBS are eligible to practice in any part of the world and become certified as a doctor in many other countries.
  6. A solid foundation for advanced medical education in a Masters or MD program.
  7. These programs can be entered directly after graduation from high school
  8. More than 60 MBBS programs are available for less than $10,000 USD per year.
  9. In your twenties, you can become a doctor!
  10. International students are accepted and welcomed

Cheapest countries for MBBS in 2024

There are many MBBS programs that cost less than 10,000 USD each year all over the globe. These are the cheapest countries to study MBBS.

  1. China (3000-10,000 USD/year).
  2. Kyrgyzstan (2,000-9,000 USD/year)
  3. Kazakhstan (3,000-9,000 USD/year)
  4. Bangladesh (4,000-7,000 USD/year)
  5. Philippines (3,000-7,000 USD/year)
  6. Georgia (4,000-7,000 USD/year

Russia and Ukraine are both historically popular and affordable MBBS destinations. However, due to ongoing war, they will not be included in this list.

Complete List of World’s Cheapest MBBS Programs 2024

Below is the average price of the MBBS for the last 5-6 years. check also Ireland Government Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

Country University
Yearly Tuition in USD
China Hainan Medical University 2,628
Kyrgyzstan Asian Medical Institute 3,000
China Beihua University 3,066
China China Three Gorges University 3,504
China Shenyang Medical College 3,650
Kazakhstan M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University 3,700
China Nantong University 3,796
Kazakhstan South Kazakhstan Medical University 4,000
Kyrgyzstan Osh State University 4,080
China Ningxia Medical University 4,351
China Qingdao University 4,380
China Yangzhou University 4,380
China Guangzhou Medical University 4,380
China Chongqing Medical University 4,380
China Wenzhou Medical University 4,380
China Guangxi Medical University 4,380
China Hebei Medical University 4,380
China Southeast University 4,672
China Soochow University 4,745
Kazakhstan Karaganda State Medical University 4,750
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz State Medical Academy 4,800
China Jilin University 4,818
China Xuzhou Medical University 4,818
China Jiangsu University 4,964
China Nanjing Medical University 4,964
China Zhengzhou University 5,110
China Kunming Medical University 5,110
China Jinzhou Medical University 5,110
Kazakhstan Astana Medical University 5,200
Philippines Angeles University 5,375
China Ningbo University 5,548
China Xiamen University 5,548
China Xi’an Jiaotong University 5,840
China China Medical University 5,840
China Shantou University Medical College 5,840
China Wuhan University 5,840
China Huazhong University of Science and Technology 5,840
Philippines AMA School of Medicine 6,000
Philippines University of Perpetual Help 6,000
China Dalian Medical University 6,132
China Zhejiang University 6,249
Kyrgyzstan International School of Medicine 6,500
China Southern Medical University 6,570
China Sichuan University 6,570
China Shandong University 6,570
China Tongji University 6,570
Kyrgyzstan Jalal-Abad State University 6,900
Bangladesh North Bengal Medical College 7,000
Bangladesh Central Medical College 7,000
China Tianjin Medical University 7,008
China Capital Medical University 7,300
Bangladesh Ad-Din Women’s Medical College 7,600
Philippines Our Lady of Fatima University 7,920
Bangladesh Jahurul Islam Medical College 8,000
Georgia David Tvildiani Medical University 8,000
Bangladesh International Medical College 8,400
Bangladesh Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College 8,400
Bangladesh Medical College for Women & Hospital 8,600
Bangladesh Anwer Khan Modern Medical College 8,800
Bangladesh East-West Medical College 9,000
Bangladesh Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College 9,190
Bangladesh Bangladesh Medical College 9,800

MBBS Fee Structure

The MBBS program is a 5- to a 6-year program. The final year, or last semester, is often an internship or clinical experience at a hospital affiliated with the university.

Tuition fees will be required each year. However, in most universities, the first-year fee for tuition is higher than the second-year tuition. The fees for years 2-6, however, are lower than the first-year tuition. The first-year tuition covers the cost of international student enrollment and student housing. You may be able to live off campus in later years. In this case, the university will not charge you extra.

Additional fees may be required, such as an application fee, service fee, and transportation costs.

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