Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2024 Complete List

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The US is now the most popular destination for international students. the Top Countries to Study Abroad The rankings for 2024published by US News and World Report the US media firm that produces reports and analyses disclosed.

These rankings were based upon a global study of over 17,000 respondents and are ranked by their opinion among more than 7,400 respondents who are aged more than 35.

Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2024

The rankings also reveal the way that respondents perceive various countries in terms of tourism attractions and cultural diversity are related. They also indicate the likelihood of them deciding to study at any top-ranked college there. Here are the top 10 sought-after destinations for students from abroad.

Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2024 Complete List

Country Population GDP GDP Per Capita PPP
US 332 million $23 trillion $69,288
UK 67.3 million $3.19 trillion $49,675
France 67.5 million $2.94 trillion $50,729
Italy 59.1 million $2.10 trillion $45,936
Spain 47.3 million $1.43 trillion $40,775
Japan 126 million $4.94 trillion $42,940
Canada 38.2 million $1.99 trillion $52,085
Germany 83.1 million $4.22 trillion $57,928
Australia 25.7 million $1.54 trillion $55,807
Mexico 130 million $1.29 trillion $20,036

Its Best Countries to Study Abroad Rankings 2024 includes 85 countries. The US is at the top of the list, which is then followed by the UK as well as France. Kazakhstan, Iran, and Uzbekistan are among the countries that rank lowest.

It’s interesting to note that Pakistan hasn’t been listed in these rankings, which means Pakistan isn’t a top location for students from abroad. However, India, China, and Bangladesh are placed 21 1st 23, 23 3rd, and 74 respectively.

Benefits Of Studying In Abroad

Going abroad to study could be an extremely rewarding experience for college students. Students who study abroad can study in a different country and experience the awe and culture of a different place.

  • The main reason to think about a study abroad program is the chance to explore the world. Through studying abroad, you’ll encounter a country that is brand new, complete with a new perspective as well as customs, activities, and traditions. The benefits of studying abroad are the chance to experience new landscapes and natural wonders, as well as monuments and museums of the country you are studying in.
  • Another reason to think about going abroad the study is the chance to try different ways of learning. If you choose to enroll in an international study program, you’ll get the chance to explore a part of your subject that you might not have experienced in your home country.
  • A lot of students who opt to study abroad leave their country for the very first time. Once they are in their new country of residence they are amazed by the diverse cultural perspectives. While studying abroad, you’ll find amazing new food and customs, as well as cultural traditions, and social settings.
  • If you’re considering taking a course abroad, one most important benefits are the possibility to learn the language of another country. The study abroad experience gives you the chance to fully absorb yourself into a brand foreign language. There is no better way to master a language than to get right into it.
  • After you complete your study abroad experience and come back home You will have an entirely new view of culture as well as language proficiency as well as a high-quality education and a desire to continue learning. It is no surprise that all of these will be appealing to potential employers.
  • Many students discover that they enjoy their home country in such a way that they choose to work in it. If you are able to relate to them, having a local education is extremely valuable when looking for jobs in that country.

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