BEEF Scholarship For Cadet Colleges 2024 From Class 7th To Inter Apply Online

In the administration of Balochistan under the Balochistan government, the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) announced the most recent scholarships for students from Balochistan. BEEF fully awarded scholarships are offered to successful Balochistan students who want to enroll at one of the (listed below) well-known schools for the academic year 2024, in either seventh or eighth classes.

It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in the scholarship program by registering with the institutions that offer the scholarship. However, even if students are enrolled in the institutions listed above, they will not be automatically eligible to receive the full-funded scholarship.

The number of scholarships that are available is limited. The applicants will be chosen when they meet the specifications that are set by Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) which is the organization that manages the scholarship. The applicants will be chosen according to the availability of seats as well as the criteria set by BEEF.

BEEF Scholarship For Cadet Colleges 2024 From Class 7th To Inter-Apply Online

BEEF Scholarship For Cadet Colleges 2024 Advertisement

BEEF Scholarship For Cadet Colleges 2024 Advertisement

Cadet Institutions for BEEF Scholarship

  1. Cadet College, Hassan Abdal
  2. Cadet College, Petaro
  3. Cadet College, Sangarh
  4. Cadet College, Hab
  5. Larnce Collage, Ghora Galli
  6. Abbottabad Public School

Eligibility Criteria for BEEF Scholarships for Cadet Colleges

  1. Students who have a Balochistan residence may apply for the award.
  2. Age must be determined according to the institution’s policies.
  3. Students must be chosen for admission to colleges that have been designated.
  4. Any applicants who have received any other scholarships from any institution or institution are not eligible for application.

Selection Procedure For BEEF Scholarship

  • It is the obligation of the student to be able to gain admission.
  • BEEF has assigned PKR 150,000 per institute. However seating capacity will be distributed in accordance with the expenses.
  • BEEF will gather the information for all Balochistan students at the institute. The merit list will be determined by analyzing scores from the entrance test.

BEEF Cadet Colleges Scholarship Priorities

  • First priority will be granted to students with completed studies in government-run institutions in Balochistan.
  • Second priority: students that have finished their studies at private schools in Balochistan.
  • The third priority for students that completed their education outside of Balochistan.

Requirements for BEEF Scholarship 2024

  • It is the responsibility of the student to make an application to the school.
  • Only those who reside in Balochistan are qualified for the scholarship.
  • A student’s age has to be in line with the requirements that the institution has set at the moment of admission.
  • The student should have been admitted to the 7th or 8th class at one of the above-mentioned institutions.
  • Students who already have any other type of scholarship from another person or institution are not eligible for this program.
  • To continue to receive the award, the student must maintain a minimum of 60% attendance during their academic studies.

How to Download BEEF Scholarship Application Form?

This BEEF Scholarship Application Form can be downloaded from the BEEF website. The form can be downloaded from our website. clicking here.

Last Date of BEEF Scholarship 2024 Class 7th to Intermediate

It is crucial for students looking to apply for the award to complete their applications prior to the deadline. The official announcement does not specify when the deadline will be therefore, the applicants should submit their forms as early as they can to make sure they don’t miss the deadline.
It is vital for applicants to submit their forms by the deadline because applications received after the deadline date will not be considered for the scholarship.

Scholarship Important Instructions

  • The Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) has allocated a budget of 15 lakh rupees to each of the institutions that offer scholarships. The number of seats for scholarships will be decided by the costs for the school.
  • The scholarship will expire in the event that the student is removed from the institution or class.
    The scholarship package covers tuition fees as well as housing and an all-in-one personal allowance for expenses.
    All rules and rules of BEEF are applicable to this program.
  • For more information, students may go to the BEEF website or Facebook page. You can also call the program manager during business hours.
  • It is crucial to keep in mind that applications that don’t satisfy the eligibility requirements and aren’t complete, delayed in their delivery, or received before the due date are rejected.

How to apply For BEEF Scholarship 2024 Class 7th to Inter

In order to apply for the scholarship provided through the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) applicants are asked to print the BEEF application form from their official website and then fill it in with care. Make sure they complete all of the information required and answer the questions asked on the application form.

Following that, students must include all required documents on the application form like their academic documents, proof of residency as well as any other documents that are required.

Then, they should send the application form completed with the documents attached in the mail to BEEF at the BEEF headquarters address. It is essential to remember that the application must be completed and all necessary documents must be included Otherwise the application will be denied.

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