Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 Download PDF by Name

Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 for MBBS and BDS has been announced. Applicants who want to check their final selected candidate list can check through this page. For the information of the students who are looking for the Avicenna Medical College Merit list 2024 MBBS, BDS because people are worried after registering, we are going to tell you that this organization will close admissions soon, and when they do, they will release the merit list. According to the PMC, they will release the merit lists for all private medical colleges in January. If we look at what happened last year, the test was given by UHS, and the merit list was released by UHS. This year, however, the government of Pakistan changed its policy and said that starting this year, PMC will be in charge of the MDCAT test. Those who want to go to medical school must first take the PMC MDCAT test before they can get into MBBS or BDS. So, those who took the test passed it and registered are now waiting for the Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 for MBBS and BDS. It is possible to check the Avicenna Medical School Merit List 2024 for MBBS, BDS, BSc Hons, and DPT programs on this website. The merit lists of admission are available for MBBS and BDS with the complete list of students admitted and their names, are available as PDF files. Colleges will hold walk-in interviews for all applicants in order to determine their aptitude for the rigorous medical and dental program. The merit list is comprised of those who have applied to apply to be considered for MBBS from Avicenna Medical College and have successfully completed the interview procedure. For details on the fees and admissions policies go to the Admission Details section of the website of the college. 1. 2nd 3rd, and final closing merit lists of Avicenna Medical College will be published according to the annual procedure of the institute.

Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024

Since 2009, Avicenna Medical College has been open, and many of its students have now finished their MBBS and BDS degrees and are working in hospitals. On the other hand, this is a private organization, and the merit criteria are very high because they only let these candidates in if they meet the criteria. If they don’t meet the criteria, they don’t let them in.

This college is on Bedian Road, which is in Lahore D.H.A. Those who have applied for admission will have to wait a few days, but the merit list will be made public as soon as possible. Also, if we talk about the college’s environment, it is very impressive because it has the most up-to-date medical laboratories and a lot of tools that are used during operations, among other things. When students finish their degrees, they will be experts in this field.

Avicenna College Final Merit List 2024

The Avicenna Medical College in Tehran is about to put out the merit list for MBBS and BDS courses for the year 2024. The list of top students will be posted online and will also be available at the college office. If you want to be on the merit list, you have to send in your application online by December 30, 2022. The college has told people what they need to do to get on the merit list. Candidates must have gotten their MBBS or BDS from a well-known college or university and have a good record in school. To be on the merit list, your cumulative GPA must be at least 3.5 out of 4. You can check the Rashid Latif Medical College Merit list also through this page.

Avicenna Medical College MBBS Merit List

Avicenna Medical College is a well-known college that offers different medical programs to students who want to become doctors. The college’s admissions process is based on merit, which means that students are chosen based on their grades and test scores. The college has also helped its students get better grades by giving them a good education and good facilities. The college also has a policy of accepting students who deserve to be there, no matter where they come from. Because of this rule, the college has been able to get a good mix of talented students from different backgrounds.

Download Avicenna Medical College Merit List

Avicenna College BDS Merit List 2024

The college has announced the minimum score for each group. There were a total of 6,632 people who took the entrance exam this year. On the merit list, there are people from all parts of Pakistan and from other countries as well. Out of the 6,632 people who took the entrance exam, 5,366 were put on the list of those who did well. Even if a candidate isn’t on the merit list, they can still apply for the final year course as long as they follow the rules set by the college.

Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 Download PDF by Name

Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 Download PDF by Name

How to Check the Merit list of Avicenna Medical College?

  • Check out the Avicenna Medical College website.
  • Look for the link to the merit list in the section of the website that talks about getting in.
  • If you click on the link, you will be taken to a new page where you can see the list of people who have done well.
  • The merit list will be in the form of a PDF file and will include the names of all the candidates who have been chosen for admission, as well as their merit rank and other important information.
  • Use the search box or manually scroll through the list to find your name on the merit list.


When will the Avicenna College Merit List 2024 be released?
The exact date of release of the Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 is announced

What are the criteria for selection in the Avicenna College Merit List?
The criteria for selection in the Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024 will depend on the college’s admission policy. It may include factors such as academic achievements, test scores, and extracurricular activities.

What do I need to do if my name is on the Avicenna College Merit List?
If your name is on the Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024, you will need to complete the admission process by submitting all required documents and paying any fees. You should also attend any orientation or registration activities as required by the college.

What happens if my name is not on the Avicenna Merit List 2024?
If your name is not on the Avicenna Medical College Merit List 2024, you may still have the chance to be accepted through the waiting list or other means. You should contact the college’s admission office for more information.

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