Annual Increment Chart in Salary December 2023-23 For All Govt Employees

Annual Increment Chart in Salary December 2023-23 is announced. We provide here complete details of this increment below.

Salary increments meaning

The term “salary increment” refers to an increase in pay after a year. This is why all the public and private sectors increase the wages of their employees according to the rules. This could be a way to thank them and help them perform as previously.

Stages of Increment

Annual increments come in prescribed stages for BS-01 through BS-16. There are 30 stages. for BS-17 through BS-19 the stages are 20, and for BS-21-BS-22, There are fourteen stages. The stage is the term used to describe the number of increments an employee could receive on a standard pay scale.

A government is required to create an outline chart and annually increases by using the chart. Finance departments prepare this chart during the months of June and July when the scale is reviewed. The employees then review the pay scale chart and then increase the lump sum in their pay scale.

This increment increase is part of the Basic Pay Scales for employees of all provinces of Pakistan such as Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan.

Annual Increment Chart in Salary December 2023-23

Annual Increment Rate Chart 2023-2023

Basic Pay Scale BPS Rate of Annual Increment 2023 (PKR)
BPS-1 430/-
BPS-2 490/-
BPS-3 580/-
BPS-4 660/-
BPS-5 750/-
BPS-6 840/-
BPS-7 910/-
BPS-8 1000/-
BPS-9 1090/-
BPS-10 1190/-
BPS-11 1310/-
BPS-12 1430/-
BPS-13 1560/-
BPS-14 1740/-
BPS-15 1980/-
BPS-16 2260/-
BPS-17 3420/-
BPS-18 4260/-
BPS-19 4530/-
BPS-20 6690/-
BPS-21 7420/-
BPS-22 8710/-

All employees of government will receive an additional increase to their wages beginning on December 1st, 2023. The salary increase will be included in the total salary of December that will be paid in January 2023.

The increase in salary is called an annual increment since this is required for all employees of the government. The government is not able to hinder this rise.

Annual Increment Chart in Salary December Chart

The annual increments are added to the basic pay for all workers. The annual increment rate will differ according to what is the base salary scale for employees.

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