AIOU Programs offered Complete Guideline For Students

Allama Iqbal Open University is a university for distance learning with its main campus located in Islamabad, Pakistan. AIOU remains a fantastic option for students looking to pursue the best education for a reasonable price. AIOU offers higher education for those who study from their homes or places of work for affordable costs.AIOU Programs offered Complete Guideline in this article.

AIOU remains a top higher education institution and is expanding and growing in the educational field each day. The academic standards are comparable to any other Pakistani institutions, which is why a broad range of organizations and businesses employ Open University graduates.

AIOU Programs offered Complete Guideline For Students

AIOU Programs offered Complete Guideline

Why Study at Allama Iqbal Open University:

  • Asia’s First Open University.
  • Students from all across Pakistan as well as overseas are eligible to apply.
  • HEC Recognized Institute.
  • Affordable Fee.
  • Distance learning.
  • Highly Qualified Teachers.
  • Flexible learning, learn in your own time.
  • AIOU admits students twice a year.
  • AIOU offers a wide range of bachelors and master in addition to Ph.D. degrees.
  • AIOU also offers Higher and Secondary school certificate programs.

Allama Iqbal Open University Courses:

AIOU courses remain among the top researched programs in Pakistan. Many students from Pakistan are enrolled in AIOU undergraduate and graduate courses at their homes as well as workplaces. AIOU provides bachelor’s degrees, Masters’s Ph.D., Matric and Intermediate courses along with certificates and postgraduate diplomas to Pakistani and foreign students. Many students take the following courses offered by AIOU from all over Pakistan:

AIOU SSC Program:

There are many SSC and Matric pupils enrolling in Allama Iqbal Open University. The university offers Matric classes for home economics, science, and arts/humanities students from all over Pakistan. In order to successfully complete the matric/SSC curriculum candidates must be able to pass the 8 subjects in SSC within two years.

AIOU administers Matric exams in a semester-wise manner and to inform students about the examinations, AIOU releases the SSC date sheet. AIOU Date sheets for SSC are posted online on the AIOU website. Similar to the AIOU SSC results. AIOU also awards matric certificates to students who are successful.

AIOU HSSC Program:

The HSSC program at AIOU remains a favorite of many students because of its excellent education quality and affordable fee structure. HSSC or intermediate courses at AIOU are available in two different groups; General Group and Commerce Group. For successful completion of AIOU’s AIOU HSSC program, candidates must pass the eight credit-worthy subjects (three mandatory as well as five optional). 

Associate Degree Programs at AIOU:

AIOU ADP programs become very well-known since these two-year degree programs were rolled out in the hands of the federal government of Pakistan and are taught in nearly every higher educational institution in Pakistan. ADP is a post-intermediate program that is available following the completion of the 12th class. ADP at AIOU is comprised composed of three types: ADA (associate degree of arts), ADS (associate degree in Science), and ADC (associate degree in Commerce). 


BA/BSc classes are also well-known programs offered by AIOU. BA/BSc courses at AIOU are a 4-year bachelor’s program. Arts, humanities, cultural sciences, and linguistics are taught at AIOU to students who opt for BA. The BSc is an associate degree in science, it is generally granted to AIOU pupils in the fields of natural sciences, engineering sciences, math as well as management and business. BA and BSc courses at AIOU are distance-learning programs. AIOU administers BA/BSc exams according to semester and prior to the start of exams.

BSCS Program at AIOU:

The BSCS program offered by AIOU is a four-year bachelor’s program that offers an introduction to advanced computer networking as well as the basic computer framework. AIOU BSCS program is famous for its outstanding reputation and its influence on students of Pakistan. Students are able to choose their preferred specialty at the end of the course, such as web development, IT, and game development, among others. BSCS examinations at AIOU are fair and fair. Based on AIOU BSCS dates, students prepare for their tests every semester. 

BBA Program at AIOU:

A number of awaited professional degrees offered by AIOU is the BBA which teaches the basics of management and business. It is possible to get work immediately with your BBA degree. Or, apply for the MBA program. Students from all across Pakistan are part of this AIOU program and are taught via AIOU’s online LMS system. 

B.Com Program at AIOU:

AIOU B.Com Program is very well-known for students who have completed their 12th class and are looking for a low-cost option to learn B.Com. The B.Com is a great choice with a variety of benefits. The benefit of having an education is that you are able to immediately begin your career and land an employment opportunity. It is also possible to continue your education and obtain postgraduate degrees, such as the MBA as well as PGDM. At AIOU it is guaranteed that the B.Com examinations are fair and totally fair. 

B.Ed. Program at AIOU:

B.Ed. from AIOU is another renowned undergraduate course in academics. It lasts for 1.5 years (3 months). It is primarily for people who wish to pursue a career in teaching specifically in the area of teaching high school and primary school students. AIOU students AIOU are also pursuing this degree in order to enter an M.Ed. course. AIOU B.Ed. dates along with AIOU B.Ed. results are usually published on the official site of AIOU.


Masters of Arts, as well as Master of Science from AIOU, are among the most well-known master’s programs offered by AIOU. MA and MSc courses are available in a variety of fields of science and arts at AIOU. Many students are receiving the best MA/MSc education available via AIOU’s LMS online system which is an affordable cost. AIOU publishes AIOU MA/MSc dates sheets to administer exams each semester. To ensure students’ convenience, AIOU MA/MSc scores are made available online.

M.Ed. Program at AIOU:

M.Ed. course in AIOU is a one-year (2 sessions) master’s degree program. M.Ed. from AIOU offers students a chance to improve their understanding of skills, qualifications, and abilities which will certainly aid students in their professional growth. Students from AIOU are also able to enter a Ph.D. program once they have earned this degree. 

M.Com at AIOU:

Master of commerce M.Com is a two-year postgraduate program offered at Allama Iqbal Open University, for those who wish to take on the career path of accounting, banking, finance, or even economics and marketing. It’s the best option for students seeking an effective degree at a low cost. AIOU administers M.Com tests semester-wise in order to evaluate what areas students are not performing. 

AIOU MBA Program:

The MBA program is among the most sought-after courses across Pakistan with thousands of applicants taking part in this AIOU two-year MBA program. They gain knowledge of all aspects of business and build skills for leadership. Accounting, banking, finance, and management of human resources are only among the many areas that AIOU MBA students can specialize. 

AIOU M.Phil. Program:

AIOU M.Phil. The degree is regarded as the most prestigious postgraduate research degree. Every year, thousands of students are accepted into this two-year course at AIOU. An MPhil gives you the most high-end research abilities and expertise that are highly valued by employers around the world.AIOU is awarded in a variety of subjects such as languages, anthropology, political sciences, cultural studies, etc. 

Ph.D. Program at AIOU:

Ph.D. means Doctor of Philosophy and it is thought of as the top academic qualification you can get. At AIOU for the Ph.D. degree, you must create unique and substantial research. The students will develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills, as well as a thorough comprehension of a particular research field. 

AIOU PGD Diploma Courses:

PGD classes at AIOU are available in many areas i.e. entrepreneurial, and computer science as well as criminology, education human resources management, mass communications, etc. The renowned postgraduate diploma programs at AIOU have been designed in order to help develop an in-depth understanding of operational, strategic, and tactical capabilities among students. The duration of postgraduate diploma courses at AIOU is from a year up to two years. The PGD courses are provided via AIOU’s online Learning management system, which is designed to ease the lives of learners. 

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