AIOU Guess Paper For B.Ed 1.5 Years (Code:8625) Spring Exam 2024

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is conducting the exam in Spring 2024 for various degrees, which includes B.Ed 1.5 years of the degree. This is why we provide you with the guess papers to be used in that B.Ed Paper that will be on November 24, 2024, at 2:00 pm.AIOU-B.Ed-Guess-Paper-Spring-2022-1.5-Years-Exams-Code-8625 is given for you.

Allama Iqbal Open University, the largest institution in Asia in distance learning, focuses on the needs of the many by providing high-quality education right at their fingertips throughout the country, as well as expanding the boundaries of time and space.


Presently, the university provides unique educational opportunities for the majority of one million students across an array of diverse and exciting range of programs that range from the Matriculation level and continue through the doctoral level. Below, we’ve listed the key questions for AIOU B.Ed Course Code 825. Candidates who are taking the course code 8625 exam should revise the questions so that they can be included on the question paper.

AIOU Guess Paper For B.Ed 1.5 Years (Code:8625)

  • Q.NO.1:- Discuss the role of teachers and learners in assessment with the help of examples. (Unit-07,Page#130-134)
  • Q.NO.2:- Discuss the mode and importance of the entrance tests in higher education. What are the different types of entrance tests in Pakistan? (Unit-07,Page#134-137)
  • Q.NO.3:- Highlight the problems and issues in higher education. Discuss quality and access to higher education. (Unit-08,Page#146-154,156-159)
  • Q.NO.4:- Discuss the importance of distance and non-formal education. What are the advantages and limitations of distance education? (Unit-09,Page#167-170)
  • Q.NO.5:- Write a note on technology in higher education. (Unit-09,Page#175-179)
  • Q.NO.6:- Critically analyze the nature, need, and scope of Higher Education in Pakistan. (Unit-01,Page#4-6)
  • Q.NO.7:- What kind of challenges is Pakistan facing in higher education? Give suggestions to meet these challenges. What are recommendations for improvement in higher education? (Unit-01,Page#8-18)
  • Q.NO.8:- Discuss the role of Universities in Socio-Economic development in Pakistan. Enlist the functions of the university education. Also, give recommendations on how to make university education to be more effective. (Unit-02,Page#30-32,37-40)
  • Q.NO.9:- Describe the role, functions, and importance of the Higher Education Commission.
  • (Unit-03,Page#51-56)
  • Q.NO.10:-Compare the higher education system of Japan and Germany.In your opinion, which system is better & why? Discuss. (Unit-04,Page#75)
  • Q.NO.11:- Discuss the salient features of the higher education system of India and China. (Unit-05,Page#92)
  • Q.NO.12:- What are the different methods of Financing higher education? Explain with the help of examples. Enlist reasons for wastage in higher education. (Unit-06,Page#115-117)

To help you determine the most important question for the exam, we offer an idea; just scroll down the screen. We wish you all the best to all students in their examinations.

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