7 Lakh Educated Pakistani Youngsters Left Pakistan For Employment

Many young Pakistanis were concerned about the uncertain economic and political conditions in Pakistan in recent times,7 Lakh Educated Pakistani Youngsters Left Pakistan, and traveled abroad for jobs as they were worried about the rise in the rising cost of living and unemployment. Pakistan has lost thousands of engineers, 25,000 physicians 1,600 nurses, 2,500 computer specialists accounting professionals, 6,500 accountants, 2600 agricultural experts, and 9,00 teachers thanks to this brain drain this year.

In the bureau of Immigration’s latest document, a large number of skilled and educated youth have fled Pakistan to pursue a better life and work in 2024. According to the report, about 75,000 Pakistani have traveled in the past year, to different countries due to Pakistan’s political instability and the growing economic crisis. In 2024, the brain-drain situation in Pakistan has grown by 300 percent.

7 Lakh Educated Pakistani Youngsters Left Pakistan

7 Lakh Educated Pakistani Youngsters Left Pakistan

Based on the documents published by the Immigration Bureau, there are 92,000 highly qualified applicants like engineers, doctors, IT experts, and accounts that will be transferred in 2024. It’s a major loss to the progress of Pakistan since Pakistan has been losing a lot of highly educated and experienced candidates. The ongoing political turmoil nepotism and corruption, military interference, and a growing economic crisis are the major motives.

A large number of professionals and educated people were forced out of Pakistan due to Pakistan’s ongoing tensions in the political arena and its growing economic problems. Pakistan is at risk of losing its highly productive human capital, as more talented and intelligent people have left and are not ever paying attention to the possibility of returning to their home country.¬†

The term brain drain refers to the departure of people with the highest levels of education, experience, and professionals in the quest for higher income, better living standards, access to vanguard technology, and more stable socio-economic-political environments in various parts of the world. Furthermore, it can have negative consequences for the country of origin that encompasses all sectors, whether health or education systems or economics.

Number of Migrated Candidates in Different Countries

Based on the information gathered According to the collected data, the following numbers of Pakistanis emigrated to various countries.

  • Over 730,000 young people have come to the Gulf State.
  • Nearly 40,000 of them went to European or other Asian countries.
  • 470,000 Pakistanis are headed for Saudi Arabia
  • 119,000 to UAE
  • 77,000 to Oman
  • 51,634 to Qatar
  • 2,000 to Kuwait


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