Unlimited Chances To Improve Matric And Inter Marks Notification 2024 By PBCC

Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen PBCC has granted matriculants and intermediate students the to apply to improve their marks as many times as they like. Unlimited Chances To Improve Matric And Inter Marks That means that a student is able to appear for improvement of the marks of his/her peers unlimited times.

A notice has been issued in this regard. BISE Bahawalpur has recently shared the announcement via its official channel. Students of all classes 9th 10, 10th, 11th, and 12th will be able to increase their scores by appearing multiple times for examinations.

This is a significant development that will assist in increasing the amount of higher education participation across the country. Universities in Pakistan don’t offer admission to any students who have undergraduate degree programs where grades are lower than 45%. Because of the limited quantity of chances to improve that many students were denied the possibility of higher education. After the recent change students can increase their marks and can go on to higher education.

The Punjab Boards Committee of Chairpersons in its meeting that took place on the 16th of November, 2022, discussed petition no. 52363/2022 filed to Ms. Nafar Fatima versus the Govt of Punjab in accordance with agenda item no. 2. This item concerns The Marks Improvement policy.

  • The infringed notice No 96-SY/PBCC/LHR dated 31-03-2022 released by PBCC regarding the restriction of possibilities of improvement is removed.
  • Students are allowed to take advantage of numerous opportunities for improvement of scores as they’d prefer.
  • This decision will come into effect beginning with when the First Annual Examinations, (SSC and HSSC) from the year 2019.

Unlimited Chances To Improve Matric And Inter Marks Notification

Unlimited Chances To Improve Matric And Inter Marks Notification

Four Conditions Unlimited Chances To Improve Matric And Inter Marks

Be aware of these four requirements before applying for marking improvements. check also New E-Marking System For Matric And Inter Exams 2024 By Peshawar Board

First-Time Improvement

If you wish to improve your marks in the very first attempt, you’ll receive a new result card and not be required to return the old one. This means that you can keep your old result card for reference.

Multiple Attempts

You have to return your old result card to your local BISE branch in case you wish to increase your grade several times. This ensures that only the most current and recent result card can be used as a valid record.

Issued Certificates

You have to cancel your previous certificate and your previous card if you’ve already received the certificate. This is to ensure that the most recent certificate is recognized as your official document.

Examination Scheme

It is crucial to passing your tests in line to the latest exam format set by BISE Punjab. This ensures that your scores are up to date according to the most current syllabus and assessment standards.

Unlimited Chances To Improve Matric And Inter Marks Requirements

  • If the student is able to get better results for the first time, a brand new results card is issued, without having to withdraw the result card from the previous one.
  • Candidates who need to improve their scores more than once must remove their previous result/result card according to the board’s recommendation.
  • If the applicant is able to score twice before the certificate has been issued, the certificate should be canceled together with the results card.
  • Candidates must take the marks increase exam in accordance with the present scheme of Studies.

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