Umrah Package from Pakistan 2024 Rate In September

“Kabah” is the dream destination for every Muslim and it is required to go there to perform the Hajj once in your life. Check the Umrah Package from Pakistan 2024 Rate In September here It is difficult to plan everything, from transportation to food, accommodation, and even food. the process is much easier today since many travel agencies provide various packages for those who want to complete their obligations with no hassle. Are you planning to perform Umrah in 2024? If so, you’re in luck! We have all the information you need about Umrah packages from Pakistan for September 2024. Whether you’re a first-time pilgrim or a seasoned traveler, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about rates, accommodations, and more.

Umrah is a sacred journey that Muslims undertake to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. It is a spiritual experience that allows pilgrims to connect with their faith and seek blessings from Allah. Many Muslims from Pakistan choose to perform Umrah, and September is a popular time for this pilgrimage.

All you need to do is to find the best travel agent to assist you because you can do Umrah anytime, so the packages are offered anytime and there is no set date to receive the packages for Umrah. There are also a variety of Umrah packages for families through travel agents.

Umrah Package from Pakistan 2024 Rate

We offer a variety of options for you to select your first choice location Pakistan towards Makka (Jadda Airport) or you can choose Pakistan from Madina ( Madinah Airport).

You have the option to do Umrah with a group of people or you could perform the ritual on your own as a family. Based on our previous experience, we offer the closest hotel and air conditioner bus services to our clients. We also offer Umrah-related advice to our clients which is beneficial to Muslims who are planning to take part in Umrah. We have released our Umrah Packages for November, and December 2024.

Umrah Package from Pakistan 2024 Rate In September

Umrah Packages 2024 coming from Pakistan

According to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj, The Ministry of Hajj has a list of authorized Umrah travel companies in Pakistan that are listed in the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s official site on how to get the Umrah visa.

In addition to applying for and getting the Umrah visa, a certified travel agent can provide a variety of kinds of Umrah packages to meet your requirements and budget.

In addition, in addition, The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has also announced the possibility of travelers from abroad Umrah seekers to design their own itinerary online using authorized platforms. You can find the list of approved platforms at

The typical Umrah package usually includes a 7 to 14-day journey between the two cities Makkah as well as Madinah. If you are looking for a 7-day package the itinerary includes 3 and 4 nights within Makkah as well as Madinah respectively. The 14-day Umrah package is typically comprised of 8 nights in Makkah and 4 nights in Madinah.

Furthermore, a reputable travel agent typically provides the option of group and individual travel packages. There are packages in which you must share a room with other travelers.

Transportation is another element that is included in the typical Umrah package. After arriving at the air terminal, those who are seeking to be pilgrims are transported to their hotel and are able to conveniently visit the holy places.

Room Sharing Shuttle (Rs.) Economy (Rs.)
Double 125,000 143,500
Triple 108,000 120,000
Quad 100,000 108,500
Quint 95,700 107,000

Umrah package available from Pakistan 2024 price November

Umrah package 2024 by Pakistan: Asalam o Alikum! Best wishes to you as you perform Umrah in November 2024 through the company.  The company offers the most efficient solutions in the field of the Umrah Package from Pakistan in November 2024. You can avail of this Umrah package in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and many other cities in Pakistan at a very low and affordable cost that you can afford. In 2024, the Government of Saudia Arabia increased the rate of the Umrah Package for hotel reservations and visas.

If you plan to arrange Umrah following hajj, you must know the total cost for Umrah including transportation, tickets accommodation, hoteling, visa costs, Ziarat, and shopping. We offer the most economical Umrah services from Pakistan in 2024.

The best Umrah travel company provides the best and most real Umrah solutions to customers. As a consumer, we have lots of questions on our minds and the most reliable travel company offers the most efficient services. Our company gives you umrah packages, which consist of seven days, fifteen days, and 21 days. In addition, you are also able to travel in group packages Umrah.

Many view Umrah to be one of the “small pilgrimages,” while Hajj is thought of as being the “main pilgrimage.” When carried out with good intentions, Umrah serves as a method of purification of the mind and soul that are shattered by negativity and sin. Muslims are encouraged to complete Umrah not just once, but as often as possible since the practice is Sunnah. One of the most effective acts that one can do to be closer to Allah All-powerful is Umrah.

Umrah Package 2024 of Pakistan Price in Sep

We offer a variety of options for you to select your first choice place of travel to Pakistan towards Makka (Jadda Airport) or you can choose Pakistan towards Madina ( Madinah Airport).

You have the option to do Umrah in a group or to perform the ritual independently as a family. Based on our previous experience, we offer the closest hotel and air conditioning bus service to our clients. We also offer Umrah-related advice for our clients, which is useful to Muslims who plan to take part in Umrah.

In order to gain information on how to perform Umrah I have to talk about it with Ulma.

Umrah Package 21 Days (20 October)

1 Person Package

  • 199000 PKR
  • Four-Person Sharing Room

The following are the details of the package that covers 21 days in Pakistan from Saudia to take part in Umrah. The package can last for 21 days. including 20 nights and 10-days in Makkah and 10 days in Madinah. Package includes Visa Fees, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay, Transportation

Hotel in Mecca ====> Khalil Al- Rasheed Hotel

Mecca Hotel Distance ====> 500M

Hotel in Madina ====> Hayah Taiba Hotel

Madina Hotel Distance ====> 200M

Stay Time in Makkah ====> 10

Stay Time in Madina ====> 10


AirLine ====> PIA / ETIHAD

Ziarat ====> DO YOURSELF (Not including)

Food Budget per day ====> 2 MEMBER COST = 30 TO 50 RIYAL PER DAY (Food Not Included in Package)

Shopping ====> NOT INCLUDING

Note: Rates may be changed at the time of final booking. It could be lower or may be increased as a result of currency fluctuations

Umrah Package 21 Days (20 October)

  • 1 Person Package
  • 196000 PKR
  • Four-Person Sharing Room

These are the package details of 21 Days Pakistan and Saudia to take part in Umrah. It is possible to spend 21 days in Saudia. comprising 20 nights, the duration of 10 Days in Makkah and 10 days in Madinah. Package includes Visa Fees, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay, Transportation

Hotel in Mecca ====> Bessan Hajra Hotel

Mecca Hotel Distance ====> 550M

Hotel in Madina ====> Marsa Fizi

Madina Hotel Distance ====> 500M

Stay Time in Makkah ====> 10

Stay Time in Madina ====> 10


AirLine ====> PIA / ETIHAD

Ziarat ====> DO YOURSELF (Not including)

Food Budget per day ====> 2 MEMBER COST = 30 TO 50 RIYAL PER DAY (Food Not Included in Package)

Shopping ====> NOT INCLUDING

Note: Rates can be changed during the final booking. It could be lower or could be increased because of currency fluctuations

Umrah Package 21 Days (20 October)

  • 1 Person Package
  • 182500 PKR
  • Four-Person Sharing Room

These are the package details that cover 21 days in Pakistan from Saudia to take part in Umrah. The package can last for 21 days. including 20 nights and the duration of 10 Days in Makkah and 10 days in Madinah. Package includes Visa Fees, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay, Transportation

Hotel in Mecca ====> Burj Rawdah

Makkah Hotel Distance ====> 1800M Shuttle Service

Hotel in Madinah ====> Zahra Taiba 5/6

Madina Hotel Distance ====> 750M

Stay Time in Makkah ====> 10

Stay Time in Madina ====> 10


AirLine ====> PIA / ETIHAD

Ziarat ====> DO YOURSELF (Not including)

Food Budget per day ====> 2 MEMBER COST = 30 TO 50 RIYAL PER DAY (Food Not Included in Package)

Shopping ====> NOT INCLUDING

Note: Rates may be changed at the time of final booking. The rate may be less or may be increased as a result of currency fluctuations

Umrah Package Services

Our primary services are to offer services to our customers in Umrah Services from Lahore, Umrah Services from Karachi, and Umrah Services from Islamabad and in other cities. To avail these Umrah Services, your flight departs from the airport in this city. The blessings of moments are just a way to bless people, so don’t miss this chance.

We’re always willing to modify any Umrah package to suit the requirements and desires of the client. The company hopes to provide the distribution these packages across the nation. This is why Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi have come up with some interesting Umrah packages that will appeal to larger audiences and help make dreams become reality.

We organize everything, including hotels, flights, and travel! No matter if you’re traveling solo or with your family, You can fit into your budget with our budget Umrah package in Lahore.

Deviations have a short history of success. They treat their clients as family members or friends and respect their opinions, convictions, and interests. Our company treats each person with love and respect offering transparent and reliable information about the Umrah package coming from Islamabad.

Best Umrah Package in 2024

Make your own trip with us and explore the holy spots The paradise on earth! We will be there for you from departure until departure. They trust us and we will ensure that you don’t disappoint a client. It’s time to adjust to your Umrah plan to Karachi D and bring your dreams real. Go to the land of dreams. We are hoping to establish an ongoing relationship with our employees. I look forward to hearing your prayers. Be blessed.

How to Book Umrah Packages 2024 in Pakistan

So, what are you wasting time on? Contact these companies to schedule your unforgettable tour under the aegis of the Nature Adventure Club.

Step 1: Umrah Package Booking

Today, deciding on the best Umrah Packages 2024 Pakistan is more simple than ever before. There are many Umrah packages that are available online as well as through travel agents. The length of your Umrah Package is an important element. Numerous agents offer popular packages of 10 15, 21, as well as 28.

The majority of Umrah packages provide an all-in-one package, which means the package will meet everything you need during your Umrah Trip. The following are the requirements:

  • Return flight ticket
  • Transfer from the airport located in Saudi Arabia and transfer to the hotel
  • Stay at the hotel (better hotels have breakfast too)
  • Transfer between Makkah towards Madina and then back
  • Ziarat, in Makkah as well as Madina (sometimes these aren’t available in packages)
  • Return transport towards Jeddah airport
  • Return flight

Step 2: Prepare for Umrah Package 2024

  • While preparing for the heavenly Umrah journey to seek Allah’s blessing and forgiveness, many Umrah pilgrims don’t follow the correct steps to prepare for Umrah with the steps listed below.
  • The preparation for spirituality (refraining from all types of wrongs and keeping your heart clean by resolving any disagreements)
  • Preparation for physical activity (make sure you’re physically and mentally fit for the trip and get checked for medical conditions)
  • Preparation for mental health (learning from those who have gone through the Umrah journey
  • It is suggested that you prepare yourself to go on your Umrah journey by following the steps below
  • It is mandatory to get the necessary Umrah vaccination prior to the Umrah journey as per the Saudi Arabia government’s needs, such as the Meningitis ACWY vaccine, Corona Virus vaccinations, etc.
  • Get an Umrah Visa by paying your Umrah Visa fees which start at SAR 10250 to cover your Umrah travel.
  • You need to get your Umrah permit from the nearest Saudi Consulate or a reputable Travel agent.
  • Find your Saudi money “Saudi Riyal” from your local retailer as it’ll be cheaper than traveling to Jeddah Airport.
  • It is essential to make sure you are prepared with your Umrah and your clothing prior to the journey to complete the holy Umrah rituals and to visit Ziarat sites.
  • You must be aware of the Umrah cleansing rituals and the duas to complete Umrah correctly.
  • It is essential to be prepared for your Umrah journey and bring the essentials that you’ll require during your journey such as an ointment mat, towel, umbrella, slippers socks first aid supplies, toiletries, essential medicine, scissors, etc.
  • Check-in at the airport before the scheduled time.
  • It is also important to organize your essential travel bags which will make you get around quickly. This includes baggage that has wheels
  • Verify that all travel documents are correct and there is nothing left
  • It is important to review and make sure that you are aware of the flight times
  • Contact your travel agent to find the contact number upon the time you arrive at Jeddah Airport.

Step 3: Your Flight Day

Before you take off on your beautiful Umrah journey flight, you can book Umrah packages 2024 with Lahore Karachi & Islamabad, make sure you follow the steps listed below.

You can enter the condition of Ihram

You have to be in your state Ihram that is, doing ghusl or wudu. You can enter the state of Ihram at the time you reach Meeqat point on your flight or before your flight. When you are dressed in Ihram it is mandatory to offer two Rakat salah Al-Youmaam.

Offer Niyyah and Tabliyah

It is obligatory to offer the offering of your Niyyah (intentions) when you enter in the condition of Ihram clothes and in close proximity to Meeqat by saying this prayer.

Labbayka llahumma ‘Umratan

Labbayk llaWhumaW `umra@an

Translation: O Allah here I will perform Umrah

After you’ve completed your Niyyah after which you are required to make a Tabliyah by saying the following

labWayka llhumWa labWayka – labWayka la shariyka laka labWayka – inWa lHamda walnWi`ma@a laka walmulka – la shariyka laka

Labbayka llahumma labbayk(a), labbayka la sharika laka labbayk(a), inna l-hamda wa n-ni’mata, laka wa l-mulk(a), la sharika lak.

Translation: At Your service, Allah, at Your service. In Your service, You don’t have any partner, and you are in Your service. All praise, favor, and power are Yours. You don’t have a partner.

Step 4: Arrival in Jeddah

When you arrive at Jeddah Airport and your Umrah pilgrimage group members are through Ramzan Umrah packages 2024 from Lahore Karachi Islamabad. You will be gradually received and welcomed by Ministry of Hajj staff who will complete your travel documents and assist you throughout the process.

You’ll have to endure waiting times of up or 6 hours at the passenger reception areas and show documents like your passport to Saudi authorities to be used as proof of identity like bus vouchers or cheques to be stapled onto your passport.

In accordance with your Umrah schedule of travel, the group leader is now going to take your passport and then make the necessary arrangements to travel toward your accommodation in Medina or Makkah.

Step 5. Get to your Hotel

Once you have arrived at the hotel, have a break and refreshments to recharge your energy. After that, it is ideal to get prepared for the holy ritual of the Umrah pilgrimage you’ve completed by completing the purchase of your Ramadan Umrah package.

Step 6: Perform Umrah

It is essential to follow specific steps to complete the Umrah action by following these instructions correctly.

Performing Tawaf

You are required to perform the Tawaf by performing counter-clockwise circles of the Holy Kaabah. The men must cover their navels and knees, while females must be covered throughout their bodies, except the hands and face.

You have to be aware of Mataf This means that you have to cover your right shoulder, as the practice is Sunnah. Begin your Tawaf at the point where you will find the Haj Al Award or black stone is placed on your right side. Then, you’ll carry out your Niyyah to start your Tawaf by saying the following words.

smi llaWhi wallWhu ‘akbaru, llaWhumaW iymanan bika wataSdiyqan bikitabika, wawafaan bi`ahdika, watWiba`an lisunWa@i nabiyWika muHamWad

“Bimillahi Wallahu Akbar, Allahumma Imanan bika wa tasdiqan bika kitabika wa wafa’an bi ahdika wattaba’an li sunnati nabiyyika Muhammad (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam)”

The translation: I begin in the name of Allah; Allah is the most powerful. O Allah from faith in You faith in Your book, to fulfill your covenant, and in imitation that you have commanded in the Sunnah of your Messenger (Salallahu Alayhi wasallam)

You can now take your Tawaf by making sure that Kaabah is left to your left, and that it’s in an anti-clockwise direction.

You can repeat any duas that you’ve memorized in your head in your Tawaf. One of the most effective duas to say while you’re between Yamani corner and the stone of black. Yamani corner is the one below.

rabWana atina fiy ldWunya Hasana@an wafiy lakhira@i Hasana@an waqina `adhaba lnWari

“Rabbana Atina Fid Dunya Hasanah, wa fil akhirati hasanah, wa qina Azab annar”

Translated: O Lord, provide us with the best of the world, and the very best in the future and keep us safe from the hellfire penalty.

Once you have reached Haj Al-Aswad (black stones) which marks the end of a round. This means you can be sure to kiss, salute or hug on the Haj Al Aswad before carrying on to the next round.

Performing Salah Al Tawaf

It is mandatory to take at least two Rakah Salah after you are finished in you Umrah Tawaf. The salah should be performed near Maqam e Ibrahim.

Drinking Zamzam

After you have completed Your Salah Al Tawaf You must then go toward The Zamzam Water Well, which is a spot in the holy mosque. You can get water from various water fountains as well as dispensers. It is possible to recite the dua that you will remember that you have been granted by Allah.

Performing Sa’ee

Then you must do the Sa’ee obligatory to perform your Umrah which is the procedure consisting of walking in between Safa as well as Marwah hills 7 times. After you have completed Your Salah Al Tawaf you have to go back to Haj Al Aswad to perform another Tawaf, before commencing your Sa’ee at Safa Hill. Recite the following dua

iinWa lSWafa walmarwa@a min sha`ay’iri llWahi

“Inna s-safa wa l-marwata min sha’a’iri llah (i)”

Translated: Indeed, Safa and Marwah are among the signs by Allah (SWT).

Then, you have to say the dua

‘abda’u bima bada’a llhu bihi

“Abda’u bima bad’allahu bihi”

Translated: I start with what Allah began with.

Then, when you arrive at Safa hill then recite the dua

allWhu’akbaru, allWhu’akbaru AllWhu ‘akbaru the lHamdu

“Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi l-hamd”

Translated: Allah is the most powerful, Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest and all praise is to Allah.

Then, walk toward Marwah where you’ll notice two sets of fluorescent lamps separated by 50m. The men are advised to walk at a moderate speed between the two sets, while women should carry out at a moderate speed.

You may recite any of the duas that were prescribed to Umrah pilgrims to Sa’ee, or any other dua of your choice such as Duroodshareef, which was the name of our final prophet(PBUH).

Also, you should finish your Sa’ee once you arrive at Marwah hill. You may say two Rakaat prayers following having completed your Sa’ee.

Performing Halq

Once you’ve completed your Sa’ee ritual, you must to complete your Halq or Taqsir to exit your Halq or Taqsir in order to leave your Halq as well as your Taqsir to exit the Taqsir to end your Ihram state of being. Halq is a term used to describe shaving your head and Taqsir is the term used to describe trimming your hair. In order to perform Taqsir trimming, you need to trim the heal of the length of your fingertip from every side of your head.

Finishing Ihram

Once you have completed the Taqsir or Halq, you will be out of your Taqsir or Halq then you are in the be out of your Ihram state of mind and no longer subject to any restrictions that come along with cutting your nails applying perfume, etc. It is recommended that you changed into your normal clothes at the end of yours.

Step 7. Visit Madina

It will be helpful to complete the steps below.

  • Set a goal to travel to Madina by repeating the following prayer and as you recite Darud Sharif throughout your journey.
  • O, Allah! I begin my journey from a pure heart and with the full goal of visiting the sacred tomb of the great Messenger Muhammad (PBUH). Take it in with a smile.
  • Get a bath or take a shower with Vudu prior to visiting the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • Do not bring your belongings to the Prophet(PBUH) Mosque. Dress in clean clothes, wear perfume and recite Darud Sharif as you depart to go to Masjid-e-Nabvi
  • Visit Masjid e Nabvi, the second holy site following Masjid al-Haram, which has significant significance in Islamic the history of Islam.
  • You can enter the Prophet mosque through the Bab-e-Jibril
  • You have to be able to enter the Prophet’s mosque wearing the proper food and continue to recite Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah and the Alhamdu Lillah
  • It is mandatory to perform at least two Rakat Nafil prayers close to the Nawafil or holy prophet’s burial place
  • You have to stand before the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) holy tomb and make an offering of Salam and say, Darud Sharif

Step 8. Return Flight

  • You must now get yourself prepared for the return trip. So ensure that you
  • All your travel documents together in one place
  • Buy the Zamzam water and also your dates
  • Purchase any gift for your loved ones
  • Be aware of your flight’s departure time and the arrival date

Umrah 2024 news

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened Umrah visa applications after the success of the Hajj season. Umrah pilgrims from across the globe are now able to apply to participate in the pilgrimage. Additionally, the Umrah visa has been extended by one month to three months.

Umrah Packages 2024 Price from Pakistan Lahore Karachi Islamabad

  • Umrah packages 2021-22 Lahore with Ticket Cost Rs.199,000
  • Prices for Umrah and Costs in 2021-2024 Islamabad with Ticket Cost Rs.198,000
  • The Umrah Tour 2021-2024 Karachi with Ticket Cost Rs.189,000
  • Umrah Packages 2024 Pakistan Price Rs.195,000

 10-15 21-28 Days Umrah Packages 2024 Pakistan with Tickets

The hotels we provide within Makkah, as well as Madina, can be considered among the top within the Holy Cities. To provide the best experience for our customers, we connect them with top hotels that offer particular services. We tailor our services to the requirements, needs, and financial budgets of clients. Our hotels vary from 3 Stars up to five stars.

A luxurious hotel room is among the most important aspects of an Umrah journey. After a long and tiring day, pilgrims require an area where they can unwind and feel comfortable. Many people have inquired about the amount it will cost to visit Makkah and Madina in Pakistan in the direction of Umrah Cost or Expenses. This is why we offer the most affordable and most effective Tour itinerary as mentioned above.

Appropriated Umrah agent in Pakistan

Here’s the list of travel agencies accepted to be licensed by the KSA Government for Umrah. KSA Government for Umrah in the most important cities of Pakistan where you can make reservations for Umrah packages.


G.F.Q International
Phone Number: 0092512344334
E-mail: [email protected]

Travel Lines and Tour (PVT) LTD.
Phone Number: 0092512270929
E-mail: [email protected]

Al Nasr Travel (PVT) LTD.
Phone Number: 00924236367651
E-mail: [email protected]

Al-Harmain Travel & Tourism Agency
Phone Number: 0092512875363
E-mail: [email protected]

Abeer Travel & Tours
Phone Number: 0092554211979
E-mail: [email protected]

Karwan E-Shakireen Tours (PVT) LTD.
Phone Number: 0092622888774
E-mail: [email protected]


Usman Air Travels (Private) LTD
Phone Number: 00922135650500
E-mail: [email protected]

Shahban International Travel
Phone Number: 00922135161010
E-mail: [email protected]

Al-Naeem Travels & Tours
Phone Number: 0092215680818
E-mail: [email protected]

Al-Asad Travel Agency
Phone Number: 00922135314440
E-mail: [email protected]

Hujjaj Travel & Tours PVT LTD.
Phone Number: 00923219295017
E-mail: [email protected]

Al-Huda Travel & Tours
Phone Number: 00922132211175
E-mail: [email protected]


Amin Travels PVT LTD Lahore
Phone Number: 35786850
E-mail: [email protected]

Nafees Travels PVT LTD
Phone Number: 009236302435
E-mail: [email protected]

Al-Saboor Travels PVT LTD
Phone Number: 00924235774607
E-mail: [email protected]

Sufa International Travel & Tours PVT LTD.
Phone Number: 00924235761770
E-mail:[email protected]

Rahimia International Travel Tours
Phone Number: 00923216915548
E-mail: [email protected]

Al-Huda Aviation
Phone Number: 00924236292630
E-mail: [email protected]

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