UHS New Syllabus for Medical and Dental Colleges 2024 Download Pdf

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has decided to adopt a new curriculum for the affiliated college it is associated with.UHS New Syllabus for Medical and Dental Colleges 2024 is announced. The new syllabus comes into effect when the first new classes at dental and medical colleges are on March 1st.

According to the specific details, a modular integrated curriculum will be implemented in the dental and medical colleges associated with the UHS.

UHS New Syllabus for Medical and Dental Colleges

In the new curriculum, students in the dental and medical fields are expected to be instructed in clinical topics beginning in the very first year of their studies. Up until now, dental and medical students were taught medical science fundamental subjects during the initial two years and then clinical subjects in the third year.

UHS New Syllabus for Medical and Dental Colleges 2024 Download Pdf

MDCAT UHS Syllabus 2024

Physics 44 MCQs
Chemistry 58 MCQs
English 30 MCQs
Biology 88 MCQs

PMC is currently working with WFME to ensure that the medical and dental diploma programs are recognized internationally.

The WFME evaluation will consist of an examination that is scheduled to occur within 12 to 15 years and will be by the deadline of 2024 for obtaining WFME recognition to allow Pakistani physicians to practice internationally, particularly within America. United States (US). UHS MDCAT syllabus is also given.

About UHS

UHS campus was officially opened in the presence of the president of Pakistan who also serves as the patron of the campus – on October 02nd, 2002. The campus is a towering domed elevation and houses vast classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, dining halls offices for staff, a senate hall library, and 500 people in the Shams Auditorium, which collectively make for a great academic environment.

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is a vibrant international, well-known student-centered research university that has 128 institutes and colleges associated with it. There are around 106916 undergraduate and 9157 postgraduate students registered at the university.

The University was founded in 2002. The University was the very first health sciences university in the province, with an aim to bring about an improvement in the quality and quantity of the field of medical research and education by development. Most of the dental and medical colleges in Punjab are associated with UHS.

The University is focused on providing quality education in Basic Medical Sciences, revitalizing the neglected areas that are Nursing as well as Allied Health Sciences, pioneering classes for Medicine Education, Human Genetics, and Behavioural Sciences as well as promoting the development of research in indigenous areas.

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