UAE New Relaxed Admission Requirements For Universities 2024

The Ministry of Education (MoE) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that students applying for universities within the UAE do not need to pass the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) or Bridging courses.

EmSAT is a national exam in the UAE that students must pass to gain entry admission to colleges in the UAE or elsewhere.

In accordance with the official announcement of the MoE high school students are exempt from taking this test on an ad hoc basis. Students need to provide a “Letter Of No Opinion to be Conditionally Accepted” and have a full year in the school or university in order in order to be eligible to apply for admission.

UAE New Relaxed Admission Requirements For Universities 2024

UAE New Relaxed Admission Requirements For Universities

The decision was discussed by the Education Minister of the UAE Dr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Belhoul Al Falasi said that the changes made recently allow students to be admitted into the educational institution after having completed the first year of academics. check also Khalifa University UAE Scholarship.

He also said that the decision will increase the interest of students, enhance the quality of education across the national UAE relaxes residency requirements, and help create a highly competitive and productive environment.

The Minister of Education explained that the modifications to the policy were announced following an exhaustive exam of the educational certification process, as well as other lapses.

Be aware that if a candidate isn’t able to meet the requirements before the end of the conditional admissions period the university or college can either terminate the admission or allow the student another semester to fulfill the requirements.

In addition, the notice states that higher education institutions have to submit a written report to the ministry of students who were granted conditional admission.

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