Top Ten Criminals of Pakistan 2024| Most Wanted Criminals

The top Ten Criminals of Pakistan 2024 are given below. If people think about criminals your first impression might be of someone incredibly like a murderer. However, this term is much broader and anyone who breaks the law is technically criminal even if the offense is merely not paying an amount for a speeding ticket. There is also the possibility of discussing illegal activities, which are things that are considered illegal.

Many TV shows focus on attorneys and police who are trying to capture criminals involved in all sorts of fascinating criminal activities. Our country is a treasure. Pakistan is called the country of peace throughout the globe and is referred to as the homeland of the pure.

Top Ten Criminals of Pakistan 2024

in addition, numerous serpents have been found to sabotage peace in the country and make wicked attempts to steal the pureness of the land. Due to their sinister deeds, the people are scared of all things and the progress of the country is ruined. People like this can be a curse to the country. Therefore, let’s talk about 10 of the worst criminals from Pakistan.

Top Ten Criminals of Pakistan 2024 Given Below

List of Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals of Pakistan

Top Ten Criminals of Pakistan 2024 list is given as

  • AYUB


Mati -ur- Rehman was born in 1977. He is from Bahawalpur, Punjab. He was a Pakistani militant before, but the authorities have identified him as Al-Qaeda’s planning director. He was also found to be the one behind the attack on the prime minister in Pakistan the late Mr. Shaukat Aziz and also in the bomb explosions that occurred in Karachi. The government has declared 1 crore as a reward to be paid for his capture, which is the reason he is on the most wanted list.


Mansoor Alias (Chota Ibrahim) is a resident of Saddar Karachi and is the second most wanted criminal in Pakistan. He was part of an attack on President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf on Dec 25 2003 in Rawalpindi. Government officials have announced 5 million dollars for his arrest.


Ehsan -ul-Haq is known as Basit and comes originally from Punjab province. He is also connected to the suicide attack on the president of Pakistan. It has been announced by the government that he will be charged with 50 lacs for his detention.


Rana Afzal belongs to Masood Azhar Group TTP. He was in close contact with Al-Qaeda and was involved in their terror activities with the alliance with Al Qaeda and Taliban militants. A five million reward was offered to those who give information to the police to help in the detention of Rana Afzal.


He is from the state of Waziristan. the group was involved in a suicide assault on Benazir Bhutto, in Rawalpindi and also killed 24 people and injured many others as a result of his attack. 20 detentions were made for his arrest, as well as providing details.


He is part of the TTP’s Ameer Lashkar Khurasan group. The mastermind who carried out the suicide bombing at ISI (inter-service intelligence) office in Qasim Baila multan.5 million is also reported for his arrest.


It is his father Muhammad Jamil Arain from south Sargodha and is also known by the name of Baba Ji. He is part of the Jaish-Muhammad group. He was part of the suicide attack that took place at PTS Sargodha which resulted in 9 people being killed and 44 injured. This is the reason why this man is famous for his crimes.


He is also popularly known as Watto or Abu Tariq and is from Sheikhupora, Punjab. The person involved was in a suicide bombing on GPO Chowk as well as Nawal War College Lahore in which 27 people died and 73 others were injured. Because of this attack, this person is listed in the top ten list of criminals. 1 million was awarded in exchange for his information.


He is identified as Ilyas Moravia and is from North district Sargodha. He was involved in the PTS attack Sargodha where 9 people were killed and 44 others were injured in the attack. He originates originally from Tehrik -e- Taliban.

10. AYUB

The tenth name on the listing is the son Haji Habib Pathan who belongs to Waziristan and is also known as Saifullah. The man was involved in a gang attack in the Sakhi Sarwar District of Dera Ghazi Khan where 52 people were killed. Due to these actions, the police have tagged him as a criminal.


The concept of crime, as it is understood can be seen as a means to justify or excuse “legitimate” acts of violence (or theft) by focusing on the actions and behavior of the weak as opposed to those of the powerful. In this way, on the most fundamental level, criminality is “bad” because we are taught that it is undesirable.

The real lesson is that those who see crime as bad can pursue anyone who is an enigma. This belief is backed by numerous incidents in our past as well as the current situation. The notion of crime being classified by the word “bad” stems from the desire of the powerful to keep their control.

Crime can be either good or harmful, based on the perspective you have and your experience. The majority of people are in agreement on the fact that crimes are “bad” either because it can harm physical and psychological health, undermines confidence and trust in one the other, or serves as used to control social relations.

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