Today 23 July Telenor Answer | Telenor Quiz Today

Today 23 July Telenor Answer is available on this page. In this article, I’ll let you in detail everything you need to know about the latest edition of the quiz by Telenor. You can take the Telenor test to be in the running to get unlimited internet. You have a chance of winning unlimited data by taking this Telenor Quiz. According to Telenor, the current response on this page is 100% right. In this article, you’ll discover the correct answers for every one of the Telenor Quiz-related questions.

I’ll talk to the readers of Today My Telenor Answers. Here you can find Telenor Internet MB for free. These MB are provided to you at no cost. All you have to do is put in some effort. You will be required to answer five questions asked by Telenor. A lot of Telenor clients in Pakistan are taking advantage of the My Telenor offer.

Today 23 July Telenor Answer | Telenor Quiz Today

Today 23 July Telenor Answer | Telenor Quiz Today

Today 23 July Telenor Answer

You could get free internet by taking the Today Telenor Question in this post. Additionally, a variety of packages from Telenor were also provided to you that you could be sure to avail. Additionally, you will be informed of some no-cost online offers by Telenor. We hope that you can benefit from this post.

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Telenor Question Today

Telenor offers its customers 150 MB of data per day through its My Telenor app. This is why a lot of users are satisfied and enjoy the frame. This is why the use of their application has been quite popular. Through this application users get the benefits that come with FreeMB as well as My Telenor app comes with many new options that help to download and load the latest package.

To get all of these benefits, you have to install the My Telenor application. Additionally, you must go to our website on a regular basis to get free internet when you answer our daily questions. It’s easy to download the app. To do this, install the Telenor application on your phone by clicking the link provided below.

Telenor Quiz Answer 23 July 2024

If you’d like to take part in the Telenor quiz through My Telenor and get a free MB Telenor quiz then you must open the Telenor app. On the right side. You will see an option called the “Telenor Test Your Skill” option. Select it and you will receive your prize by completing each of the five questions right.The free internet MBs you receive from them is only for a single day. They are then lost, whether you make use of these or otherwise. It is also necessary to have an account balance of Rs.0.01 for participation in the contest.

How to Get Free Internet MBs From Today Telenor App

  • Start the Telenor application.
  • Select “Telenor Test Your Skills” which is on the left.
  • Each question is displayed one at a time on the screen before you.
  • Get free internet if you answer all five questions correctly.
  • You can access 150 MB of internet bandwidth by answering five questions correctly.

23 July Questions Answer Telenor App

Question 1: What is the storage capacity of a standard DVD?

  • 2 gigabytes
  • 6 gigabytes
  • 4.7 gigabytes
  • 20 gigabytes

Answer: 4.7 gigabytes
Question 2: Which company has employed the largest number of language translators?

  • Levis
  • Google
  • Internet
  • Safari

Answer: Google
Question 3: Which car company makes the famous Carrera model?

  • Porsche
  • Suzuki
  • BMW
  • Khyber

Answer: Porsche
Question 4: Where is Microsoft’s headquarters?

  • Chicago, US
  • Redmond, US
  • Pakistan
  • Iran

Answer: Redmond, US
Question 5: What is the world’s largest social media platform?

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat

Answer: Facebook

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