SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2024 & Pay Scales

Every teenager dreams of working in SUPARC as they provide the opportunity to begin their career and enjoy a great life. They are devoted to their staff and appreciate their efforts by organizing various events. They have even rewarded them with the award of a performance bonus.

In spite of all these advantages, you can expect a positive experience because you will have the opportunity of working alongside educated and highly competent management. A few of the benefits potential applicants apply to SUPARCO Jobs for 2024 have been as follows:

SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2024 & Pay Scales

SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2024

SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2024

The SUPARCO SPS2 officers, with a salary of Rs 14710 to 38710 is their standard one-salary range. The base pay of SUPARCO SPS 3 officers. It is Rs 17650 to Rs 53950. The SUPARCO SPS 4 officers are between Rs 21100 and 60100 in their fixed pay range. The SPS has five officers who work in the national space agency 28,140- 72540 their range of income. The SPS six officers who work within the National Space Agency, earn between Rs 2980 and 8290 is their typical salary. Below are more details regarding SUPARCO’s job salary in 2022.

SUPARCO Salary Package

The information is currently obtained official information about SUPARCO starting salaries. When the national space agency identified as SUPARCO employees’ salaries are updated with the working personnel’s salary and benefits, we will be sharing those latest changes with you.

Now, you can take a look at these details and go through the information if you have a need for these. In the near future, this space agency from Pakistan SUPARCO Salary package could undergo revisions in the basic salary section. So be patient for the next phase of revisions and keep up-to-date with the latest information from this site.

Suparco Jobs Pay scale and benefits

  • A health facility that provides self as well as family members
  • Exposure to ethnicities of different cultures
  • Productive Environment
  • Excellent culture values
  • Awe-inspiring package
  • Students can avail internship opportunities
  • Utilization of modern equipment
  • Drop-off and pick-up service
  • New technology for advancement

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