Self Enumeration Census 2024 | Register via self pbs gov pk

Check the Self Enumeration Census portal Pakistan details. Utilizing a new concept known as “Self-Enumeration,” every Pakistani citizen has the opportunity to join the 7th Digital Census by going to Like a census, the concept of self-enumeration is carried out on a family basis. Every member of the family or household that lives and eats as a single unit can sign up for himself and any other members of the household or family. It is therefore an efficient method for each household member to register all members of his family. Self-Enumeration, a new concept that allows every Pakistani citizen to register in the 7th Digital Census, can be found at The Self-Enumeration system works on the same basis as Census. Anyone from the household or family can register themselves and any members of their family who live and eat together as one family. It is an easy way for any household member to register with the rest of his family.

Registering for Self-Enumeration Portals Login process is now underway to fill out online. Mardam Shumari 2024 online registration Seventh Self Emulation Application 2024 via is currently in process. Digital Census Self-Enumeration Portal is available for download from February 20, 2024, to 10th March 2024. visit the link to create your account. If you’re registering for the first time, simply click the Register or Register button. Complete the registration form with care. Self-Enumeration is a brand new idea in Pakistan permits citizens to sign up on 7th Digital Census. 7th Digital Census. 2024

Different centers like Hostels, Hotels, Madrassahs orphanages and Old Houses Rehabilitation Centers, Prisons like Edhi, and many more are considered as collective households under the new concept of self-enumeration. For households that are collective self-enumeration isn’t applicable. The Self-Enumeration representative from the Government will visit the residence of the collective and, after the visit, the Representative will identify every resident.

Self Enumeration portal self pbs gov pk

As a result, the use of the new system of self-enumeration is easier for household members as well as individuals. In February 2024, the self-enumeration online link will be available. To sign-up, visit the PBS self-enumeration site at Muhammad Sarwar Gondal, a Member of Resource Management /Support Services provided the participants with information about the background and the efforts that were undertaken to reach the objective of a Digital Census in Pakistan. To ensure credibility, the process PBS included all stakeholders from the planning stage to the finalization of the results. Pifra Salary Slip check online.

Self Enumeration Census

The official also clarified that the primary objective for the Census will be Data-driven Policymaking and Planning. PBS utilized the data from the 2017 Census for the implementation of Smart locks. He also emphasized the self-enumeration process as a way to improve their convenience as taking a few easy steps, they are able to enter the information of their families. These steps are: Go to the self-enumeration website (https: Sign Up/Register using a mobile number and generate a secure login/password, Complete the census questionnaire by providing the following details:

Family information/Housing information/Respondent information, Review/ confirm information, and edit if needed, before submitting the census questionnaire. After submitting the questionnaire, the questionnaire will be scanned and a UTN is issued, which will be saved on your portal and emailed to the registered mobile number via SMS. The UTN is verified by census enumerators at the time of the field census.

Self Enumeration Census 2024 | Register via self pbs gov pk

Self Enumeration Census 2024 | Register via self pbs gov pk

Self Enumeration portal self pbs gov pk

The self-enumeration portal pbs gov . pk is fully operational and the registration process for the 7th digital census is currently open. So go to the Pakistan Bureau of statistics PBS portal and finish your registration from home.The self-enumeration online application form is accessible and in Urdu as well as English Language so select a language that you can understand easily. The self-enumeration portal for is operational from the 20th of February until the 3rd March 2024.

How to Register through Portal

  • Step One Sign up to register yourself
  • To begin, visit the site and then click the link.
  • Next step to click on the Register or Sign Up button, based on whether it’s your first time signing up.
  • Following that, you’ll be required to complete the Registration form.

Self Enumeration portal self pbs gov pk

How To Download Self-Enumeration App

  • Download the self-enumeration application for the first time on the Play Store if you’re a Pakistani citizen looking to create a family record. These are the steps you need to follow to download the self-enumeration app.
  • You must install the Play Store app on your smartphone is the first step.
  • Utilize your Play Store search box to find “self-enumeration app download.”
  • The first app you can find in Google Play Store is the official PBS application that will be used for 7th Digital Census Self Enumeration. 7th Digital Census Self Enumeration.
  • To install your self-enumeration application simply click the install button now.
  • After you’ve finished your installation process of installing the self-enumeration program Click the register button.
  • Enter the information of your family members with attention.
  • Press submit when the self-enumeration registration process has been completed.
  • Visit for further information and more information.

Www Self Enumeration Web App Registration

The Self Enumeration Registration Portal Login New Self-Enumeration software will make it simpler for citizens and household members to sign up. To sign up for the self-enumeration online, go to website. Sign up and log in to Self Enumeration Portal. Register and log in to Self Enumeration Portal today to complete Your Digital Census Form. All Pakistani citizens are required to install their Google Play Store Self-Enumeration software to be able to record their family’s information. 2024 Date

To sign up online to participate in this 7th Digital Self Enumeration Drive go to this page: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics PBS Website The digital census was extended, with the counting process running from 1 March until 4 April. The census was broken down into blocks. First block covers the period 1 March to 5 March, while the second block is for 6 March through 10 March. A day of rest falls on the 11th of March. Between 12 March and four April process of obtaining immigration will be fully in motion. Teachers who are given the task of conducting censuses are required to update their census listings as well as their immigration applications by selecting”import again” or the “import again” option on their tablets. This will ensure that both forms are correct and up-to-date.

Online Registration

How do you create an account through the Self-Enumeration Registration Portal

  • First, you must create an account in order to log in to your Self-Enumeration Registration Portal. These are the steps to follow:
  • Visit
  • Select on the “Create Account” button
  • Please enter your username, email address, and number
  • For your account, set up your password
  • Enter your CNIC number.
  • Hit on the “Register” button
  • Once you’ve completed the steps After completing the steps, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains a hyperlink to validate your account. In order to verify your accounts, simply click the link.

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